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September 14 2004

Death blow for Tru Calling? Along with yesterday's announcement about the show being pushed back till 2005, (via Yahoo! News) reveals that only six episodes of the second season have been ordered.

I don’t know what to make of this…good news? Because the show sucks and Eliza deserves better or bad news because yet another talented actress could be out of work and the world is down on yet another fantasy/supernatural type show….
If it wasn't looking like Joss is set to direct X-Men 3 I'd be rather happy about this news, as it would once again make a Faith spinoff possible. As it is however, as willowzbitch said, it's another talented actress out of work. She'll probably end up on a show even worse than Tru Calling, like Charmed or something.
As i said in the other thread there is a good chance that a third show could go into production even without Joss being too involved so we may get our Faith series, assuming Eliza wants to do it obviously.

Joss certainly would want to be able to oversee things but there are several people that he trusts who will be available to showrun for him.

Let's be honest, even Marti Noxon probably won't be occupied for too long.
Thank you for the link, Simon. So it's rationale to give a show potential to gain an cutting production to six episodes?? You got to love that network double speak.

If TC is cancelled, I hope Eliza will take the direction we all wish for. She has stated she would love to work with Joss again. Then again, she may find herself in the "Sorry, but that ship has already sailed" position. Guess time will tell. And I'm sure Marti would love to have Jane on her writing team. That is, if 'Point Pleasant' survives FOX's "rationale" so to speak.

Oh, Senior Partner. I thought, since we were building that HBO cast, we could also add the slightly insane Slayer Dana and witchy Willow to the gang. Try to imagine the conversations between Dana and Illyria. This is too good to pass up, I think I'll start writing HBO now.

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It' still early to be sure, but Eliza, sometimes listen to your fans, it wasn't a thing to ignore when a little girl said at a convention, "if Tru Calling is canceled, will you do a faith show."

I hope it's not too late, it really was wrong move on her career path.

She deserves better.

Tv though isn't all and end for Eliza, she's been in movies, it's a good thing not wasting any more time on tru calling, when you know she did better work as Faith, as David B would say, "it's not raising the bar."

But we can't say the show is canceled as it's not yet, who knows after 6 episodes they may go 13 episodes, I don't think I've ever been more confused about whether I wanted a show off the air or not, good to see Eliza, but like that? I prefer the lasting images of Faith, so yeah, if its canceled, I won't miss the show, but they should try and force a ending to the show creatively to please the fans, it's not like season one did anything awsome for the shows's direction, so if they can make season two a good ending to the season and show itself, be good for the fans of the show.

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Season One had quite a good ending, and every so often it had a few good ideas, but the format of the show doesn't really lend itself to a long running series. I quickly tired of characters rabbiting on about how it might be going against the balance of the universe or some rubbish, I always assumed that the people who asked for her help were the people who weren't meant to have died yet, therefore getting rid of all that crap about "it's their time" that they started going on about after Jack came along.

I hope they wrap up the arcs about Jack and her father, because they were relatively interesting, and not waste their last 6 episodes on standalone shows.
If TC is cancelled, the odds of a Faith spinoff becomes even less possible. Eliza Dushku becomes known in the television industry as a woman who was given an opportunity to carry a television series and failed. Admittedly, I've watched a couple episodes of TC and considering what she's given, Dushku's performance is exceptional. It's the lackluster dialogue and the vague details shrouding the premise that doomed this project from the start. Sure the idea sounded intriguing up front, but the execution of the show leaves much to be desired.

Besides, at this point I'm hoping for a Whedonverse vehicle that alludes to characters from past series but features all new talent and characters in a new environment. Let the alumni of Buffy and Angel move on with their lives. Call the new series "Fresh Meat" and put it on cable. As long as Joss Whedon's the executive producer, everything else would fall into place. Heck, I'd sign up for cable or satelite tv if HBO or Showtime picked up a new Whedon vehicle, and I swore off cable when MST3K was cancelled.
"If TC is cancelled, the odds of a Faith spinoff becomes even less possible. Eliza Dushku becomes known in the television industry as a woman who was given an opportunity to carry a television series and failed."

