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September 07 2004

Joss to the power of X (cubed). According to the folks over at CHUD, the rumors of Joss filling the void left in the X-Men franchise by Bryan Singer's departure are, in fact, true!

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Yay! That is all :)
What? This is true? Holy Joss! If it's true, it looks like Joss' hard work is paying off. In no time He'll be one of the favorite movie directors in Hollywood and he'll have the opportunity to create great big Buffy movies and spin-offs and...yay!

I can't wait to hear if this is really true.
He'll have to be writing X-men 3 then, cause in Chicago Joss said he would only direct what he writes, cause it would be to much of a challenge to direct what someone else has written.
If this is true, excellent news indeed.
I have mixed feelings about this... On one hand I'm happy that Joss is going to be able to get the credit he deserves, but on the other hand I'm nervous because if he turns into the head honcho in Hollywood then he may forget about the Whedonverse and never return again :( But, I think Joss will do the right thing for himself and for his fans so I'm more happy than nervous.
I'll gladly take a Joss Whedon written/directed X-Men 3 & 4, because we already know Fox is thinking about filming the two at once, but it does kind of push the Buffyverse to the backburner. Still, a string of high profile big screen efforts can't to anything but help when he decides to return to the little one.
I don't think Joss will sell out. I really don't. I mean, he's already had the opportunity to do so, and he hasn't. I trust in Joss and although I want more Buffyverse and Fireflyverse, I also want him to do what makes him happy. Anything he creates will have me in the front row cheering him on.
Whoo and hoo! At last, The X-Men done right!
Hurray! I have no fears about the future of the Buffyverse - right now Joss seems completely burned out on Slayers and Vampires, and who can blame him? Success with X-Men will give him the clout he needs to turn Firefly into the sci-fi franchise Universal has been desperate for, as well as a stage to launch bigger and better things.

Until Joss gets the love back for the Buffyverse, I'd rather he just let it rest. Most of BtVS S7 felt like beating a dead horse; if it's a choice between more of that or something new and shiny, I choose the new and shiny. I'm in the minority I know, but there it is.
It'd be pretty sweet if this rumor turns out to be true. At the moment, Joss Whedon's work has attracted a loyal, cult following. But it'd be nice seeing his efforts showcased in front of a broader mass-audience. If successful, an X-men sequel has the potential of etching JW's name into the minds of the general public. Which would hopefully give him more sway out there in Hollywood. At the very least, it might inspire people to seek out his past creative projects, thus exposing new fans to the Buffyverse.

Whatever comes of it, I'm always happy to view a piece of Whedon-crafted entertainment. The idea of his work showcased on a big cineplex screen is quite exciting :)
*gasp* Joss doing X-Men?! *faints* (News like this calls for a little drama, don't you think?)

So hoping it's true; after having his work gutted, slapped around and largely taken for granted in H'wood for so many years, I'm happy he's actually being given the chance for some big-time respect and an enlarged sphere of influence, along with merry buckets of cash. (More power to sway the masses. That world domination plan is sure coming along nicely!)

And don't be silly. Joss won't sell out, or forget the worlds he's created. They're still in his head. (And I can be patient while he plays with some other exciting toys.) He's a geek, after all -- one of us. Have you noticed how very obsessive and devoted he tends to be regarding things he's passionate about? I think it runs in the tribe. ;)

wren, if you're in the minority, I'll join you there. I had mixed feelings about Firefly in the beginning, seeing as it stole Joss' attention from Buffy and Angel. However, once I actually saw an episode I realised it was so much fresher and more compelling than, say, Buffy season 7. I'd rather have had Firefly season 2 than Buffy season 8, even though I don't think any show will ever take Buffy's place in my heart (as long as Joss hasn't left tv for good, I won't rule it out, though). From that point on, I've been ready to just happily follow him where he decides to go (though of course I'm hoping that will take him to at least one fantastic Buffy/Angel movie at some point - and also back to tv, which I still suspect may be his best medium). And the X-men certainly seems to be on his mind at the moment, so I have no doubt he's going to make something great!

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Link fixed now, remember to make sure http:// is included when you fill out the URL field.

