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September 12 2004

(SPOILER) Pictures from the set of Serenity! All credit to forrestwolf over at for these. They are quite spoilerish in terms of sets and some costumes, no plot revelations but if you want to stay spoiler free then be warned.

You beat me willowzbitch. Mod, would you delete my link please? Thanks.
(OT) Mod, I appreciate that. From now on, I'll open a second window to Whedonesque so I can check prior to posting. Sorry for the trouble.
Suh-weet pics - kudos to both of you for being on the ball. I'm now filled with speculaiton over What's up with that anyway?

I know, several of those images sent my mind reeling as well. Joss always does this to me. Please don't stop.
I hate being spoiled but I couldn't resist taking a peak at these. I have no clue what's going on but the pictures look great! I didn't look at all of them up close just in case it gave something away but it looks like it's going to be fantastic!!!!
Am I the only one who wants a knockoff of Morena's outfit? Gorgeous!
I was just thinking that, gingeriffic...even though I'm sure I would look horrible in that outfit, it looks great on Morena.

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