I very much doubt that would be the case ZachsMind. Anybody who has anything to do with the television industry knows how hard it is to create a successful show these days regardless of the cast involved. As you said yourself Eliza's performance in the show is one of the few highlights and the only reason i sat through the few episodes i did. If anything she will be praised for turning a bad idea into something that is at least watchable and even managed to get a second season during this period of reality hell.

I really doubt anyone will hold Eliza responsible for Tru calling not being successful and certainly not anyone at Mutant Enemy. As long as they pushed for a Faith series as the next project then i feel it would be seriously considered.
I don't think the industry would hold it against her either. I'm sure she stands out as the only reason to tune in, the only reason it lasted this long. A lot of successful television actors have bad luck with cancelled shows before they get a hit. One of the actors from Friends once said that he and Jennifer Aniston had both done something like twelve previous shows that had been cancelled after a couple eps or never got picked up and look what happened with them.

I guess I should feel guilty about this show meeting its end but I would really like to see ED move on to something better and at least now there is more of a chance of that.
I consider this good news; even if a Faith show never happens--*sigh*--Eliza deserves much better than Tru Calling. Lots of actors and actress get second shots at leading shows; that Bonnie Hunt has had 3 or 4 shows which have failed. Hope that doesn't happen to ED, though.
Lets also not forget that Fox is going to a 52 Week year by pushing the show back until 2005 they also give it less breaks between new episodes - I for see FOX thinking about putting it up against Alias or Global Frequency which both start their seasons in 2005.

Also because they only bought 6 episodes doesn't mean that much if you just glance back at this season Tru Calling started with a 7 episode buy. They simplly are hedging their budget - if they only order 6 episodes that will not air until 2005 then they save this years budget thus making stock holders and investors happy. Most of the shows seasons in general are shot in the prior year, also I think FOX is trying to trim their seasons down to less than 20 which will also save them money in the long run.

Just my observation.
Ok, so I'm gonna be selfish and hope Tru tanks, ED does a Faith spinoff and James joins her. It may not be the best for either of their careers, but dammit, I need's m' Buffyverse fix, and I can't think of a better one than that!

Ok, less selfishly, I hope they both go on to do whatever they want and are wildly successful at it!
And, well, then it also occured to me that a TC cancellation might well make Jane Espenson available, too. Didn't she join their writing staff for this season?

Although, I think she had a 2-year Fox development deal as part of the package. Hmmm. Well, maybe she'll have better luck with Fox than Joss or Tim did. Afterall, she did help with the O.C., right?
Rogue Slayer, for me a successful career is about doing what you want to do at the highest quality possible and getting respect for doing just that.

I would say that doing a Faith/Spike show would be the perfect example of a successful career for both Eliza and James. Quality writing, fan admiration, incredible roles to play. What more could they ask for? ;)
I think Dushku might still turn down a Faith show when Tru Calling gets cancelled. It would seem like she was admitting to the fact that she made a huge mistake by doing a non-Whedon show and that she was ready to make amends. I don't know anything about her ego but I think mine would be a little bruised and I would continue to look for other projects to do.
I'm thinking along the lines of MadHatter's proposal, only I'm thinking The anti-Charmed -- Faith, Insane Slayer (maybe a less powerful Illyria) and Spike, the whole thing causing upset and near-apocalypse every week. They wouldn't so much be a team as be a collection of beings who get in each other's way. The scripts would also take subtle shots at Charmed. Definitely on HBO!
IMO, I wouldn't say that Eliza made a mistake in her career by accepting TC as a starring role. After all, FOX offered her a TV series with contract in hand while UPN was still merely talking about a possible spin-off. A sure deal with a larger network that would expose her to a larger audience. That's an easy choice. And no one has mention this yet, but I believe that Eliza may have been just as surprised as everyone else when FOX renewed TC for a second season. Surely, she had to be expecting a cancellation due to the low ratings of the first season. I know, I also read the various reports on her positive outlook on the show while FOX studied which shows to renew. But that thought had to be in her mind. Anyway, she may be considering any extra mileage she can pull from this show as a bonus.