And if this news is true, it's great news for Joss. And well deserved too.
I really really hope this works out. Funny, James Marsters recently said he'd love to play Gambit, and I don't think he knew Bryan Singer was off X-Men, nor about the rumors and fanwishes surrounding Joss. I'd say being in a big screen movie of X-Men, playing Gambit and being written and directed by Joss will have James come running so fast people's heads will spin!

And I doubt Joss will ever fully abandon the Buffyverse. At the very least, comics will be there. And if Firefly and maybe this possible X-Men thing are hits, a Buffyverse movie is more and more possible.

And really, he's not the type to leave old loves behind anyway. Just look at him. All the success he's had, and what does he consider a great honour and joy to do? Write the comic series he grew up on. That oughtta tell ya something.
While I'm happy for Joss if he does X-Men 3, I'd rather he continue with the Fireflyverse or create something new altogether. (Maybe return to the Buffyverse somewhere down the road, but not necessary. Though a Fray sequel would be nice.) I just don't have that strong of an attachment to the X-Men characters.
I hope it is true, Joss would do a wonderful job. Still, I consider this a rumor until the man himself announces the news. Good find, Haunt!
I am very excited about this news! I'm not a huge X-Men fan, just a moderate one, but I have no doubt that JW will get me completely captivated. Such a prestige project should help pave the way for many more new projects too.

And for what it's worth, I definitely agree with you wren and sasja.
No wren, you're not alone. I'm with you 100%. Don't get me wrong, I still have the Buffyverse love (more Fray, perhaps?). But Serenity is what I'm really psyched about, and X-Men would be sweet.
I'd say being in a big screen movie of X-Men, playing Gambit and being written and directed by Joss will have James come running so fast people's heads will spin!

Unfortunately, James also said (on Sunday) that he has the strong suspicion he'll never work on a Joss Whedon set again, if it's not the Spike or Buffy movie. Not for any particular reason, but he just has that instinct. Hopefully he's wrong! We know James would love to work with Joss again.

This is quite exciting. I quite enjoyed the first two X-Men movies, even though I know nothing about the comic, and a JW-written and directed version could be quite interesting. And as much as I love the Buffyverse, I think JW will do best at what he's passionate about, and if he's more passionate about X-Men than Buffy right now, then I have faith that he'll produce a quality X-Men movie, but eventually return to worlds of his own making. He's too creative, IMO, to dwell forever in the worlds of someone else.
I agree with wren et al. While I love the Buffyverse more than most living creatures -- sad, but true -- I only want more of it if Joss is into it like a train.

I so hope this X-men thing is true. Joss's success is our gain, even for non X-men fans like me. The more Joss succeeds in Hollywood the more likely it is that he will be able to continue to create magical new 'verses and characters and/or hopefully revisit old ones with renewed enthusiasm. I don't think Joss could sell out. It's not in his DNA.

My one big wish, possibly not shared by many others, is that Joss returns to tv. As much as I love feature films, there is something so rich and deep and layered about a narrative that unfolds over 144 episodes (Buffy) that a two hour film can't compete with.

Is it at all possible that Joss would be able to write X-men 3 as well as direct it, by the way?
I too agree with wren et all. And I agree with phlebotnin who said: Joss's success is our gaiin, even for non X men fans like me.

Getting Joss attached to something of scope is huge, and shows that he is finally getting some of the respect he so richly deserves.

Yes, I am a Buffy fan and an Angel fan and a Firefly fan, but mostly I am a Joss fan, because I know whatever he does I will love. Blasphemous perhaps, but I really don't care if he ever goes back to Buffy, I just want him to keep following his muse, and giving us the best that he can. Whatever that may be, I will be there on opening day.
Think of it this way. If this rumor is true, and Joss does write and direct X3, it only strengthens his clout as a director, and it would make him more desirable in the industry. He will have more power to do what he wants with film or TV. Joss being able to do create what he wants? What is bad about that?

Think of it this way. Maybe he'll be able to make a live-action Fray film. With all the flying cars and what-not, that would be an expensive film. Maybe branching out from the Buffy/Fireflyverses, maybe that's just opportunity to bring us more Buffy and Firefly.

You never know.

Oh, and maybe this will help him get a TV show on cable where they will let him have more creative free-reign. I'm just saying.

