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September 10 2004

David Boreanaz reportedly tests for Superman and apparently the director Bryan Singer likes him. also reports that David came close to snagging the role of the Thing in Fantastic Four.

If it's Friday it must be a new David Boreanaz superhero rumour. And besides didn't he test for Superman ages ago? I think he said something about that in an interview a few months back.

Yeah I think he tested for Superman, but Singer is a new director so people could probably try again. I hope for him it works but I honestly can't see David as Superman/Clark Kent.

And the Thing? Hehe, that's funny.
The Thing? Really??
That be, hmmm, strange....
"It's Clobbering time" coming out from DB's mouth....

Personally I think the guy who got the role it's a great choice....
Sorry, despite being a big fan of David i really don't see him as Clark Kent. He just does not look like Superman, totally the wrong role for him.

Now Ben Grimm i actually can see him as for some reason. He would be a little young for the role if they stayed true to the ages of the characters in the comicbooks but physically he could have been a good match.

I still think that he would make a decent Gambit though. Maybe it's the fact they have similar hair, hehe.
But considering how well he did with an Irish accent, do you really want to see him attempt a french accent?
The Thing? Well, he's got the eyebrows and the stare...
You know, this had been a rumor a while back too....and I was intrigued about it then, as I am now. I actually absolutely can see him as Superman/Clark Kent. Having said that, my only "experience" with Superman is via Chris Reeve movies. And, in my mind, David's square-shouldered frame suits my idea of Superman very well. He's no stranger to a superhero-ish role, and (not being good with all the names of episodes the way everyone else seems to be) he pushed that mail cart and shuffled off in a way that makes me think he could actually nail Clark Kent as well. Or, maybe I just really want to see him in tights. :)

I also think he fits Singer's reported desire for the casting of Superman. Relatively unknown to the "mainstream" but has a niche following that will show up to see him, and bring friends.
Hmmm, as an Anne Rice fan I remember being horrified that Tom Cruise got the part of Lestat and he's was fantastic in the role. Ann Rice made a big stink about him getting the part and she praised him like crazy afterwards so I chose not to judge too quickly someone's casting decisions now based on that. If David gets the part I'll withhold judgement until I see the movie. Besides, Nicholas Cage was strongly rumored at one point and I definitely could not see him in the part at all!
I can see DB as Superman. I wish him luck. He needs a role to show that he's not just Angel, and Angelus isn't enough.

And futher down that page, Futurama coming back? Yay!
Well to be fair to David i can definately picture him in the Clark Kent role more easily that i can Nick Cage. I remember reading that when it was first rumoured and thinking how utterly un-Superman like Nick Cage was. David is definately a better option than he is.

Ironically they have already got the best actor for Clark Kent playing the same role in Smallville. Tom Welling suits the character perfectly and it's just a shame that the two seperate Superman projects can't both use him.

For me David would make an excellent Bruce Wayne though. It may just be all the Batman/Angel comparisons over the years but i can totally picture DB in the Batmobile.
i think DB might make a really god superman

remember when the wb passed funniest moments behind the scenes??

he was messin around & 1 of those scenes looked like he was auditioning for superman.... by that...he looked like he was very good... plus it really wouldnt hurt me seeing him in somethin thats really tight...
I've been trying to picture in my minds eye DB in blue tights with red cape.....can't do it. I read on another site (rumor control, please) that Singer was looking for a "fresh out-of-college" appearance for the superman role. However, that article was older than this one. I can see DB as 'The Thing'. Too bad he got past over. Good to know he's out and about, though.
I'm with ya blwessels. I too am a big Anne Rice fan, read almost all her books and felt very upset when Tom Cruise got cast as Lestat. It just seemed totally wrong. Then he was so wonderful, one of his better acting jobs in my opinion. So I will just wait and see, if David becomes superman I hope he hits the ball out of the park (performance wise!)

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