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September 12 2004

Wonderfalls DVD news. Some new info on how many discs will be in the set, what the special features are and which order the episodes will be in.

And here's a query for Wonderfalls fans. Months ago there was some Flash promos for the show that ran on Zap2it. The music for it was excellent but does anyone know more about it? (And no it wasn't the Andy Partridge song).

Simon, I'm not sure on the music, will have to research that one. Thanks for the 'Wonderfalls' update. I'm really looking forward to this DVD release. I didn't even get a chance to watch the show before it was cancelled. I know Tim Minear poured his heart into it, shame it never got a chance to gain an audience.
Are they putting them in production order? "Pink Flamingos" originally aired fourth (and last :( ) but is listed at TVtome as being the second produced. Is this order approved by Tim Minear and/or Todd Holland? I'll be happy to get it on DVD at all, but I'd like to make sure I view things in the proper order. I can't remember if the episodes aired second and third, "Karma Chameleon" and "Wound-up Penguin", felt "off" at all. I'm pretty sure I remember them saying that they produced an episode or two after the maybe-finale was done that were intended to air after the premiere to develop a bit of the early story and characters, so I thought "Karma Chameleon" belonged second...

Cranberry ?
Any Wonderfalls news is greatly appreciated. Glad the discs are going to have so many cool extras.

I noticed further down on the same page: At the same event, Bryan Fuller said he'd like for Wonderfalls to go the Serenity route with a movie (which would most likely show things from Aaron Tyler's perspective to cut down on exposition).

A WF movie... That could be awesome. *Wondering if it would be mainly humorous magickal realism, a sweet/tart romance, or split 50/50?*
Kris: accroding to Tim Minear, the production order has almost nothing to do with the viewing order. He also said that if Fox had continued showing it, they would have been shown it in the right order for once.
I think a Wonderfalls movie could really work. It would be kind of like Amelie (I thought the show reminded me a little bit of Amelie, among other things) with snark. I'd go see that...and promote it relentlessly.
Kris, apparently Pink Flamingos was moved because Todd Holland wanted an episode he'd directed to immediately follow the pilot.

Wiseblood, Bryan said that if they did a movie, it would be from Aaron's perspective. He'd planned a season 2 arc where Aaron starts basically worshipping Jaye like she's Jesus or something, and said that he'd use that idea for a movie. Great comedy potential there, and it would cut down on some exposition. Plus I love Aaron, so I'm all for it.
Minear disagreed with Fuller about whether Wonderfalls would be viable on the Big Screen at the Comic Con panel. I hate admitting that Minear is right.

Seeing the whole series in order is so satisfying, like watching a miniseries of sorts, that I thought there should be series like Wonderfalls that are actually just planned for 13 episodes and then released on DVD. I keep thinking of how many gorgeous stories can be told that maybe aren't built for longevity, need more time to tell than a feature film, but can't really sustain for more than a half season.
Simon, the song you're thinking of is "Have a Day/Celebratory" by The Polyphonic Spree. You can actually still view the promo on this page (which actually was never taken down) of the official Wonderfalls site.

Thanks Invisible Green, you've made my night :).

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