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September 12 2004

(SPOILER) 'Monarch Of Glen' casting Anthony Steward Head. More on the BBC drama series in which Anthony will take a role beginning episode seven.

Article contains minor spoilers on various characters within the series.

I just finished transcribing ASH's Q&A from the Oakland convention and he talks a bit about the show there, basically in the context of a question about whether he ever improv-ed or changed the dialogue on Buffy.

Here's that part:
you didn't usually if it was a Joss script just because it was so tight. The bottom line was that, you know, I'm doing a show now called Monarch of the Glen, and you know.. (one small clap) Whoo! Um, it'''s a cool show, but the scriptwriting is not..brilliant, it has to be said. Basically, it's all about the scenery. It's beautiful, and you know, then we sort of stand in front of it, and we know that people are just looking at the mountains (laughter). Somebody actually..this is actually Susan
Hampshire, and she's been, you know, she's been the star of early..she's sort of one of the main characters that's still remaining, it's been going for six years which is unheard of in England, so they must be doing something right. Um, but somebody came up to her in the airport and was like "Oh! Miss Hampshire! We love Monarch of the Glen, we love to watch it every Sunday on the telly with the sound turned down" (laughter). That's about the size of it, really. But, so...yes, that kind of stuff, you know, you possibly try, you know, change things and make it slightly more natural, but with Joss' stuff, you didn't really have to bother.

Just for interest's sake.
teenes, thanks for the indepth con report. This is the first one I've seen on Nick and Tony. Interesting read.
Hehe, putting down the scriptwriting of a show he has just started out on is kinda risky but it's nice to see Anthony be honest about the massive difference in quality between Joss and your average television scriptwriter.

With all due respect to ASH he isn't enough to get me watching Monarch of the Glen. I watch precisely two shows regularly, them being Buffy and Angel, otherwise the television is pretty much switched off nowadays. Not that i'm saying that there aren't more very good series out there, just that i have no wish to watch them. Buffy and Angel are my one television weakness because they not only deal with my passion for the supernatural but also are truly brilliant series.

Monarch of the Glen is neither supernatural or remotely brilliant so i really won't be wasting my time watching it. Sorry Anthony.
Oh fudge. I linked to the wrong report! I'm glad you enjoyed the Nick and Tony one, Madhatter, but I meant to link to this one, which is where the quote is actually from. That's the ASH-only Q&A from Sunday.

And Senior Partner, it is kind of funny to put down the show you're just starting on, but then again, ASH was saying it to an American audience who will probably never see the show anyway. Unless it's carried on BBCAmerica?

But yeah, I get a silly little kick whenever someone acknowledges how great Joss' writing is ;).
Thanks again, teenes. Every time I think of ASH on stage playing 'Frank&Furter', I crack up in laughter. That must have been a sight.

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