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September 02 2004

Play dress-up with Sarah Michelle Gellar! They also have a "Dress Eliza Dushku". Hours of fun! (or at least five minutes).

Uh oh, I'm not at home to keep Ed from the ED one....dammit. No James?? I could dress him better than he was at the con! With both eyes closed!! ;)
Rogue, as soon as I saw the "Dress Eliza Dushku" I thought of your hubby! lol

They are actually pretty cool. But, of course I'd want a "Dress James Marsters" doll for myself.
Okay, that's just weird....
I dressed ED in a pink peasant top and white shadow stripe pants. That was easy.
It was hard to work around the shoe selection, but I put SMG in the burgundy open toed sandals, beige lettuce edge dress (becaues I couldn't find the right skirt) with the split neck pink tee over it, the hot pink cardigan,carrying the pink handbag and wearing sunglasses. A casual yet feminine outfit for her paper doll self to wear so she can go shopping for some more clothes.

Ooh, I want a dress JM doll too!

Ahem. I mean, that's quaint....

Hours and hours of fun. One thing though, where's the leather!??
I was gonna post this yesturday.Aw...Oh well.I liked the game.It was fun.
Ed I didn't notice any combat boots for ED either.

This was fun and cute. C'mon confess, did you go to the next page and do her hair and makeup too? (I did)
Is it just me or does it kinda feel like Eliza is auditioning for the role of Sydney Bristow with the wigs and clothes in her closet? :)
Just tried the hair and makeup thing Willowy.

Try clicking on black for all the sections and you get my perfect version of Eliza, totally gothed out and very sexy ;)
Okay, that was way more fun that I would ever want to admit.

I'm such a girl. :)
I wanted to dress Marilyn Monroe too, but they didn't have any clothes for her.

I put ED in a evening gown. She looked good. She doesn't dress up enough.
Does anyone remember what the Japanese version of this was called? There was a program that a lot of otaku got overly excited about. ;) There were often easter eggs so that if you tried to remove underwear like 10 times, you'd finally remove it. I tried a few times, but no luck.
Oh, I get it. You're supposed to put clothes on the Eliza figure.

No latex?

I'm bored now...
That Japanese software dressup is called KISS in English, but I can't remember what that stands for.

NB: While this link is safe for work in the tradional no nudity sense, it is NOT safe for "wife walking into your basement office".

WIFE: (pointing) Explain.

ME: Huh, uh, *swallows tongue*
Too bad the Eliza dress-up isn't real. Ah, well you can't have everything. Someone mentioned shoes. Didn't see those. Must go back and continue the fun.
I liked SMG in the dark wig with bangs and that little black hat, black shirt and skirt. She looked like something from the sixties. Didn't like the selection of clothes for Eliza. I'll have to go back and try the makeup - didn't notice that part! That was a fun link! Thanks Blindhawkeyes!
Hmm, I don't have any option for going to the next page to do hair and makeup?! Not fair!!!!
No wife-beaters for Eliza? You know she's got closets full of just those.
blwessels, it's a big ovoid icon that says "next" when you are on her dress up page. You don't have that?

Funny too because aside from the "makeover" category, she seems to be the only one you can do this with.
There's some wifebeaters on Eliza's page but you gotta dig for some stuff. And a lot of hers is kinda frilly uber-hip stuff. And certainly no 'Faith' clothing, grrr.

Still....some fun was definitely had, heheheh. With Sarah too...
Thanks for this! It amused a me, as well as a couple of the guys at work. Nice way to break up the day.

And certainly no 'Faith' clothing, grrr.

And that's funny because I have a friend who knows and has worked with Eliza and said that what you see on screen (clothing, personality) is pretty much what you get.
They look great in everything I out them in - I wish I could look great in anything too!

This is more fun than I would ever admit anywhere else!
SMG clothes seem to "fit" better than ED.
Nope, no next button for me - even went back and checked again! Oh well, had fun dressing her up again!
Here's another option for SMG with a different picture and a lot more clothes, just click sarah m gellar. Be forewarned the clothes in this sections are really tacky. Ok, now that I admitted to finding this I give you all the right to point and laugh at the grown woman spending way too much time on playing with paperdolls...

BTW, blwessels, I think the make-up option is only available for ED not SMG.

[ edited by Karen on 2004-09-03 21:11 ]
Found the wifebeaters, Ed, but I don't see any jeans or pants. The girls I know like their long-legged clothing ;) And you know Faith likes 'em too.
Thanks Karen - it was the SMG page I was looking at and not the ED one.
What, no buttless chaps? ;)

At the very least ED should have a leather halter or some motorcycle boots. C'mon, how is she supposed to kick anyone's ass dressed like a department store mannekin? (I'm obviously not thinking about this the right way, am I?)
You know, after trying several different outfits I ended up leaving her as she was at the start....

I'm a bad, bad, man....
I want a David B doll and we can play dress down. >:)

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