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September 05 2004

(SPOILER) A few shows have potential to become hits. Contains mild spoilers in the descriptions of new shows such as "Lost" & "Desperate Housewives". Has a nice nod to Joss Whedon, "Whedon is such a very distinctive creative voice that his absence is hard to gloss over."

Here's the Joss Whedon part for those who don't want to read anything spoilerish:

"Last spring's still-tragic cancellation of The WB Network's "Angel," which followed the prior departures of its parent show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the short-lived sci-fi series "Firefly," means that Joss Whedon fans are pretty much left high and dry this season when it comes to this demented choirboy's gleefully skewed blend of comedy, horror and high art.

Whedon is such a very distinctive creative voice that his absence is hard to gloss over."

Yes, not having a Joss Whedon show to look forward to this coming season is sad indeed. Joss Whedon is the best thing that has happened to TV and I hope that he returns again in the future (and hopefully will be an even bigger name with the success of Serenity!) and will be given the respect he deserves.

I'm still burning over the abrupt ending of Firefly and the shabby treatment and cancellation of Angel. Firefly never had a chance to fly and Angel, even with five years of storytelling, was far from over and was just getting better and better.

A couple of the new shows coming this fall sound like they'll be pretty good but most of them don't appeal to me at all.
I don't know about the rest of you but i'm feeling a great deal of apathy towards any of the new shows this new season. You can guarantee that if any of them are remotely interesting or original they will be cancelled within weeks.

I'm hoping Lost proves to be successful but i'm thankful that i live in the UK as due to that i will have a fair idea of how well it is doing by the time it airs over here. If it gets cancelled after the first few episodes at least i will know before i get invested in the characters and storylines.

The only show that i know will be a success and that i am looking forward to is Joey but if the only new show i can look forward to this next year is a half hour sitcom then things look very dismal indeed.
Despite the lack of a Joss show I am quite looking forward to this next season, not as much as I would be if Angel were about to enter it's 6th season, but enough to keep me from feeling that hope is lost for the future of television. Both Smallville and Enterprise, if they keep improving as they both did last year, should be in for very good 4th seasons. As Neopagan said, there's Joey which after watching the pilot, I'm sure is going to be a success, there's also Scrubs the oft-forgotten, yet very good half hour sitcom, it's almost 100% definite that both these shows will survive into the 2005-06 season (Scrubs has already been picked up, but then, Farscape was picked up for a 5th season, and then cancelled during the 4th, so Scrubs could still go). Speaking of which Farscape returns in 6 weeks, but it's a very brief return, Sci-fi are airing all 88 episodes soon, I'd recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen the show, if you watch a season 1 episode and don't like it, watch a season 2 episode, the show got much better.

All I know about Lost is "plane crash survivors on an island", but I'll watch it because Alias is so damn good. And Alias returns in January, it'll probably get to fill the void of some unexpectadly great show that was cancelled after 4 episodes.

And as is said many a time here, theres always The Daily Show.

South Park's back in October, and no matter how much it fails to be as good as it was 5 or 6 years ago, I'll never be able to give up on The Simpsons.

Apart from the fact that there's so much crap (Commando Nanny I'm still amazed at that, wasn't there some event where even the star said it was rubbish) coming onto the air as well as the few I'm looking forward to, this season shouldn't be to bad, even if it would be so much better with a Joss show.

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I love reading accolades for Joss et al's work. Thanks for posting that, blwessels.

What do people know of Lost beyond the obvious? I gather David Fury is involved but I don't know to what extent. The premise sounds intriguing and it could turn out to be great but then again, it could turn out to be fatuous, intelligence-insulting twaddle.

In the absence of the magical Whedonverse on tv, I continue to thank my lucky stars for HBO. And I harbor a wish that Joss might someday find refuge there. Joss uncensored. Joss unfettered. Wow.
Chris Carter is absent from tv as well, Millenium ended early and interfered with, Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm, all early exits, Millenium's second season is one of the best seasons of tv ever created I say, and known many to agree with me. The X files creator is another genius along with Joss missing from airwaves.
Aside from Jon Stewart, I don't see too many compelling reasons to turn on the TV this year. I'm willing to give Lost a chance, but I'm so burnt out on sitcoms and reality TV, and so dishearted by the death of Wonderfalls last year, I can't bring myself to care about much of anything on TV.

