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September 18 2004

First glimpse of the Buffy: Complete DVD Collector's Edition (R2). Interesting design for the boxset.

Hmm. I wish they'd used a different image, preferably a cast one maybe from season four or five since they included almost everyone who was a major player in the show. The group scene at the end of Chosen would have been nice as well.

But I adore the color, no complaints there. No complaints anywhere, actually, just selfishly wanting James to be somewhere on it.
Anyone else thinking of a certain prop from Hush?
I agree on both counts. The colour is very nice. But the group shot at the end of 'Chosen' would have been ideal for the complete set. It summed up the show so perfectly.
Er..."number of discs, one" ... ONE disc?I don't think so...
I think it's appropriate that just Buffy is featured on the front seeing that the show is called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That said, I think on the inside there should be key moments from each season showing the other characters. It's hard to judge this just by seeing the one side of it really and not seeing what else is being shown or what is inside.
It's too bad HMV won't give us a closer look at it. Oh well, I'll just keep on checking on Amazon.
One really really fat disc. Actually a cube. A digital videocube. It's the latest thing.

Plus, it's a puzzle! Put SMG's face back together in different and new ways.

Seriously, it there is just *one* extra feature on this, I will be sorely tempted to the point of profligacy to buy the set, my ownership of all seasons notwithstanding.
Well, if i wasn't already certain that i was getting this i definately am doing now. This looks very cool!
retail sites put "one disc" when they don't know how many discs it is.

[ edited by eddy on 2004-09-18 23:09 ]
BBC says 39 disc.

I like it! I think it`s right to put only Buffy in the cover.
If they choose an image from S4 or S5, where`s Angel? Or Oz.
They must be inside, as blwessels says.
I want to see the inside package.
I can't imagine that there will be extra features - I wouldn't have thought they would have wanted to take on the cost of disc re-authoring.
Why would they bother taking off the extras that were already on the disks in the first place?
I think people mean new extra features. I think the content will be the same, just new packaging and disc art.
I wonder will they give the extra commentary that is on the R1 season 4 set
I can only hope that if they don't put it on the season seven set (Which I think is unlikely to happen) that they take this last opportunity to provide us loyal fans with the original piolot. I think that that would be a sure way to get people to buy it. They need to give us something that the individual season sets don't have.

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