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September 02 2004

(SPOILER) Wonderfalls deserves to find large audience, Vision TV says. The show airs in Canada October 4th. This link contains brief descriptions of unaired episodes.


This was already posted but I'm so excited about this news! I'll watch it over and over! :)
Even though the info about VisionTV airing Wonderfalls has been posted before, I'm not going to delete this post as it's actually one of the better press releases I've read in a while. Plus it has some interesting info about the show and a nice quote from VisionTV's senior VP.

Though I may tinker with the subject line once I've had enough coffee this morning.
Well, as the original poster of this news, I'm glad it's been left up. It's the best complete report on Wonderfalls I think I've read. Seems like the writer really knows his/her WF. Although, some of its rings familiar, as in maybe phrases are from previous releases somewhere.

Simon, how about: Wonderfalls deserves to find large audience, Vision TV says.

Duly noted and kudos to Son of Shadow for the link.
I've seeing Wonderfalls through FOX, which in Latin America is cable network.

They've been considerate enough to be running the whole 13 episodes run of the show, but not without its bumps.

I've taping it for a friend of mine who doen't get cable, and two weeks ago, I kinda forgot to press VCR's record button on the last last segments of the episode while I was watching it. So I said okay, I'll just program it to tape the episode in Saturday when they'll rerun it for the last time. I thought it would be okay, and what happens, the TV showing times were wrong, or they changed it at the last minute and instead of getting Wonderfalls, what do I get? The Simple Life 2.... blargg..... the tape even recorded enough to tell me the the WOnderfalls episode was only shown an hour later. Even though I did see it in the first broacast, it'll be sad that my friend will miss some nice moments between Eric and Jaye.

Last weeks we got the episode with the Buffalo in it (can't remember the episodes names right now), and today we'll see another new episode, which will be the 9th. If I remember right this is the episode with Jewel Staite in it.
I am so looking forward to this! I was an extra on one of the later episodes which were never shown. This is one show in which I would like to see my smiling face! BTW, I spent much of my 2 days there looking for Tim Minear only to find out later that he stayed in LA.
I'll have to wait for the DVD release since I'm in Japan. Good news for the folks in Canada. Tim Minear poured his heart into this show and FOX only gave it 4 episodes to prove itself. Sad. I think this is what Joss meant when he said the current network programming is not yet ready for his return.
Ooh that's cool Lioness, which episode are you in and what do you look like? Will have to have a look for you :)
They seem to be airing the episodes out of order, unfortunately. I'm glad Barrel Bear is airing earlier in the season (it's a floater, but an early-season one, not late like FOX had it), but Muffin Buffalo should be airing before Lovesick Ass, not after.
Could always e-mail them and try to persuade them to air the episodes properly. That worked when fans contacted Sci-Fi UK to get Firefly aired in the Joss-approved order rather than the Fox order.

I think I had Vision TV as a part of a free 3-month preview of most of the Digital Cable channels when I signed up for digital over a year ago. Never touched it though. Dunno if I'll pay for it to see Wonderfalls. I think DVD will be the way to go. I'd like to support the show by signing up for Vision, but...I sometimes end up missing episodes when I rely on the VCR to tape, then have the dilemma of whether I wanna watch things out of order and pick up those missed eps later. PVR can't come fast enough to my area. Then of course there're the frequent power outages due to where my house is and October can be stormy. DVD bypasses all that hassle.
Well Latin America FOX, is showiing Wonderfalls in the same order as in the States, which would be that order that Tim Minear announced sometime ago.

Is this going to be the same order appearing in the DVDs?

Not that they always follow the same lead as the main network in the US. Latin American FOX did mess a little bit the order of the final 4 or 5 episodes of Firefly. Like Trash was shown before Serenity, or something like that, can't remember it right now.

Anyway, wathced "Safety Canary" the 9th episode last night. The following comments contain's a few things from the episode, so SPoiler Warning it's advised.

As I've mentioned in the previous post is the first appearance of Jewel Staite as Heidi, even though I don't think she was credited, cause it was a brief cameo in the end of the episode. Or at least I didn't notice her name, maybe I'll jsut have to re-watch it.

ANd she looked very slim. Rememeber all that discussion about her weight from the Firefly / Serenity threads?

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