Serenity can't come soon enough.
I thought Lone Gunmen was particularly interesting a show. I guess that's mostly because I like comedy in the mix. In my opinion Joss's biggest strength is mixing comedy and drama together in a way that prevents either from undermining the other. Other shows have done it, but Joss's shows IMO are the best.

That's why I will not watch shows like Enterprise. To me it is a show of all Rileys.
Chris Carter is absent from tv as well, Millenium ended early and interfered with, Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm, all early exits, Millenium's second season is one of the best seasons of tv ever created I say, and known many to agree with me. The X files creator is another genius along with Joss missing from airwaves.

Woo! Props to my previous favorite TV writer. Original X-Files fan, right here. I loved Milennium but I barely remember what was going on in it. I think that show was created way before it's time.

I love supernatural television. Miracles is another one I thought looked interesting when I saw promos for it, then pretty much forgot it existed. I like dark, thought-provoking shows that kind of disturb you and kind of make you think you found god.

And the reason shows like that don't work is because most people want to turn their brain off and just go watch Reba. Ah, but HBO seems to be cornering the market on weird. Ever seen Carnivale? Cable TV is where it's at. I need to get a job so I can afford it.

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Never look for birds of this year in the nests of the last. The weakness of Lone Gunman was in the supporting players. Jimmy Bond and that forgetful femme fatale pseudo counter spy brunette ..thing whatever she was.. They were distractions from what should have been a modern day intellectual's answer to the Marx Brothers. If any threesome screamed for feature film it's those guys. Well. Except for Firefly of course. But that's a tensome, including this peck of troubles Serenity herself.

There was talk a bit back of a sequel to the X-Files movie but personally I'm tired of Scully and Mulder and lost interest in them when they almost kissed in the first movie. That's so last century. Doctor Tam and the cutest engineer this side of Saturn almost kissing - that's got much more heat to it. However, both Carter and Whedon failed to do as the Hollywoodians do while in Hollywood. Carter avoided Hollywood whenever possible is one thing, and while Whedon took root in the lion's den of Television City, he made little peace with certain lions, or their Daniels.

Expect good things from television? You may as well expect pears from an elm. Television is a wasteland, and here is the devil-and-all to pay. Most of the time even when it's good it's not all that great. I enjoy the CSI shows, but sometimes I question whether I'm honestly enjoying talented acting or writing, or if they've somehow mastered the perfect blend of color, sound and editing to keep my neurons firing in a pleasing manner despite what schlock is actually placed before me. The other day I saw an episode of Hawaii, whose acting and writing seriously insulted my intelligence and was more predictable than a Smurf cartoon. Still I found myself feeling happy after it was over. The jokes were stale and the romantic triangle bored me near tears. Yet I enjoyed it? I begin to smell a rat. I feel somehow used and manipulated by most crap that passes for tv. When Amazing Race resorts to water slides and mud brick building to entertain the masses, some evil force is amuck in the world yet we are powerless to stop its juggernaut of abyssmal television pablum.

It will grieve me so to the heart, that I shall cry my eyes out. I weep for both the present and the future, if talents like Whedon and Carter are pushed aside to make way for Life As We Recycle Its Plot Devices Ad Infinitum Until Blood Spurts Out Your Ears. I just went to the ABC website and was brainwashed by the video it played. I don't see why ABC doesn't just punt all of its prime time programming and replay daytime soap operas in prime time. It's just as crappy and thrown together and mentally retarded as daytime tv. They'd save money and I doubt they'd notice a change in ratings.

“There is no book so bad,” once said a bachelor, “but something good may be found in it.” I take umbrance to such a remark when I look at the coming "books" in television. The Practice was almost good at one time, and now they've taken everything that was bad about it and distilled it into a spinoff that features William Shatner. Oh yeah that's a winner. Excuse me while I call in a 10-20 and beg the dispatcher to beam me off this rock and into an extreme cooking program, with cheap airfare. I am almost frighted out of my seven senses, by the mere thought of Shatner and Stone sharing a scene together. Perish the thought!

