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September 04 2004

More belated birthday wishes, this time to Clare Kramer. We missed another birthday guys, oops!

Clare turned 30 yesterday. No excuse for me forgetting this, Glory was one of my all time favourite characters throughout the show's history.

Well, apologies for the lateness and here's hoping you had a great birthday yesterday Clare.

Candor's Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Service is useful for not forgetting birthdays. I've used it before, not for birthday reminders but for reminding me to take back library material. Pretty geeky of me, huh? It works really good.

Oh, and happy birthday, Clare!

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I wish the lovely (garrr!!) Clare Kramer a good birthday. That gal is sexy. Good catch The Neopagan.
Crap! When we asked her to sign our calendar on her birthday, she SAID it was Friday! Can't believe I forgot that! I said, "Should I ask the year?" and she laughed and said, "You can, but I'll probably lie!" But she's 30 now, and she looks beautiful!
Happy birthday Clare! The hottest big bad of the show!

One of the funniest moments in the entire seven years of BtVS was Giles admitting he had sold Glory the stuff she needed to find Dawn, ending with the confession that "If it's any consolation I think I may have overcharged her..."
That's seeing a tiny, tiny silver lining in one uber cloud!
Saw her at Oakland, and can't say enough good things about her. She was generous and engaging and beautiful. A sweetie.
I don't share the love for Glory, but it's great to hear all these stories about Clare. Happy Birthday!
Definitely sharing the love for Glory here..."Lot of sucky things in this dimension -- bubble baths? Not one of 'em. Know what I mean?"

Clare Kramer--definitely not one of 'em either!
Ah, my favorite BtVS villian! A very happy birthday!
Uhm okay I didn't see my wife posted the exact same story already....hence me deleting my stuff here. Sorry about that...

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