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September 15 2004

More info on Buffy: The Complete DVD Collector's Edition (R2). According to the BBC Cult site it will be packaged in a leatherette box, limited to 10,000 copies and will include a special booklet and a letter from Joss.

Is there one of these for the U.S.? I might actually buy it.
I would imagine that this would be released in the States sometime next year.
I wonder how many of the extra's are actually new.
I can't seen there being any new extras. Though there is a good argument for including the pilot as an extra in this boxset.
Yeah, the pilot would be a nice addition.

Must get this pre-ordered from Amazon.
Wow!!!!!! Cheaper than individual Season BoxSet (at least here in Spain, R2 too). I want to see the package, because R2 covers are lame, with no continuity between them.
Any Buffy Fan would have bought them individually already, without knowing that they would release a complete 7 Season Boxset. Why buy it?
Actually I think a lot of Buffy fans knew full well that it was likely a complete box set would come out....but just couldn't wait that long.
Why buy it?

Because i have more money than sense, hehe.

Actually it would just be a nice thing to own a boxset of the entire series. Definately something for us more obsessed Buffy fans but even so it's a nice little keepsake.
A friend of mine whom I recently initiated into Buffy fandom hasn't yet bought the DVDs. If they were all released now in a set, she would probably buy it. I don't know how long she's going to wait to buy the DVDs, but she is interested buying them all at once. It would also make a good gift for new buffy fans, or people that are interested in watching it.
Any Buffy Fan would have bought them individually already

I can't be totally alone in being a huge fan and not owning the eps.
Well I have the first 4 boxsets and I'm seriously considering getting this collectors edition. Course you know they'll be doing one for Angel next year and then the year after that they'll do a Buffy and Angel complete collectors edition Boxset.
Oh, good. Since Simon will have extra sets he can just give me the old ones when he gets the collector's edition.
I've been watching since Buffy Season 1 and I haven't touched the DVD sets yet. Partly because I figured there'd be a big boxed set eventually, partly because I really wanted to see a price drop, but mostly because the show airs in syndication. I'll buy the North American version of this boxed set though if it's priced fairly. I'll buy it right away if they do something scary like that and limit the copies to 10 000 (see? They know what they're doing. 'Cause then if there's a demand, they could just release another collector's edition, make it a bit different, and still point out to any whiners that their original 1/10 000 set is unique enough).

I love the series and I don't mind spending money fairly often on DVDs, but when it comes to TV-shows-on-DVD I usually buy something I haven't seen before. Special exceptions like Firefly ('cause I wanted the movie to happen and 'cause one season wouldn't make me go broke) and Futurama ('cause football pre-empted way too many of the episodes and 'cause it's one of the most thorough DVD sets out there) are rare. Or the first season of 24, 'cause it was dirt cheap.
I know several people who have held off buying the season releases intending instead to purchase the complete series DVDs when released. I greatly admire their willpower, for I was much too weak to do so. I'm the type that intercepts the poor store clerk as they walk out with the just released BtVS/AtS DVD box. "Gimme,gimme,gimme!" Still, I'm trying to come up with an excuse to buy this complete series set anyway. Hey, it has a letter from Joss! Just when the store clerk thought it was safe, heh,heh.
From what I've heard Satan will be skating to work before Joss OK's a public release of the unaired pilot.
The Buffyverse is finding new fans all the time with word of mouth and syndication so I'm sure these sets will sell out quickly. I've bought all the other sets individually because I'm impatient and never could've waited this long. And if I had money to spare I'd probably buy this set too.

I'm sure the letter from Joss will eventually make it's way online so I'll just have to read it then.

And I concur with zz9's statement about "Satan skating to work"! Joss has been very vocal about never including the unaired pilot on anything! I've seen it so I can understand why!
I own all the boxed sets released so far but I will also buy this if it's released in the U.S. And I'm hardly full of dough. Perhaps this is obsessive collecting but if so, it's my only collecting vice. So be it.

My hat is off to those who've managed to put off buying the boxed sets even though they want the DVDs. Syndication treats these glorious shows so dreadfully (all the clumsy extra-editing and inserting commerical breaks where the writers had not designed them to be inserted) that I can barely stand to watch them in this form. You folks are strong-spined and resilient!
Just to comment the assumption that all fans would have the DVDs already, really, there are as many kinds of "Buffy Fans" as there are "Buffy Fans."

Not all "true Buffy fans" have the DVDs. Not all "true Buffy Fans" want a big-screen movie, attend conventions, visit fansites, write or read fanfic.

I'm suspicious as to how, or even, why one would want to measure one fan next to another. I remember getting highly annoyed with those vary assumptions while reading the analysis in Rebecca Williams' article in issue 11/12 of Slayage (I read it as a link from Whedonesque, but, for convenience, I'll re-link it here). The whole idea that a "spoiled" fan is, hierarchically, above a "non-spoiled" fan, really made me grouchy.

Okay, probably enough about that.
k8cre8, who is making the assumption that only true fans have the DVDs already?
BuffyRox made the comment above that "Any Buffy Fan would have bought them individually already."
Ah, yes. Well, I think that most would not think that way, me included.
You're probably correct, which is why I sorta made the comment more generic. The only time I've truly been annoyed with the assumption that you can compare Buffy fans to each other is when I read that article, which was published as an academic piece, and seemed to make huge leaps about what constituted an "executive fan" and whether that sort of heirarchy really exists except in the article itself.

I mean, the thing is, we all love these shows, right? So, really, we have nothing to prove to ourselves or to each other, and, certainly, having the DVDs is not that proof, if there is such a thing. We're just lucky we have had something wonderful to enjoy, talk about, and celebrate in any number of ways, each of which, I think, reflects the individual's preferences and is not a measurement of the depth of your fandom, which is kinda a silly thing to even contemplate measuring.

I guess, I'm just saying I love these shows. I'd love them even without DVDs. I might even buy the fancy complete set. But if I don't, my love for the show is not lessened. I think that's the core truth. We're here, sharing and celebrating the shows not because of DVDs, or who has them, but because we all have shared some remarkable storytelling.
Well said, k8cre8.

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