I know a closed mouth catches no flies, yet I'm too foolish to keep mine closed, or perhaps I'm more knave than fool. I would continue to berate all the networks and their poor, cheap, thoughtless, banal and unappetizing choices for the fall line up, but I've gone way off topic and don't wish to be more boring than this fall's tv lineup. Little said is soonest mended, but I fear I've already said too much. Carter and Whedon each deserve their own networks, but none with wealthy dare risk it on such a venture. It is past all controversy that what costs dearest is, and ought to be, most valued, yet the powers that be television won't build for us some place away from the manipulative and controlling core of television demographics, while careful not to venture too far into the fringe outer rim of madness. That's where they find their home. Somewhere in the middle, where it's never completely safe, but at least you're free to think and dream. That's where television found its wings in its inception. That's where it left its wings when it clipped our favorites' wings and left them to fend for themselves.

Whedon's doing well considering the forces against him. I've heard little to nothing from Carter recently. When we met the ten characters that make Firefly we didn't fully understand at first why the first nine made the tenth character their home. When we first met Mulder we didn't understand what drove him to fight against the administration in his search for truth. We got to know them, we've come to love them, we understand their plight because in our own small way we too fight against the quicksand of complacency in search of something unsafe and risky that dares us to believe and keep on flying. We know that plight with every forlorn episode of According To Jim or mentally vacuous episode of Hope and Faith. We stare incredulously at The Bachelor and Wife Swap and we wonder what incompetent drug ridden insipid producer concocted this mediocrity, and what suit and tie twit signed the paychecks to make it?

Oh somebody hold me back before I start tilting windmills!
I think you're all going to have to wait till Sci Fi airs the new series of Doctor Who next year.
Sorry Simon, Doctor Who not doing it for me. I've never been able to sit through any of the previous incarnations so i'm not holding out any hope for this one either.

I've just found my new show though having sat through the first two incredibly good episodes of Carnivale. What a gem!

All i'm going to say is that when Joss finally gets around to putting the third slayerverse series together he should seriously consider making HBO it's home. With the kind of creative freedom i've just witnessed on Carnivale Joss could turn the world of the slayers and vamps on it's head and create a masterpiece that would even put Buffy and Angel to shame.
Ah, how quickly I tire of the whole "TV is a vacuous wasteland" attitude. Most of it is useless, yes, but those who think that Joss created the only great shows ever to appear on television need to expand their horizons a bit, in my opinion. If you sift through the predictable sitcoms and reality dreck that clog up the airwaves you'll find that there are still a few amazing shows chugging along out there. And there may be even more soon. Out of the new offerings this season, I'm most looking forward to ABC's Desperate Housewives and Lost.

Also, when is Sci-Fi going to rerun all of the Farscape episodes? I always wanted to catch that show, and I'd definitely watch them if they plan on showing them from the beginning.
MindPieces, Sci-Fi are airing the complete run of Farscape between 9am-4pm ET/PT weekdays from October 1st to October 15th. That is a lot of Farscape per day but i would recommend giving at least some episodes a look if you get chance, it is an excellent show to watch.

Have to agree with your opinion on television not actually being that bad as well. Whilst i am very dubious about getting into new shows until i'm relatively sure they will get a fair run as i've previously stated, there are already some excellent series to watch. Stargate, Alias, Carnivale (my new recommendation to anybody i see in the next few weeks) to name but three.

Admittedly we don't have the choice we had five years ago and you have to search a little harder for originality but it is still out there. I do get tired of people moaning that things are not like they used to be. Things change and not always for the better. If someone can't accept that with something as trivial as television then the big things in life must be a real problem for them.

Besides, won't be long before Joss returns to our television screens with either more slayer stuff or a new concept (preferably both) so things will improve in time, we just have to ride out the reality wave until decent fantasy is allowed back on our screens again.
Television trivial? Surely you jest. Of course I donít get cable or HBO or more than three channels at a time that come in clear, so Iíll have to wait for this Carnivale on DVD. It also means I am forced to give reality shows a try, and the Amazing Race isnít all that bad. Lost is my big hope for something new to watch. Sometimes I flip in on Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development and Scrubs.
Tv is a vauous wasteland........what? What'd I say?