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I'm just happy that I've gotten to enjoy Joss Whedon's creations so much that I'll watch anything he's involved in. Whether it is TV or big screen I'm sure it will be great. I'd love for him to have another series on TV because I also love the long arcs like Phlebotinin said but at the same time, if his passion is to do movies, I'm all for that too. I don't see it as "selling out" if he never returns to the Buffyverse because he gave us the best he could and if he doesn't feel that anymore I wouldn't want him to come back. Not saying I'm not interested but I'd only want it if he wants it. BtVS and Angel were so great but he went and did Firefly and that blew me away, even though we only had a few precious episodes. I'd love to see what else is in that creative mind of his.

I'm not a comic fan and hadn't read any of the X-men comics but did really enjoy the first two movies so I'd love to see what Joss could do with them! And, if he does still have a lot of Buffyverse ideas floating around in his head, I'm sure if he had the chance he'd do something with those ideas just because he seems to thrive on working so I don't think doing a few movies, a couple of comics and a spin-off or two would slow him down at all!
The rumor is out there that he both write and direct X3. I posted a link re this recently, but haven't heard any further confirmation. As RavenU said above, he has said he would not want to direct what someone else wrote. I expect that if this is not just a rumor, which seems to be the case, we will ultimately get confirmation that he's writing it to too.

I will miss Joss on TV. But can't blame him at this point for staying out of that scene altogether, at least for a while. Coming back to TV (if he ever chooses to), following successful feature films, will only help him.
OMG! i need a final confirmation!

I really want Joss writting and directing X-Men 3!!

I felt the lost of Singer, but ey... Joss is a great change!! :D

I`ll be there for everything Joss do. I think fans must let him to do something new, and not bash him (i haven`t seen that in this blog, but in many others sites people bash him and actors if they don`t want to go with more Buffyverse).
For me, the Buffyverse we all know is over, and well over. We must accept that someday it will end. Well, that day come, and Joss deserves to do what he wants, and continue to do something new.

Anyways, i`m still hoping to see more Buffyverse in form of Fray :p
“My one big wish, possibly not shared by many others, is that Joss returns to tv. As much as I love feature films, there is something so rich and deep and layered about a narrative that unfolds over 144 episodes (Buffy) that a two hour film can't compete with”.--phlebotinin

I share that wish. HBO, please grant it.

“Unfortunately, James also said (on Sunday) that he has the strong suspicion he'll never work on a Joss Whedon set again, if it's not the Spike or Buffy movie. Not for any particular reason, but he just has that instinct.”

I just had that same feeling last week as I watched the episode commentary where Joss says how quickly Nathan Fillion can go from goofball to leading man and then said “*maybe* James Marsters is as fast”. My heart just sank. That little maybe. I think that comment sort of represents what wren said: “…right now Joss seems completely burned out on Slayers and Vampires, and who can blame him? Until Joss gets the love back for the Buffyverse, I'd rather he just let it rest.”
“Buffy” and “Angel” will live in my heart forever (pardon my schmaltz), but as I’m just starting to watch “Firefly” it’s already working the Whedon magic on me. It’s new, it’s different and yet you know you can trust the storyteller and some of his usual suspects to tell great stories and create complex characters. Whether it’s slayers,vampires,a spaceship crew or X-Men.
I'll follow Joss wherever he goes. Not just because I love his work - I've gotten really snobby about my movie/t. v. watching since "Buffy." ME absolutely has me spoiled. Anyway, as much as I wish we were reading news about "Angel" on the big screen instead of "X-Men," this is great news. Guess that means I'll have to go out and rent the first two.
"Unfortunately, James also said (on Sunday) that he has the strong suspicion he'll never work on a Joss Whedon set again, if it's not the Spike or Buffy movie. Not for any particular reason, but he just has that instinct. Hopefully he's wrong! We know James would love to work with Joss again."

That's especially odd considering that on Saturday he said that he told Joss that if Joss ever wanted him for anything at all, be it a 100 lines or only one, he'd come running. So, what did he mean by this sunday bit then? Does he think Joss doesn't want to work with him or something?? Cause Joss is always quite full of praise for him. Odd... Or did he mean it more like a feeling in the sense of a premonition without any real reason?
I remember James mentioning somewhere that he made the same assumption after each run as Spike. Just assumed it would be his last. Maybe it's his way of not getting his hopes up just in case.

