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September 17 2004

Serenity trailer expected in cinemas January 2005. The trailer is apparently to debut alongside the Jennifer Garner movie 'Elektra' which is out on January 14th.

Thats great for me, since I had already planned on seeing Elektra upon release date!
January's farther than I'd like, but at least it's a solid date. I was likely seeing Elektra day-of myself, but this solidifies it.
I wonder if we'll get the trailer over here? I sure hope so :)
Hmm,would it be crazy to go to see this movie just to see the trailer??!!
I reckon it'd be a little crazy yeah, given cinema prices these days. I want to see Elektra anyway so if we get the Serenity trailer before it over here I shall be most happy :)
Perhaps slightly crazy :), blwessels, but you could always do what a person on the thread suggested: buy a ticket for another movie (that you want to see) in the same multiplex that starts about 10-15 minutes after Elektra and sneak into Elektra to see the trailer. Apparently this person did this successfully for various Star Wars trailers.....

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I want the online version first :p
I hate to admit it, but I'm probably going to see Elektra now, just because I want to see the Serenity trailer as soon as it hits screens.
It'll probably be online at Apple Movie Trailers ( before Elektra's Friday debut. So you can see it for free. Which often doesn't have the same impact as seeing it on the big screen, especially when it comes to movies that're heavy on effects.

I'll probably see Elektra in theatres 'cause it's kinda become a tradition for me and my Marvel-comics-loving friend to go opening night to most Marvel adaptations. The Serenity trailer'll be a huge bonus. Oh, that reminds me, in case the trailer spoils anything I'll have to get her through the Firefly DVDs before January.

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So, I'll have to see Elektra two times, because I'll have died from happiness on the first trip. Neat.

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