Seriously, no Joss didn't create the only good TV, he just created some of the best of the past decade and certainly the best of the last years. TV does look like a vacuous wasteland to me right now. And I've always been more than willing to expand horizons, or I wouldn've have begun to watch a show named 'Buffy' based on a movie I thought was crap. Let me take a look back here:

X-Files Hey, I still have 6 season boxes on the shelf here. It was a great, great show. Main troubles were that there wasn't enough change and growth. Scully still going "Mulder you're so silly that's impossible" around season 3 was already straining, considering everything she'd gone through by then, but by season 5 it just became annoying. And the way they teased us with sexual tension, yet never really addressed it....they just maintained too much status quo. And then in the end continuing the show without Mulder (and it was always Mulder's story first and foremost for me) and then basically without Scully too.....pfff the words 'oh' and 'please' came to be a lot. Still, some classic TV. Almost the only show that made me love their 'stand-alone' episodes.

Millennium I liked it. A lot. The atmoshpere, the topics, Lance Henriksen's weathered face and gravitas..... Main problem was that they kept switching directions for the show. Like everyone had a different idea of what it should be like, or where it should go. Pity. I'm glad they had Frank Black pop by in the X-Files later on. Some sense of closure I guess.

La Femme Nikita Everybody mentions Buffy and Xena as the start of the new wave of strong female leads and to me Nikita is the forgotten third. Better than either the french or the american movie (like Buffy one of the few shows that can boast that) it was a powerful, harsh look at the spy world with intriguing plots and surprises and even growth over time. My opinion anyway.

Gilmore Girls My guilty pleasure. I can totally see how this is not everyone's bag, but I just like it. Cute and sarcastic, the last show on the WB I watch. (Sorry, I don't do that 'boycott' thing. I don't have a nielsen box so they don't know what the hell I'm doing anyway)

Scrubs The ONLY 'new' type of comedy show out there. Ever since they switched nights I keep missing it but that is FINALLY a different type of comedy in america. Pffff took long enough. And it's preeeetty lonely.

ER, Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace All shows I loved at some point and lost interest in by now.

Smallville, Sex & the City, Enterprise Las Vegas, Charmed Shows I really tried to like but just couldn't. Some I actively loathe, some I'm just 'eh' about.

Twin Peaks, Harsh Realm, Lone Gunmen, Alias, West Wing, OC, Nip Tuck, The Shield Never saw enough of any of those shows. Most seemed good from what I know. Just never enough to go out of my way for them.

Coming Up:
-More reality crap. Loathe it. Hate it. Sick of it. All of it. One more season of American Idol and I'm buying an AK 47 and then go look for a clock tower.

-Joey. Interesting how this article praised it. "Lukewarm lasagne" is exactly how it looks to me. But then this article wasn't really negative about anything, was it? Joey was getting stupider and stupider and they seem to go with that. I don't really care about really stupid characters.

-Lost. Everyone is raving about it beforehand. I'm curious but right now it just looks like a scripted version of Survivor to me. Hope it is as good as they all say.

Everything else is "another sitcom" (as for 'Commando Nanny' be thankful I'm not even going there!), "another school/lawyer/police/hospital thing". Extremely been there, done that.

For the rest, I watch documentaries, COPS, and the Daily Show....(Yes Jon Stewart still rules the airwaves) 's about it. Well and adult cartoon stuff. Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Futurama Adult Swim stuff.

But in terms of well-written stories that I want to follow because they sucked me in so enormously?? Truly and fully 'must-see'?? Sorry, without a Chris Carter or a Joss, I do still see a vacuous wasteland on that level.

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EdDantes, have to agree with you re: X-Files and even La Femme Nikita, one of my former guilty pleasures. X-Files was appointment TV for me for several seasons, but I became increasingly annoyed with it -- started missing episodes here and there -- and then its last season, well I lost interest altogether. And La Femme Nikita -- another show cut off prematurely -- and then, in an effort to allow it to tie up loose ends, given a token half-season that was lame. (Perhaps we should be happy that Angel wasn't given a short s6 to tie things up -- but, then again, I would have had more faith in Joss to tie things up well.)

