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September 10 2004

Nathon Fillion on Justice League Unlimited. Firefly's Nathan Fillion is providing the voice of Vigilante in Justice League Unlimited.

It's just a minor tidbit, roll till the brief news at the end of the September 9th news.
Nathan join as another ME alum, who's appearing in Justice League Unlimited:
Reviewing all announced upto town (if I forgot someone please complete):
Gina Torres as Vixen
Morenna Baccarin as Black Canary
Amy Acker as Huntress
Nathan Fillion as Vigilante

Vague memories of a Vigilante comic book in the 80s. Didn't Alan Moore write that?
Yeah, the 80s Vigilante was basically DC's answer to the Punisher, except he was a lawyer by day, vigilante by night! Alan Moore did write a couple of issues of that comic.

There was another Vigilante from the 40s, but I don't think this is the one Nathan Fillion will be playing.
"Yeah, the 80s Vigilante was basically DC's answer to the Punisher, except he was a lawyer by day, vigilante by night! Alan Moore did write a couple of issues of that comic."

So basically a not so subtle mixture of Daredevil and the Punisher then. Didn't also happen to be blind and wear a skull on his chest did he? ;)
Amy Acker mentioned at the recent Metro signing that the producers of the show are *huge* Joss Whedon fans, so it figures that they'd hire actors from his shows. :)
The Vigilante they're using on the JLU cartoon is the cowboy version from the 1940s, although I think they'll ignore the WWII-era stuff and just make him a modern-day Western-themed hero.

Trust me, after Firefly this is right up Nathan's alley.
When and on what channel does this air??
Actually, I think he'd still be the cowboy back in cowboy days. Ben Browder of Farscape is also voicing one of DC'c cowboy character, Bat Lash (I can't imagine why DC would give any non-Batman characters a name that starts with 'Bat'), in the second to last episode of the season.
The 80s Vigilante was actually devised originally by Marv Wolfman. The comic book was a direct spin off from the New Teen Titans comic series. However, Wolfman quickly found he couldn't pen that and all the other things he was writing, so it left his hands and fell into that of others, including Alan Moore, before it was finally put out of its misery. It never was all that good. Basically an intellectual attempt at finding a modern rationale for vigilante justice, but it just never washed. It was trying to be gritty and realistic but ultimately became more soap opera-like and cowardly. Too tame to be The Punisher and too slick to be Daredevil. It wallowed in oblique vagueness. The "Thriller" maxi-series of the same time was much better, but had nothing to do with Michael Jackson, in case you were wondering.

The 50s version of Vigilante was less creative, but more effective. A gunslinger fighting crooks and cops alike and generally being misunderstood. Nathan Fillion voicing a guy in tight jeans and a swagger? We're not worried about typecasting are we?
Just in case anyone's curious, the character Nathan's playing appeared and was mentioned by name (although, obviously, he didn't have any lines at this time) in Saturday's JLU episode. It airs again Sunday at I believe 5:30 (I'd double-check to be certain).

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