I know I'd love to see James Marsters play Gambit. That would be shiny indeed!
Please forgive me, I'm a relatively new member of Whedonesque and yet, I don't understand this doubt. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly each has a place in my heart. These are Joss' stories and, if he wishes to add more, I'm willing to listen. Please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he say he felt there was more to be told in the Buffyverse? If there was more to Angel? We already know that quest to Firefly.

Guess the line is to be open to new things. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the next story that willy Joss comes up with. Take care all.

You're right in Joss having said that there were more stories to be told in the Buffy/Angelverse. But he's also said that he is excited to try new things. Only time will tell whether Joss is able and willing to return to the Buffyverse in some form or whether his attentions will continue to focus elsewhere.

In the meantime, I think people here are trying to concentrate on Joss's successes after Angel was so unceremoniously dumped. Wanting Joss to return to the Buffyverse is well and good, but it's a fine line between really wanting that and wanting that so much that anything else the man produces is relegated to second-best category. (I don't think you are saying that -- at all -- but some might be). Perhaps that's why many Whedonesquers are expressing "doubt" or lack of enthusiasm over a Buffy or Angel Redux.

I love James (as much as I can love a person I've never met) but I don't necessarily think he's right on never gracing a Joss set again. I heard Joss's comment on James's abilities in a different way than the estimable bloodflowers did. And remember, James may be one smart cookie, but like all smart cookies, he can be wrong about some stuff, like trusting that backer for his play who totally flaked out.

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"I remember James mentioning somewhere that he made the same assumption after each run as Spike."

Yeha I've heard him say he always works to convince himself of this so that if he does get to work with Joss again its a pleasant surprise and if he doesn't then he isn't hugely disappointed. Here's hoping Joss gets X3 to write and direct and blows the doors off... which I have faith (ack must resist pun) that he wil(low? agh! pun!).


"I just had that same feeling last week as I watched the episode commentary where Joss says how quickly Nathan Fillion can go from goofball to leading man and then said “*maybe* James Marsters is as fast”. My heart just sank. That little maybe. I think that comment sort of represents what wren said: “…right now Joss seems completely burned out on Slayers and Vampires, and who can blame him? Until Joss gets the love back for the Buffyverse, I'd rather he just let it rest.”"

Uhm I missed that bit when I wrote my earlier post, but I don't understand the negative conclusions you drew from that. Joss has always had high praise for his actors and the fact that he puts Nathan so high in those abilities makes it a *compliment* for James. Of all those other great actors, he's the only one Joss put on that same level (in that regard he was talking about anyway) Your heart sank? I remember smiling when I heard him say that remark because it was such a compliment to James.

It also says absolutley nothing about him being burned out on vampires or the Buffyverse. He was purely talking about an acting ability. No, Joss' heart is still very much in the Buffyverse, it's just that he has other things too. During that one year Firefly was the new exciting thing. And the one that got so frustratingly squished. Buffy and Angel had success, FF didn't so it needed to be fought for. And now it's his directorial debut as a big screen movie director. But his heart was still deep in the Buffyverse (which was clear during Angel S5 and when it got canceled) and it still is. He's said repeatedly that the Buffyverse will go on in some form.

Sorry, I think I'm sounding preachy now. Don't mean to. I was just kinda baffled on how you guys can take that comment negatively. It was a positive to me on all fronts. And especially for Nathan and James who are apparently high on Joss' ranking list there.
I have to say that much as I love all the ME stuff, I'd much rather Joss went on to do X3 at the moment. The last seasons of Buffy and Angel were starting to feel a little tired. If a movie comes at some point I'd like it to be because it's a good story in itself rather than just to continue the Buffiverse just for the sake of it. I guess what I'm saying is that there should be some good reason for putting that movie out there. Right now I'm looking forward to Serenity and would love to see what Joss would do with the X-Men - there's nobody better to do the whole Dark Phoenix plotline and hopefully he would bring in Kitty Pryde in a major role.
“I love James (as much as I can love a person I've never met) but I don't necessarily think he's right on never gracing a Joss set again.”