I'll be looking forward to the "revitalized" Alias and 24, although I have a long wait yet. I'll give Lost a try, but I'm not interested in any of the other new shows. Love Jon Stewart, but otherwise will likely use the TV as background noise while busying myself with other projects this year. TNT works great for that -- know the dialogue by heart of virtually everything they run (and run and run), so it's not a distraction. TV a wasteland? No, just white noise.
Season 9 of the X-Files gets beat up too much. It was a solid season, in both writing and performance. They crammed movie sized production quality into a 45 minute weekly show. The new characters could easlily have carried a spinoff in the same 'verse.

EdDantes, I added a closing bold tag in your post so the rest of the thread would display normally.
X-Files and Lone Gunmen were the only Carter shows I watched, Gunmen was a great show, and apparently straight-to-DVD movies are in the very early planning stages (they'd be prequels one assumes). X-Files was pulling itself along by the end, it should have died with Mulder's abduction, or possibly the season after (the episodes with Mulder's return are among my favorites), the movie is apparently still a goer. I think the story needs another movie, even though I said it was dead by then, because that finale resolved absolutely nothing, it was a clip show, followed by the umpteenth death of Cigarette Smoking Man, if Carter leaves it a while and makes the next movie when the invasion is planned (2012?) that could be quite good.

Re. Joey, they seem to have forgotten about the last few seasons of Friends and racked up Joey's IQ points a little for his spinoff, he's still stupid, but not as bad as he was, "The One Where Joey Speaks French" was a low point, it was so embarassing it wasn't even funny.

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TV not as good as it used to be? I also disagree. It's always been crap.

OK, more like 95 parts crap to 4 parts OK to 1 part genius. But with the crap and the commercials and the studio interference and the moralizing, really, these days I just wait for the DVDs. Unapologetically.

Course now I waste more time online and in other trivial ways. But it seems like my crap intake is lower than it used to be.
"Season 9 of the X-Files gets beat up too much. It was a solid season, in both writing and performance. They crammed movie sized production quality into a 45 minute weekly show. The new characters could easlily have carried a spinoff in the same 'verse."

Eh, sorry, if there's gonna be new characters, make it a new show with a different angle. I followed the story of Mulder and his quest. I can't do that without Mulder. And I can't comment on X-Files S9, I quit before that I'm afraid.

"EdDantes, I added a closing bold tag in your post so the rest of the thread would display normally."

Uhm oops, I'm sorry I messed that up! Should've noticed, but now after you edited it, half a sentence was missing. Now it looked like I hated Scrubs and such. Not trying to 'mold' my views here are ya? Heheh ;-) Anyway, sorry, I'll pay better attention next time.
I watched The X-Files from the beginning until the very end. In fact, I was a fan before the show aired when I saw the first trailer. I had an alien obsession back then.

There definitely were problems with the last few seasons, with Mulder not being there and them bringing in new characters to take over the X-Files investigations. I waited until the story was over to make my judgements on it. I can't say I've actually made a final judgement because I haven't been able to rewatch the show but I didn't hate it. I still watched it every week like I was going to church or something. I was sad when it was gone and so scared that no other show could ever be as special to me.

That was pre-Buffy. And I'm so glad I found another obsession. It took me a long time to relinquish the title of "My Show" from The X-Files and give it to Buffy. For a while I couldn't even admit that Buffy was better. I still can't say Buffy's better, just that it's more emotional and personal to me.

And now I feel like nothing could ever replace or even compete with my love for the Buffyverse. Perhaps another Whedonverse show, but only that. What is it about Joss' shows that makes it so much better? I love Alias, The Shield, Roswell, Babylon 5, Freaks and Geeks, but not like I love the B-verse.

Is it because BTVS made me fall in love and then ripped my heart out in season 2? Is it because on ATS I thought I found god and god turned out to be evil? Is it because of the metaphor, the wit, the love, the pain? I still don't quite know why, but I just wish other writers had the talent Joss does. He made me fall in love and then broke my heart so many times it's not even funny. I really should hate him for it, but I can't. I guess I love the torture or something.

EDIT: And I just wanted to add that Firefly would have had the same place in my heart as Buffy and Angel because I felt that same kind of love starting, but the show needed more seasons to really have the kind of impact Joss' other shows did. Hopefully, the movie gives me more of that. I definitely don't expect it to disappoint.

