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November 28 2002

Sequel to BtVS Xbox game in development. It's also rumoured to be appearing on several game platforms.

Which is good news for me seeing as I have a PS2.

Chris Golden also confirmed the sequel at a recent convention. I don't have the link for the following information as the info featured in a Nick Brendon convention report and this was posted on the BC&S Spoiler Board on Monday (so its long since gone).

*What may be in the sequel*

It's called 'Chaos Bleeds' (though apparently Fox wanted to call it 'High Stakes').
Amber Benson is signed up to do the voice of Tara.
You have to play several characters to complete the game, including Sid the Dummy!
Villains are the First and Ethan Rayne.
Robin Sachs has already signed to provide Ethan's' voice.
Part of the game is set in an alternate reality Sunnydale (I'm hoping for a Silent Hill feel about the game).

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