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November 26 2002

Angel moves to Wednesday. Birds of Prey has been cancelled, Angel's taking its slot in mid-January.

That's a real surprise. I was under the impression had moved AtS to a Sunday just to keep it out of the way (i.e. the grave yard slot). If it's now going to be in a Wednesday slot, more than likely there will be a fifth season.

Looks like the early season buzz about WB doing well has now died with the cancellation of Birds of Prey.
This article refers to the new Wednesday 9pm time as "the time slot of death." Looks bad for the fang gang, methinks.

Combined with the earlier comment about the WB being "on the fence" about Angel, this time change makes me think they've lost interest in the show and are trying to kill it.
Wednesday at 9 p.m. may actually be a better time for AtS. Sunday at 9, it's up against Alias and Sopranos. Wednesday, the big competition is West Wing, which attracts mostly a different demographic, I suspect.
I agree with Maeve. While Sunday works in Angel's favor because it's perhaps the biggest night for TV, it also works against Angel -- because it's the biggest night for TV! Alias, The Sopranos, whatever else -- it has to be tough going up against all that. (Even though, as we all know, Angel whoops both those shows' asses.)

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