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September 09 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg Trades Stakes for Skates. Entertainment Tonight conducts a brief interview with MT about her role in Disney's 'Ice Princess'.

To add some random trivia: according to Jeff Bell, Michelle Trachtenberg was set to guest star on Angel, and would have appeared if it weren't for a scheduling issue with this 'Ice Princess' movie.

The Angel producers had contacted MT, and she had agreed to appear in the episode, 'The Girl In Question'. Trouble arose when Disney replaced the original director of 'Ice Princess'; this accelerated the movie's filming schedule and thus Michelle could no longer make her planned Angel appearance. In the end, Tom Lenk was used in her stead.

Another random fact: Tim Fywell, the director of 'Ice Princess' also directed 'I Capture the Castle', which starred another Buffy alum, Marc Blucas. Though I haven't seen it, that movie was apparently quite well-reviewed. That said, Tim Fywell automatically earns some good will from me, as he directed an episode of the english series 'Cracker'. Which I think is a really solid television series.

So hopefully this director can crank out a half-way decent children's movie.

That's so sad.I really wanted to see her on Angel, not Andrew, again.I hope she will return to the buffyverse in one form or another.A movie, or a tv show.I want to see all the former buffy stars return.
Does that mean that Dawn would have gone off on a date with two hot chicks at the end of the episode?

Just wondering....

That's a mental image I'm going to have in my head now.
*grins* -- unless the writers wanted Dawn to have something in common with Willow and Tara, I'm guessing her date would have been male :)

TheSlayer246: I'd also like to see any of the former Buffy stars return to the 'verse in some way, shape or form. I suppose there's a glimmer of hope with the possibility of Buffy the Animated Series.

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