Now, will TC hurt Eliza career if it is cancelled? That's a very complex question, but I'd have to say no, IMO. First, I wouldn't call TC a 'failed' series. It completed one season and was renewed for a second however abbreviated it may become. A series that was cancelled after 3-4 shows is a failure (either by the show or NETWORK so don't hit me over the head about 'Wonderfalls'). Second, Eliza was a fairly well known actress prior to starting TC. I think she will ride this out and press on. I must admit several TV stars just seem to drop off planet after completing a series. And the same can be said for several film stars. This is where the question is complex because we're now entering a gray zone. Now, I wish to make it clear I don't know jack how Hollywood works nor do I pretend to. But it has struck me as a matter of luck. Right place, right time. Knowing the right names and sources. Having a really good manager. I don't know, but I think we'll see Eliza again.

Though I'm all for a Faith series or a complete new story, all of this is moot until Joss senses the time is right to return to TV. With reality TV flooding the market, I kinda' doubt we'll see that soon. Just the way I see it.
all of this is moot until Joss senses the time is right to return to TV. With reality TV flooding the market, I kinda' doubt we'll see that soon

And for someone like me who loathes reality tv, this is the PERFECT time for Joss to return....
And for someone like me who loathes reality tv, this is the PERFECT time for Joss to return....

Right there with you on that Rogue Slayer!
Mixed feelings about this. I haven`t seen Tru, but i`m sorry for the fans, or for Eliza if she is happy with the job.

But... now a Faith spin-off could be possible. For me, that`s the only character (with Illyria) most unexplored.And the only one i want a spin-off. The rest of them are completed for me.

But... (:p) if Joss is not involved, i prefer to wait for him.

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It's all about personality. Robert Urich had more failed series' than just about anyone, but they kept giving him work. Why? Because Urich was a really nice guy who was good at what he did. Robert Blake did well as Baretta, but didn't get work again because he's difficult to work with. Donny Most insulted Garry Marshall, I hear, and he got fired, never to get a gig a third as good as Ralph Malph ever again. I've never heard of a problem with ED, so she'll probably get work.
Yeah, but Robert Urich also cut a pretty dashing figure whereas Robert Blake and Danny Most,um, not so much. Not that this is a problem for ED as she's quite the honey...
I will add my wish for a Faith show.

The character of Faith has had such an impact on both BtVS and Ats yet has only been in twenty episodes of Buffy and six on Angel (and a couple of those were almost cameos). We've seen 144 hours of Buffy but only scratched the surface with Faith, yet her character is a complex, layered, one with so much potential, so many questions unanswered.

I would never wish her show to fail, no matter how it happens it would hurt. But if I were her I'd be sounding out Joss or ME about what they could do. They must have some ideas for storys, even if the 'Slayer on a motorbike' idea did sound lame. How about some mystical force brings back Sunnydale, as if it had never gone? Or would that be too 'Pam finds Bobby in the shower'?

Maybe that would explain why the Sunnydale main street set is still there?
I'm all for a Faith show, and I hope Joss is interested too. I don't know about Eliza though. But we have to see how Tru Calling manages this season. If it's cancelled, I have a few ideas for a Faith show.

Faith should move to Cleveland, battle forces of evil that flock to the "other Hellmouth", and be joined by Andrew, Spike, and Illyria. I think Connor should be a part of show too, since he's well-adjusted now, and a superhero in his own right, and he has interesting dynamic with Faith. It can delve into Faith's past, the stuff we don't know, like her childhood, her relationship with her watcher, her evil past, and lots of cool prophecies and emotional conflicts. It would be awesome, and Eliza can totally carry all that.