I really hope you’re right. James seems to have an inordinately positive attitude for someone who’s been knocked down hard more than once, but I also think he’s been around long enough to be realistic. He always says how lucky he’s been to play Spike and work with Joss, but that prospect doesn’t seem likely in his immediate future. I don’t think it’s a matter of them not wanting to, I just think he realizes how fortunate he was to be made to fit on Buffy and then Angel but now he’s on his own again.
“estimable”? Hee. Thank you for that. I feel like having it printed on a t-shirt!

EdDantes—My heart sank because I interpreted the comment to mean “I thought James was the bees knees until Nathan came along all shiny and new.” And in my brain, that jumped to: “I’m all about Serenity and her crew now (and who could blame him). I’m tired of those vampires” I am probably being too sensitive about it but my reaction was “Maybe?! Maybe?!” : ) I am absolutely NOT saying Nathan doesn’t deserve the praise. I was about 35 minutes into the first episode before I realized “Oh, yeah, Caleb” and I didn’t think that again. I should be ever so pleased that out of all his choices, Joss singled James out in that way. Joss is all about Serenity now (again, who can blame him) and possibly an X-Men film and he is one of the few creative people I feel safe in following anywhere because I know he will stick to his vision.
As compelling as the Buffyverse characters were, if he doesn’t come back to them I’ll be okay with it as long as he’s doing what he loves. However, I would love to see Joss use James, Alexis and a number of the other actors in something totally different, using them like a repertory theater company. Then the five year limit JM thinks he has to believably play Spike wouldn’t matter.
Since paraphrasing is dangerous, I'll just cut and paste from my transcript of the Sunday Q&A:

"Have I heard from Joss at all? No, No. Something tells me he's not going to cast me in anything again. No no..we love each other, I love him, he loves me, we have a great time when we're together, but I have the instinct that I will never see another Joss Whedon set, unless the Spike thing goes. Yeah. No, he's off doing the Firefly thing. I should visit him on the set, that'd be fun. Oh they're done? Well then he should call me! (audience laughs) No, uh..Joss is, Joss has a kid now, man...I mean, ever since he had his baby I didn't see..I never saw him again. He's always 'whatcha doin' Joss?' 'I'm going home to see my son'. You know. And he's beautiful, but you know, as we all know when we have our kids that we sometimes lose friends. Not that he lost me, but I just don't know what's up with him - hey what's up?!" (asking for the next question and changing the topic quickly)

And about the other, from the Saturday Q&A (just pulled out the mp3):

"How did I get it into my contract that if I got killed I would come back. know, I always assumed I was about to die, anyway. I always thought they were about to just get me the heck out of the way. Um..Joss came to me in S7 and he said, 'your episode sucks, we don't know what to do with you, and uh, the only thing I know what I want for you is that I want you dead.' It's like, 'all right, cool.' That is how you know they've got something good for you. (something I can't hear). "

And a bit later in the Q&A, a possible explanation for why he felt this way (that Spike was going to get killed off at any time):
"That's my thought, b/c I finally thought, man, you know 'cause in Buffy, I'm the... I wouldn't want to be in Buffy. If I was writing Buffy I'd never want Spike there. It endangers the whole theme. The...vampires are not supposed to be liked by the audience, it's really bad! " (talking about how Spike was and could be used on Angel, and why he fit in better there than on Buffy).

So yeah, personal interpretation is that James hasn't gotten any specific indication that Joss won't hire him again, it's a feeling he's gotten possibly due to the fact that he hasn't heard from Joss at all since the show ended. And yeah, it's that he doesn't think Joss will cast him in anything else, not that he doesn't want to work with Joss. And yes, just a premonition/feeling, not concrete knowledge.

Joss has always been full of praise for Nathan, Alexis, and James. And all three have been full of praise for him and seem to love the idea of working with him. It would be kind of neat if he used them in future projects, the way ... isn't Julia Roberts in like tons of Steven Soderbergh projects these days? As is George Clooney? Don't the Coen brothers and other directors often use the same actors across a bunch of their movies? Of course, those are bigger name actors. But it's a neat idea =).
I really like the idea of a Joss actor's repertory theater company, bloodflowers. Like the Coens, it would be cool if he reused people in different productions (which he's already done with Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion), enabling them to showcase strengths we may never have realized they possessed. Fred to Illyria, anyone?

