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September 17 2004

Howard Stern Feels David Boreanaz is 'A Ziering.' "...Howard [Stern] said that they have this new term in Hollywood called 'a Ziering' which is when you see an actor on a show where you know he'll never go on to do anything else... kind of like Ian Ziering. Howard... said that the guy on 'Angel' will never go on to do anything else."

Without hearing this morning's show, I'm presuming he meant David Boreanaz as opposed to James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, Andy Hallett, et al.

At any rate, is it because Howard feels David is so typecast as Angel? Yes, ironically enough, this comes on the heels of some recent casting news.

I should also add that Howard has in the past been a big fan of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, even if he complained last season that Angel was visually too dark.

I'm almost too angry to type. How nice of Stern, a "fan," to call DB out like that. Saying things like that on message boards is one thing - but over the air? That was a cruel thing to say, not to mention untrue. Stern should get his facts straight before he blurts out hateful comments like that. Plus, "Angel" just ended in May - how can you judge the future of an actor's career when they've only just moved on from their last project? How can you judge the "future" of anything? Is Stern the Hollywood prophet, now? If so, maybe I should give him a ring about our AtS tele-movies. Maybe he can tell us about those too.

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Freedom of speech is great - it goes hand & hand with the freedom to stick one's foot in one's mouth!
Consider the source...

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Well, regardless if I agree or not with HS, he's always about shock and being blunt. It's what he's known for. This doesn't surprise me.
Well, this being Howard Stern we're talking about . . .

As AncientMagicks just said (and now RogueS), let's take this with a huge dose of salts. HS is fun and all, but his MO is to be provocative. In addition, his style rather epitomises the idea of bludgeoning a dead horse until it's really quite dead. Howard gets an idea into his head and nothing will then shift it. Listen to his interviews with SMG to get the picture, especially the one where he asks if she's jewish, she basically says yes but I'm not religious, and he, missing her point completely, goes on for another ten minutes about her apostasy. That little exchange has been picked up and recycled at length on the net to somehow "demonstrate" that SMG is in denial about her roots. Or something.

In this case, he's obviously picked up the Ziering thing (that was discussed here a couple of months back I seem to recall), and found it to be a nice weapon to swing around a bit.

Let's sit back and wish for DB to prove him completely wrong. 'Cos, you know, it's not like he's never been proved wrong before . . .
I already commented on this in the Hard Easy thread, but I would like to add that those other actors were on hugely popular shows. I'm sure Ziering was too if I knew what show he was on (sorry!). David has the advantage of Angel having flown under the radar for a lot of the viewing audience, so he's going to seem almost new.
It was rather ignorant of Stern to condemn David's career before this stage has even begun, but people don't listen to him for his tactfulness.
Wasn't Ziering an actor on BevHills 90210? I never saw one single ep of that show, actually. Or maybe he was on Melrose Place? Never saw one single ep of that show, either. That you've never heard of him, bloodflowers, sort of maybe proves the Ziering=Failure point! Although I have to admit that it is only through this neologism, "Ziering," used over the past year or two by others than Howard Stern that I know the name of this actor at all.

But, whatever. Stern is all about the shock. I don't think his show's listeners are going to refuse to go to a Boreanaz film because of what HS said. If anything, possibly, David was given additional name recognition by this comment -- a la Ziering for me. Who was it who said that no publicity is bad publicity?

Of course I hope that Stern is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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'Cos, you know, it's not like he's never been proved wrong before . . .

The last time I heard Howard Stern talking about Buffy stuff, it was to go on and on about how goddawful "Once More With Feeling" was, so I ain't afraid to say his insights don't line up with mine. That being said, I don't mind hearing such opinions from people (like Howard) who actually watch the shows. That's fine. It's the people who never bothered to watch, but express such opinions anyway, that get me down.
Well back on April 20 MSNBC posted a story which was a thread on here about the Ziering Curse. I think Stern may be a little late in reading this article. David was mentioned in that artical - so far he is bucking the curse cause he is working - if anyone is starting to fall under the curse my money would be on Marsters. We can only hope his unemployment status is temporary.
Well negative publicity can be good, well David does a good role, he can say, well what you think. His name is out there, Angel is being talked about, if it wasn't a show worth talking about, then at least Howard agreed he was good at Angel et c etc
Well, wierdly enough, when Howard makes statements like these, it doesn't really annoy me. Mostly cause he watches the show. Eitherwho, I think Howard has been proven wrong already. DB already finish shooting for one movie and he's working on another currently.

