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November 26 2002

What Lies Beneath? This is an essay about modern horror movies, written by Robin Wood, the film critic whom Joss mentioned last May on the Bronze Beta.

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Joss was answering questions his social responsibility as a writer when he said:

"Now there's also people preaching one thing while glorifying another, there's what Robin Wood calls the "Incoherent Text" of so many seventies movies, where peace and understanding may be the underlying desire, but horror and violence is the structure -- or the fun."

Is it possible that Joss was thinking of Robin Wood the horror film critic when he came up with Robin Wood the new Sunnydale High principal? Is it possible for me to ask a more obvious rhetorical question?

Is it me or does Joss's apparent homage to Robin Wood (i.e., naming the new principal of Hellmouth Hihg after him) take on a sinister cast following one of the revelations in "Never Leave Me"?

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