On a slightly more topicy tangent, who would people like to see cast as Kitty Pryde, if Joss does indeed get to write and direct (and presumably have a say in casting) X3? Who might Joss choose, out of his current posse of actors? (Could Alyson Hannigan, with darker hair, pull it off?) Or would he have to find someone entirely new to play his favorite character? What about higher profile actors? I don't keep up with the current crop of hot young things these days, particularly, but I wonder what Thora Birch is doing these days...
Like Wiseblood said, he’s done that already with 4 of his Firefly actors. I just looked up Demetra Raven on IMDB- she was the ‘girl at bat’ in Chosen. And it looks like Joss gave her a role in Serenity too. I really hope that he’ll do the same for a few Buffyverse guys if the role fits. How great would it be to see them together again, even in non-speaking parts?
About James’ comment on how the audience is not supposed to like the vampires… I never thought of it that way. I mean, Angel was always there.
Jewel Staite seems Kitty-like to me. But I think she was a student in the first movie, so she’d have to be younger. Rachael Bella, or Mika Boorem? Those are the only non-Buffy actors I can think of for Kitty....
About James’ comment on how the audience is not supposed to like the vampires… I never thought of it that way. I mean, Angel was always there.

I *think* he meant more about how you're not supposed to like an unsouled vampire, they're just supposed to be evil(but then being on Angel is pointless because Spike had a soul then too). But I don't think he realizes that on both shows they blur the lines all the time. Buffy was never black and white. But I've often not agreed with James' take on his character and the show, so I'm not really surprised at him saying this.
Didn't Kitty Pryde already show up in the X movies? Isn't she the kid that ran through walls? They might recast her but I think they like to maintain continuity with their little mutants. Unless Joss gave her this huge part. Then I can see recasting. Demi Moore's daughter Rumer would be good.

Anyway, I'm trying extremely hard not to get excited about this. And it ain't easy!
About Joss casting the third X-film, I've been wondering about who could play Kitty too. I haven't come up with anyone yet (though Alyson did cross my mind for a second), but I'm praying, praying PRAYING that he gets to recast Storm. Halle Berry should NEVER have been cast in that role. Just as Patrick Stewart is really the only person on the planet meant to play Professor Xavier, Angela Bassett is the only actress on the planet meant for the role of Storm.

Also, though we didn't get to see nearly enough of him in X2 I hope Daniel Cudmore gets to reprise his Colossus role ('cause you KNOW if Joss uses Kitty [which he will] he'll have to use Piotr Rasputin).

In response to Willowy... Kitty has been in both X-Men flicks, but was played by a different actress both times. So continuity is hardly an issue there.

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Love Alyson but i think she'd be too old for Kitty. And Iman would rock as Storm, for all the reasons I've posted before. Angela Bassett would be good as well...

Argh none of this information is coming fast enough! ;)

I'd love to see JM as Gambit, he'd be perfect, so can we make Anna Pacquin hurry up and age a little? They just don't seem to match up too well right now, and we all know that Rogue and Gambit are destined to be together!
Also I'd like to see who they cast for Jubilee. I know she's made an appearance already but the girl they got was kind of chubby, IIRC. Jubey's a slender, punk rock teen! I always thought she was one of the cutest and funniest of the baby mutants.
As much as I would like to see James or anyone else from the Buffyverse to star in X-Men 3, do you know how confusing it would be for cinema goers when they see the names James Marsters and James Marsden on the same movie poster ;).
Moviehole has a news item about this today at It references Halle Berry's "number still being up in the air" and Famke having a "beefier role", among other tidbits.
LOL Simon! I mentioned that to my son just the other night!

