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September 05 2004

Angel R1 DVD site updated with Season 4 info. Ooo, Lorne wallpaper!

Now see, all the covers feature Angel and Cordelia; what'll the season 5 cover be like?
You know its gonna Angel and Spike.
Or Spike and Fred.
Or possibly just the Wolfram and Hart building.
If the Buffy S7 cover is any indication of the art department's creativity, they might just make it Angel and "You're Welcome" Cordelia.
No DB commentary. "Hunh."

And what's with all the cover art speculation? Isn't that box they are showing going to be the one?
We're refering to season 5 Willowy.
OIC! Thanks 400lb_Gorilla.
Oooh. Scruffy Wes Wallpaper. Those beautiful eyes! He wants me.
did you say lorne wallpaper???
can you think of many words i love more than those?
not very many.

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