I say, Bring it on!
OK, people, get it out of your heads that even if Tru Calling is canceled that Eliza would do a Faith show. While I am hopeful that it might materialize someday, there's no guarantee by any means, and it seems like Joss himself is pretty busy, as well as I think that I remember him saying earlier this year that he wanted to take a break/that he was tired of the Buffyverse. I think that there is a point where fandom seems to overstep its bounds, like the girl at Comic-Con two years ago who asked Eliza very rudely, "If Tru Calling is canceled, would you do a Faith show?" right when the show was getting started. It seems to me that you would support the actress in her endeavors, if you wanted her to acquiesce in the end to do a show that you liked, even if you didn't like the show she was doing at that time.

And, although I wasn't a big fan of Tru Calling, I think it was pretty low of Fox to do this to the show. It's kind of a message of bad faith, I think.

Also, in regards to Madhatter's previous post, even though Tru Calling got negative reviews, Eliza's own personal reviews were positive, so I don't think that the show's cancellation will necessarily hurt her career.
Mchan, i think we all are well aware that a Faith show is by no means a done deal regardless of Tru Calling's future. Doesn't hurt to express your wishes though, especially on a website that Joss said he checks out on occasion.

As for supporting Eliza, well i can only speak for myself but i know that i tried to support Tru Calling and had it been any good i would gladly have given up hope on a Faith show.

However it really isn't any good and, as has been said many times before, Eliza deserves better material.

I believe that if Eliza had checked out this site over the time Tru Calling has been on the air she would have seen that pretty much everyone here fully supports her and wishes her the best.

The best just hasn't turned out to be Tru Calling, that's all.
Mchan, I don't think anyone on this site in particular has "overstepped bounds" by expressing interest in a Faith spin-off, should Tru Calling get cancelled. Everyone here has articulated their high esteem of ED and her abilities, and the opinion that TC does not offer the best forum to capitalize on those abilities. In reviewing the thread, it has been stated over and over, in various ways, that while many would love to see the Faith spin-off, the sympathy is there, should TC be cancelled. I think that should ED read the comments here as a whole, they are all quite flattering.
OK, I realized I'm not done yet. I disagree that it "was pretty low of Fox to do this", when looking at Fox's track record. Whether you're a Wonderfalls fan, a Firefly fan, or a fan of the many others shows that have prematurely seen the axe fall at this particular network, it seems clear they have stood by TC (albeit for reasons I fail to understand). It seems that they should at least give it a chance to show improvement and garner higher ratings as a result of that improvement before deciding to cancel it. However, such improvements, if they happen, should be fairly obvious, fairly quickly, given the premise of the show. All in all, TC has received far better treatment by this network than other (far better imo) shows that have come before.
"Mchan, I don't think anyone on this site in particular has "overstepped bounds" .... Everyone here has articulated their high esteem of ED and her abilities"

I have to say I don't agree with you on this

Yes I have seen regard for ED and her abilities in the statements expressed here but I have seen ,in my opinion ,a lack of respect for her decision to go with Tru Calling which to me at least is overstepping the bounds
Hey - everyone's absolutely entitled to their own opinion. I would word "a lack of respect for her decision to go with Tru Calling" differently.

I take it more as a lack of respect for the show, not her decision. While on an emotional level, I would have preferred her do a Faith spin-off, I immmediately understood her desire to do something different. It seems to me that actors are legitimately concerned with being typecast, or "always known as" one of their roles. ED watching SMG working her way out of that situation probably showed her that it might be best to branch out, and do something different. I respected that decision. However, I unfortunately haven't found TC to be an outstanding show. I would not presume to have any indication of ED's opinion on the quality of TC. Maybe it's exactly what she wanted it to be. Maybe, in some ways, it fell short of her expectations too.

