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September 14 2004

What the Mutant Enemy Writers Are Up To. Hercules gives us a quick update on what the writers are up to these days.

As a bonus a bunch of whiney AICNers come out of the woodwork and complain that Herc should stop talking about Buffy/Angel/Wonderfalls/ME. Typical AICN Talkback shenanigans. And the Talkbackers calling Wonderfalls a cheap Dead Like Me knock off is eye-rollingly ironic. Do these folks not realize that Bryan Fuller created both of these shows? *knock knock* there's a clue at the door.

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What a lot of people also need to know about the Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me connection is that Bryan Fuller left Dead Like Me about three scripts in because Showtime was interfering too much. They wanted a different show than Bryan wanted to make. It's fine if you enjoyed one more than the other, or enjoyed both equally, but if you're gonna debate TV it's helpful to sometimes know a bit about the people behind the scenes.

I tried the first three eps of Dead Like Me but only really enjoyed the first ep. A big reason for not giving the rest of the series a chance was the knowledge that it was one creator's orphan that had basically been surrendered to the network.

And yeah, it's ridiculous of the AICNers to complain about Herc's choice of topics. It's an opinion piece, he'll write what he wants. There're plenty of entertainment news sites online, try lots.

For some reason, even though I know what it gets like over there, I can't stop myself from reading the posts that accompany every AICN column that's linked to at Whedonesque. I guess it's the can't-look-away-from-the-car-wreck syndrome. A lot (maybe most?) of those posters are nice and literate, but it seems like the majority of them are inexplicably rude as well.

And now I'm being rude by talking trash about another board, so I'll stop. Yes, no more reading AICN comments for me.
Yeah I'm with you on the car-wreck syndrome. I, too, will stop making fun of them. I posted before I even realized that I was sort of slamming AICN. I actually have nothing against them, its more that some posters over there get way out of hand in going for blood sometimes.

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Really pleased to see that Tim Minear is involved with a big screen project. And this season's 'Alias' should be outstanding with Jeffrey Bell and Drew Goddard on the writing staff. The show I most look forward too is 'Lost'. That one has generated a lot of buzz as of late.
And Global Frequency continues to get a stronger and stronger writing staff (though frankly, Ben Edlund alone is enough to pull me in.)
Yep, Lost and Alias are the only must watch shows for me this season. Oh and Carnivale too, though who knows when that will start up again.

And Global Frequency looks promising, solely because of the Ben Edlund connection.
Lost I am going to check out and probably Global Frequency because of Edlund and Warren Ellis. But I'm a comic geek so.... ymmv
2 ME writers on Lost *and* 2 on Alias?! I mean, I loved Alias before, but now... January is SO far away. Is there any way that JJ Abrahams and Joss could get together and brainstorm? Just for me? Please? I can dream.
This goes to show you that other shows know how good Angel's writing staff was because all these other shows have scooped up all of Angel's writers. Goes to show you how good the show was.

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