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September 04 2004

Report from ringside at DragonCon. Read about the shaky set! Attendee was "very impressed" by con where Nathan, Jewel and Adam entertained: "These guys talk about Joss Whedon like he can control when the tide comes in." Another posted link to con images in same thread.

Not much new,it appears, but interesting nonetheless.


Adam Baldwin is leaving tonight - only Nathan and Jewel will be there Sunday and Monday - I can only be there on Sunday and I wanted to see Adam the most. I'm not thrilled about this.
I'm not going to be able to make this event afterall.

However, I have found out from my sources down there that Firefly is the biggest draw at Dragoncon this year (kinda like James was last year). It was asked if they had heard anything about the sequel, then the person told them what Joss had said about Adam in a kilt, needless to say that he was pleased to hear it and already had an idea for what they should do. He would be wearing a utility kilt and he'd be up a latter and ask one of the ladies to hand him something. :)

Also, the news is former Buck Roger's babe Erin Gray is also a booking agent (like JCB) and she just signed to handle future convention bookings for the entire cast of Firefly. I'm betting that is going to chafe JCB's chops.
I saw Erin at the comicon. (I had a crush on her in Buck Rogers when I was 10....sue me) So she's going to be the Firefly cast's Julie Caitlin Brown so to speak? Huh, interesting. Hey if they ever square off, my money's on Erin!

And RavenU, at least you'll see some of the Con. We're right here in CA, seein' nuthin'! And I gotta say Nathan is at the top of my FF list, hehe. I love that guy.
We met them today. very nice, and eager to talk to fans.

Audio from Friday's panel.
Relax and grab some sleep RavenU, you can't be every place at once. The wealth of information you provide Whedonesque is a godsend and very appreciated. Also, thanks for the audio thread KernelM.

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