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September 03 2004

Bringer knife up for auction on eBay. As is a notebook used on screen by Buffy in 'Once More With Feeling'.

Personally I'd rather have the notebook than the knife.

I always wondered what the significance was, if any, of what Buffy was drawing in her notebook. I always thought it looked like some sort of point of view shot from inside of an open grave. Or maybe it's foreshadowing to the hole Buffy will fall in in the season finale? Who knows. I'd love either the notebook or the knife, but alas, I'm poor.
I love the way they say "This rare item is a definite one of a kind." followed by "[It] is a must have for all Buffy fans". Apparently there can only be one real Buffy fan :-).

Can anyone read what is written on the notebook? I can read
"We the people of the United States of America", but I don't get the rest, except for the last line which says "on the previous page".
I'm having a hard time reading the handwriting, but the first page of writing looks like it says "We the people of the United States of America in order to perform (?) a more perfect union to establish (?) justice to ensure Democratic tranquility. Hey what do you think of the title on the previous page?"

The second page of handwriting looks like "Jabari Leann", but I'm having a really hard time reading the handwriting. It's like trying to read a doctor's handwriting. *lol*
Good to know I'm not the only one who scribbles on the page and makes pretty designs instead of taking notes or paying attention...
I can get: "We the People of the United States in Order to form a more perfect Union to establish Justice to insure domestic Tranquility ..... on the previous page"

Can't work out the 3rd line though or the name. That 1st bit is made easier by the fact that it's the opening of the Constitution of the United States
Who wrote that in the notebook? Now we know at least one person who worked on the Buffy set will be voting come November. I suppose it wasn't SMG or this item would be marketed as an even rarer find.
What a gaudy little stage knife. Who'd pay $900+ for that?
Kris- I agree that the knife is rather gaudy. In the description it says it's a one of a kind since it's retractable. I think the other bringer knife sold through the Fox Auction was rubber so maybe that's the reason for the high price. I don't know though that is a lot of money, definitly not something I would spend my hard-earned cash on.

Mindpieces- I never thought of the the meaning behind Buffy's scribbling, good observations!
$900+ with 4 more open days to bid? Wow! Will have to watch to see how far this goes.

And Mindpieces, that was a good catch. I'd never noticed that before, but now that you pointed it out, I think you're right. It never ceases to amaze me all of the hidden meanings in Joss' shows.
If I was an actor on the show I'd always be thinking "Has she got the right knife? Is that really the retractable one she's about to stab me with? Does my health insurance cover being stabbed?"

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