The actors that we haven't heard of as of late in records to movie projects would be everyone else. JAR, Alexis, and Marsters.
I've said it before, its easy to forget just how good DB is... He plays Angel so perfectly that until you see him switch to Angelus you forget the man has serious acting chops. Go back and watch Soulless or eps like that. He is friggin' awesome. Period. Imagine if Howard had to get another job other than sitting on his ass inventing controversy.

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"The actors that we haven't heard of as of late in records to movie projects would be everyone else. JAR, Alexis, and Marsters." -nychick

In all fairness if I had just married Aly you wouldn't see or hear anything from me for a while either :)

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LOL... Yeah, I guess Alexis has his hand full with being married to the very lovely Alyson Hannigan. What a lucky chica. Speaking of projects, what are the chances of James landing a role on the X-men, now that Joss is rumored to direct it? I can't really picture James as a Gambit or Arc Angel, but Joss has a habbit of recycling his fave actors into his new projects.
“Wasn't Ziering an actor on BevHills 90210? I never saw one single ep of that show, actually. Or maybe he was on Melrose Place? Never saw one single ep of that show, either. That you've never heard of him, bloodflowers, sort of maybe proves the Ziering=Failure point!”

I never saw a single episode of those shows either, phlebotinin! Now I do feel bad for that actor. But what has the rest of the cast of either of those shows done recently? I know Shannen Dougherty was on Charmed (*spits* let us never speak of it again) and networks always want to cast Heather Locklear for some reason, but is everyone else on a “where are they now” list also?

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:) They are both such awesome people, both very lucky indeed. I dunno I don't see James as Gambit either. He seems a tad old for Angel/Archangel though I could see him more easily in that role. I would like to see a couple of recycles though, for sure, even if its only small parts. Its almost prefereable that they have cameos to stop people from being put off by it who arent fans. Though they might not notice at all if they aren't fans.

p.s.-- Ian Ziering was on 90210 as Steve somethingorother. He insists on pronouncing his name Eye-an much to the annoyance of my brother Ian (E-an).

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Feh. Stern, while funny at times, doesn't always know what he's talking about.

Out of everyone on the show, I think the two that have to worry about the "Ziering Curse" are Alexis and J. August. But, that's just my theory. ;)

I have high hopes for James with the Dresden Files movies. :D But, that's just me. So, yeah.
I actually think Alexis has a great chance at getting work if he shows clips of his range of abilities from Angel. Wesley's character ranged from the clumsy nerd to the sexy action hero and he pulled them both of brilliantly. J. August's Gunn, on the other hand, really didn't have much range and it may be harder for him finding other work. But who knows - look at some of the talentless "stars" out there now who tend to get tons of work. Any of the ME actors get the right break and they could be the next big thing.

What I found funny about the timing of this commentary by HS is that David is going to be in other movies so he has already proven him wrong. I think if HS is going to use someone as an example he should do his homework first to see if his comments will be accurate. I think David did a fine job with the character Angel and he showed great range with the serious and the comedic and he certainly has the looks to be a leading man. Way to early to call him a has been and forget about him.
blwessels, I agree with you about Alexis. I cannot ever see him suffering from the curse. Part of the curse has to do with the fact that even though Ian Z. was on 90210 all those years, his acting skills never improved. Not one iota.

Alexis Denisof is one hell of an actor. I'm sure he will find other work once he starts looking again. I could be totally off, but I get the impression that he's not really pounding the pavement. Looks to me, from the few photos I've seen, that he's enjoying being newly wed for now.