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Oh, all these fond remembrances of TV days gone by... I've been going through a full-brain immersion into ST:TOS nostalgia this past week, rewatching old favorite episodes followed by the movies II through V. The cheesiness of the series' sets still make me laugh, even as Kirk, Spock and McCoy are bringing me, more than occasionally, to tears. (It's incredible to consider what Roddenberry and his cast and crew must have gone through to put out such an unprecedented show for three years, and what an empire they ultimately wrought from such humble beginnings.)

I never thought anything would surpass my love for the old-school ST-verse. The X-Files came close, at least until its S6 post-film arc when I began to disengage from Mulder (mirroring his disengagement from us, I guess). But when Chris Carter was good, he was great, and there was nothing else like TXF out there; it was the first show I was completely engaged in on an intellectual level, and also the first that compelled me to plug into the online fandom surrounding it.

Then came Buffy, Angel and Firefly. Sure, there's other smart, provocative writers besides JW out there. There's talent all over the place. But nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- can mix pathos, humor and the exploration of earthly purpose the way Joss can. He's got an amazing ear for what's fundamentally real and honest, laced with an almost sweet irony, and dressed in some of the most colorful visual metaphors ever committed to film. I dare someone else to step up and wrench my heart the way he has. I dare another show to put me more deeply in touch with my mortality and dreams, or to confront me more bluntly with my fears and desires.

Looking at the upcoming offerings, I'm seeing a lack of any real contenders. Oh, sure, there's a couple of shows on this list I'll make a point of checking out, and a couple I'm glad will be returning later in the year, but I don't anticipate a fresh obsession on the horizon any time soon. Not that all TV has to kick ass. It's just that I really, really like it like that, and life's too short to waste on crap. I want TV that repays my valuable time and undivided attention with sincerity, originality and unparalleled quality. Is that so much to ask? Apparently so, if what most viewers are content to watch is the standard by which we judge what's most worthy of being broadcast.

I've tried and tried to understand the special thrall Joss's shows exert over me -- how his writing has this uncanny ability to punch all my pleasure centers, making me a willing rat in his mazes. I can't figure it out, and maybe it's as much a mystery to him how he does it as it is to me. The thing I have realized, though, is that while it feels like those of us who love what he creates 'get' him, I always come away from watching all his shows feeling that he gets me, and is telling me the stories I need to hear to help the world make some kind of sense.

ME's shows have helped the medium of television realize its ambitions of pushing beyond the confines of the small screen. I miss that. Since May, TV has gotten small again. Its status has been reduced to mere diversion in my weekly list of things to see and do, instead of an opportunity to connect with some of the most creative minds making entertainment today.

My TV appointments are all in pencil these days. I hope for a new ME show eventually, so I can commit myself in pen once again.
Beautifully put, Wiseblood. Ay-men!
Yes, great post Wiseblood - you captured exactly how I feel! I also feel that Firefly could've been even better than Buffy! And for me to say that is saying a lot because I have been beyond obsessive with BtVS. But Firefly just grabbed me so quick and the cast was so great! I feel like Joss came into BtVS as a diamond in the rough and over the years, just got better and better and Firefly was going to be his masterpiece! But as we all know, many great artists have many mansterpieces in them so here's hoping we'll again have a chance to obsess over a Joss Whedon show in the future. For now, I'll have to be content with Serenity even though I would've preferred many years of great storytelling. Here's hoping for a couple of sequels to follow up the movie and Joss being given the clout to pick any network he wants to showcase his next television project. I don't subscribe to HBO or Showtime but I definitely would if that was the only way to see one of his shows.
I agree completely blwessels. I never thought a show would come close to surpassing my outright worship of BTVS and my feeling that it is/was the greatest tv show of all time, but then Firefly came along. I fell in love hard and fast with the 1st season of Buffy, but somehow Firefly managed to hit me even harder. Maybe it was because I had copies of Firefly and so could rewatch at will, whereas Buffy I just watched when it was broadcast and had to wait for repeats and then vhs releases. Either way I feel that given a couple of seasons Firefly would've wrenched the crown from Buffy and stood firmly as my new favourite show. Of course that does tend to imply that there's always a chance of something new coming along and being even better, it's just very hard to see that happening at the moment.
I love Firefly, but I just canít imagine that I could care more about Mal, Zoe, Kaylee and Jayne than I do about Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles.

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