Fans, by their very nature, are going to have opinions. They invest their time and money into whatever they happen to be fans of. It seems to me more fair to say that people have not all "agreed" with ED's decision, while "respecting" her right to clearly make her own decisions regarding her career, and wishing her all the best.

Sure, you're going to see those "Noooooo...I want a Faith spin-off" posts. They're emotional exclamations. Sure, I thought that too. In a vacuum. But I'm well aware that I don't always get what I want.

All I'm saying is I have seen fans go to far, overstep bounds, or whatever, but I still don't see it happening in this thread. Just my own opinion.
I don't think anyone here has exhibited a lack of respect for ED's decision. TC hasn't ended up being the caliber of show that Eliza deserves--this is nothing to do with her performance and is presumably because of elements beyond her control. I've heard that story about the Comic Con and I agree that sounds completely rude and insensitive but I don't think this really compares. I think people are being very respectful of her work and her abilities. People are simply saying that if there's speculation that TC might be cancelled, we hope to see her in something that is even better and more challenging. And hey, if it just so happens to be a Faith spin-off, well, that's just a bonus.
Lack of respect for her decision to go with Tru Calling on this site....did I miss that? Just wishing she had gone with 'Faith' does not mean a lack of respect for her decision you know. Just because there are people here who would've liked to've seen a Faith show, or who really think it was the wrong decision for her, does not automatically put them in the same corner as some rude moron at the comicon.

Personally I completely understood why she went with Tru. A 'Faith' show could've had a very heavy stamp of 'Not Quite Buffy' on it. Just like a Spike show had the danger of being 'Not Quite Angel'. That both characters are well developed on their own and have plenty of differences with Buffy and Angel would escape people who only look at labels. Which would be, oh 90% of the media.

Also, in the climate of the last few years, I doubt Faith would've done well enough. It's just a bad time for genre TV. And I prefer it not happen then to have it happen and get killed an early death. Maybe, as it is, there's some hope for a future time, because right now it's still those bad days of reality TV, and networks all trying to be 'family' oriented.

That Tru is now apparently being 'Fireflied' by FOX is not a surprise. It is a mediocre show with less-than-mediocre ratings. They actually gave it a lot more chance than FF or Wonderfalls.
I think it did put Eliza in a decent spotlight though. And there was some semblance of improvement at the end of last season, even though they still dropped about a dozen balls of potentially great ways to go with their concepts. I was curious, if not hopeful to see what they would do this season. But this seems like a 'let's get rid of this one' by Fox. Again. But the way they're doing it now, I'm thinking it would've been kinder to just say they weren't going to do a seaon II. Not tell them you are and then pull this crap.
I think six eps is all that Fox needs to fulfill the legal obligation they put themselves under when they handed TC the renewal notice. I wouldn't bet much money on the eps airing, though its entirely likely they will appear midseason. I think Eliza did wonderfully with a show that constantly underwhelmed in general. Its failure to find an audience reflects less on her than on the writing staff which tried to play things way to safe and predictable.
My only response is in regards to Angela's remark over my remark over it being pretty low of Fox to cancel Tru Calling.

My thing is that with Firefly, as well as Wonderfalls, you couldn't see the ax coming. With Tru Calling, it's kind of like how the Drew Carey Show was this summer. Everyone knew that it was there solely out of contractual obligation, and that the network didn't really believe in it. I just think that it's disrespectful of Fox, even, though it is through contract, to make the bare minimum and then make it clear that the show will be axed. I guess it kind of relates to the question as to whether a person would want his/her death to be sudden and unexpected or to be seen and anticipated.

Oh, and as another sidepoint, I wasn't saying that anyone here, or on this comment thread, had necessarily overstepped bounds. But it has been done more explicitly at other places, and as much as I would hope for a Faith spinoff, I think we should respect the choice that ED made, which is what I think a majority of people here are doing. I made that Comic-Con reference because it was made in an earlier comment with a completely opposite intent, and I just wanted to give a little more background on the comment, because it was not well-received when it was spoken at the convention.

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