I for one, will watch anything he decides to participate in. Acting skills aside, the man is just beautiful.
Though I sometimes enjoy listening to HS for his brutally honest questions and comments, this ziering statement was just his opinion. I'm not going to put much stock on which actor he feels will be successful or not. He's just a shock jock. Actually, he may have just given David (and AtS for that matter) a huge PR boost. A few of HS fans who never heard of Angel before may check it out for themselves. Negative statements towards a star on a national level can turn them into a hot topic in Hollywood. Just thought I throw a different spin on it.
I gotta shout out to my fellow Buffy-Boards User, Cordelia!!See you at Buffy-Boards!!By the way, this is XxSlayerxX.I agree with Howard.David Boreanaz, won't be very successful in his career.His upcoming movies aren't that big.His recent movies, weren't that big either.But I really hope DB will be successful, even thou I know he won't be.

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So one guy thinks David Boreanaz won't go onto to anything. *shrugs*. Around the world, who is more famous Stern or Boreanaz? David will do just fine. He may not become Hollywood A-List material but I think he will make some very good films.
Simon, lamentably, Stern is more famous in America (if not the rest of the world) than David.

I weep for my country.
I think J. August Richards has had some range on Angel. He was an action-hero and an atttorney. He could do a lawyer show.

I'd love to see all the Angel actors doing new things. They have so much talent. I'm interested in Amy Acker's new film about the priest (can't remember the title). I want Alexis to get good, meaty roles where he can show off his talent for breaking the viewer's heart. And he should be naked a lot. I want to see James do Shakespeare, or star in period movies. He'd be good at that.

David Boreanaz should continue doing independent films. The quality is usually better, and I'm more likely to go see them than the usual Hollywood flick.

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I remember when I still lived in Holland and that movie about Stern came out. (Forgot the title. Who cares anyway) And we all collectively went: "Who the hell is Howard Stern? And who in his right mind plays himself in a biopic?" By now I do know who he is but I can support Simon in the notion that world wide, David Boreanaz is more famous, since no one outside the US gives a rat's behind about Howard Stern, but BtVS and AtS are to be found all over the world.

That said, hey Stern is a guy who made a career on radio by saying things that piss people off. I don't think that's great. I don't think that's terrible. He doesn't really register for me. Other than that, nice that he's basically a fan of the shows. Don't really care what he thinks or says otherwise.

It's tough for TV actors to break into movies. Time will tell for David's career.

"I know Shannen Dougherty was on Charmed (*spits* let us never speak of it again)"

LMAO. I second that.
Well, I actually like Howard Stern. He's an asshole, for sure, but he's well aware of that. I guess what I like is that he doesn't come over as beholden to anyone or anything (including generally-accepted norms of taste and intelligence), and just moves to the beat of his own drum. OK, so that beat is usually set at "Lowest Common Denominator", but even so, he can be pretty funny. And I think there are many worse things in America to weep about, starting with its leader.

JAR can definitely get good work. My bone is that, IMO, he was gifted with some of the worst lines in AtS. Given that, he did a fantastic job.
I think DB has played Angel so well that we believe that he's just like that, no acting skill there. I think many thought that about AA until Ilyria....

And Alexis has had the chance to shine on Buffy and then Angel, his arc from pompus buffoon to Marlboro man should be required reading for acting, and writing, students.

And from the article:
Will asked her if she supports Euthanasia... she said she can't afford that because she has to take care of her dog and stuff.
I was actually listening to Stern this morning. They were talking about some woman named Nicky Ziering who was a guest later in the morning, and somehow they started talking about her ex-husband and how he was on some show and that there are other people who were on a show and then couldn't get work outside that character type because they were typecast. He said when that happens, the talent is actually called a "Ziering" among some people in the bizness. Then he started listing off other possible examples, and David Boreanaz as Angel was one of the ones Howard Stern mentioned, just off the top of his head. He didn't mean anything nasty by it. He wasn't turning David into a joke and he didn't mean it as a compliment either. It was just an observation in passing.

Personally I think it's cool Howard mentioned David at all. I'm mildly disappointed in some Whedon fans in this thread, if you understand where Whedon's coming from but you think Stern's just a jerkoff.

I also mentioned this in passing in a thread further down the list. I just couldn't remember the name "Ziering." I didn't think to start a new thread about it. So kudos to OddJob, there.
Thanks for clarifying that, ZachsMind. I caught Howard as well this morning and the got the tail end of his interview with Nikki Ziering (which BTW will be on the E! channel tonight), but missed the reference to David Boreanaz (it may wind up being part of tonight's show but I doubt it).