We've had a hard enough time getting people to say "Marsters" instead of "Masters"... it'd be a whole 'nother can 'o' worms...
You made a point to the masses, Ed. Success! Must go to bed now, sleeply.....
Jossverse casting suggestions:

Gambit - James Marsters
Kitty Pryde - Jewel Staite
Storm - Gina Torres (Bye, Halle! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!)
Colossus - Bailey Chase

And as the Hellfire Club (since we're doing the Dark Phoenix saga):

Sebastian Shaw - Anthony Stewart Head
Emma Frost/White Queen - Julie Benz or Stephanie Romanov
Jason Wyndgarde/Mastermind - Alexis Denisof
Donald Pierce - Nicholas Brendon
You know James made that statement about how vamps should not be likable on Saturday too and to me that's one of those remarks that he can throw out there that makes me go: "Isn't that a teensy simplistic?" If Buffy was nothing but "Buffy good (white hat) vamps bad (black hats) Buffy wins. Yay!" I don't think I would've kept watching. And yeah, even while evil and villainous in S2, Spike was 'likeable' in a way. But then that's one of the main things in the Buffy shows, nothing is sacred, nothing is for granted. We explored the good sides of evil characters and the bad sides of good characters. Spike was a perfect character for Buffy.

Both the relationship with Angel and with Spike were in different ways, 'forbidden' or 'wrong' and that's what created conflict and drama. Go for all 'evil vamps' and 'perfect boyfriends' and what we have is basically Buffy/Riley forever with 2 dimensional evil villains! I'll pass, thanks.

And yeah, when people have kids friendships suffer. But I don't see how Joss having a son and being less socially available would indicate that he probably won't cast James again on the work front. Joss has a knack for getting the same people back for things. Like the Coen brothers, as mentioned. Ah well, we'll see.

As for Kitty in X3, sorry Jewel is way too old. Also, Kitty isn't really all that chipper. (Jewel always seems to radiate chipperness no matter what). Aly's too old too. Kitty's a teenager. The girl that was Kitty in X2 seemed pretty well chosen. Of course, I know little about her acting, but...

Storm... well everyone's been praying for Angela Basset to do that role so we can all wash away the foul taste that was Berry.(berry taste....puns everywhere) Gina would be good too. At this point I'm thinking anyone but Halle would be fine. I mean if there's one actress who's proven to not be able to deliver an offhand Jossian joke, it's her. Brrr...

And I don't know who Colossus was in X2 but he seemed very well picked. As for James/Gambit, hey he could definitely play the type, but Gambit is also supposed to be a young man. And while James looks amazing for his age and still has people think he's 30, I don't think he could pull off an early 20er anymore. And hey, Gambit is supposed to be wooing Rogue, and James putting the moves on Anna Paquin would be like watching him hitting on Michelle Trachtenberg I think. We could, of course, have moved years ahead in the X-cerse and recast Rogue....hmmm...

Hey nothing against Anna, but the whole depiction of Rogue in the movies is nothing like the character in the comics. Give Eliza a bleached stripe and let's say she's a few years older. I can see Eliza and James striking sparks. (hey I've seen them do it) I've always said that Faith was basically a bit of a 'Rogue' type anyway. Let's go for it!
The age differences everyone is bantering about really don't mean too much in the film franchise, since the films play fast and loose with the character translations anyways. Personally, as much as I love James (and USED to love the character of Gambit) I'm hoping he doesn't pop up in the next movie. I really, REALLY want (and fully expect) Joss to bring in Kitty, and that will most likely also involve giving Colossus a bigger role as well (Daniel Cudmore was the actor playing him in X2 by the way). So along with the large cast that's already been established that's more than enough characters for anyone to juggle, even Joss. No need to bring Gambit and/or Beast into it as well. Let's focus on developing and sticking with the already considerable number of characters we have without just throwing everyone that's ever worn an X in the comics at the screen and seeing who sticks.

In a perfect world Joss will give us his take on the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga. That would be easy to do with the cast that's already in place. He could add (or rather expand upon) Kitty and Colossus without taking too much screentime away from the "main" story. He could also beef up Storm's role a tad (though NOT for Halle Berry, God willing) by putting her through her "punk" phase (remember Storm with the white mohawk?). I think that's all doable, with no need for scads of new hero characters.

However, the Dark Phoenix saga really needs the Hellfire Club in it, so that right there requires the introduction of more mutant characters. Just so long as we don't need to devote 3/4 of the running time of the film to developing new hero characters, "bad guys" such as Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost could easily be worked in as the villains without soaking up too much time.

Hell, give James a role with the Hellfire Club. Just no more heroes please. There are enough already.

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