I know opinions on Howard Stern are polarizing, but the point of the thread was to ask if David Boreanaz has been typecast as Angel as Howard observed, or if he'll be able to find work elsewhere.
I guess Howard is entitled to his opinion not that they means very much. I was curious though as to why he referred David Boreanaz as "that guy from Angel" I thought he might remember his name since David is married to Howard's former employee. I believe that Jamie used to play a character on Howard Sterns show "Son of the Beach" Guess Howard doesn't take the time to know who works for him or he might have remembered the name either that or he has short term memory loss.
"p.s.-- Ian Ziering was on 90210 as Steve somethingorother. He insists on pronouncing his name Eye-an much to the annoyance of my brother Ian (E-an)."


Thank God someone has said it. My real first name is Ian and it sucks that Ziering is out there making the pronunciation of my first name by strangers a living Hell. If only you knew my last name, oh boy...

Ziering was never really the star of 90210, he was a good co start, but Luke Perry, Jason Priesely, Sharon Dotherty were bigger then him, it's like comparing David Boreanze to say August-Gunn, nothing wrong with Gunn, but David's the bigger star of Angel, he's Angel etc.
Why would any of you care? It was just an offhand comment in a casual conversation while explaining about some inane show business slang term.

First of all, the only reason it even came up is because Ziering is the ex-husband of one of the guests on this morning's show.

Howard Stern has been a huge fan of Buffy and Angel for years, and probably gave them more sincere critical praise for all the right reasons while they were on the air than anybody else in the media. He's always seemed to genuinely "get" and appreciate these two shows. Even after how much he hated the musical episode of Buffy, he later went on to say that he believed it was just a bad episode and continued to praise the show until it ended.

Just because he said that doesn't mean he's trying to make some kind of attack on Boreanez or the Angel fanbase. He was simply making a small example.

The whole point of his show is that it's just casual conversation and not taking anything too seriously. The point of the conversation was never to trash David Boreanez or anyone else. Howard Stern isn't some villain, he's just a talk show host who doesn't feel the need to worry about saying what he's thinking or whether or not people are going to agree with him. Unfortunately some people just aren't capable of handling that.

I absolutely love Buffy and Angel, and I love the Stern show. It's really not something that should be taken so seriously.
What do u expect fm a shock jock empty words fm an empty head. Like its not enough the show is gone but to insult David like that idiot. He played in one movie Valentine, you can judge his acting talents by that and his Angel character.
David was also in a romantic comedy. I think it was called 'I'm with Lucy'. I could have gotten the name wrong. It was a cute movie. He also has 'Mr. Fix-it' coming out. He will be a success. And J. August Richards was in quite a few shows as a guest star before 'Angel'. He's a really good actor. He will also make it. My favorite of all is James Marsters. I worry about him. This month he's recording the third Harry Dresden book. Next month is the Halloween event. So far that seems to be it. I hope he finds something soon.
Just wanted to clarify my comments on J. August. I didn't mean he, as an actor, didn't have much range, I meant the character's arc. They didn't really do too much with Gunn past a certain point. The last season they started to show him in a different light but it was overshadowed by Spike being introduced, Wesley's ongoing changes and Illyria's appearance. It was great seeing Gunn as a lawyer and singing opera but we didn't get to see much of it compared to all the other characters storylines.
I love James just as much as anyone, and sure, I would love to see him become a "success". But what is that anyway? A success by most people's standards is when the name is recognizable to lots of people. Someone who has lots of mainstream films to their credit. But look at the criticisms and downfalls there can be. I just want James to be happy. If he's happy doing mainstream films, or independent films, or theater, then I will be behind him all the way. Yes, a part of me wants him to be in mainstream stuff because I want to have easy access to seeing him as much as possible(as it is, I'm having JM withdrawl) and also because I would be so proud of him(because I'm selfish like that), but like I said, as long as he's happy doing what he loves best, I will follow him to the end of the earth and beyond.
Sorry for the run-on sentence.:)

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