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September 20 2004

Marc Blucas Talks About "First Daughter". He discusses what it was like to work with Katie Holmes and Forest Whitaker and about having the continued support of the Buffy fans.

"It was do or die with “Buffy.” You either didn’t watch it or it was every week and you didn’t answer the phone, you didn’t go to the bathroom, you don’t miss it."

So very true.

Simon - I don't think I say this enough, but I love you. Next time we see each other, you get double hugs. Oh yes.
Marc seems like such a sweetie!! And from Pennsylvania too!!! Can't beat that!!!
"It was do or die with “Buffy.” You either didn’t watch it or it was every week and you didn’t answer the phone, you didn’t go to the bathroom, you don’t miss it."

That is so true! Every Thursday night when there were new episodes of Buffy and Angel on Sky One my telephone was unplugged, mobile phone switched off and friends firmly warned that if they dared to turn up at my door they would be ignored, hehe. Nothing disturbed my weekly dose of slayerverse goodness.

It's always nice to see a former Buffy star who still relishes the fan adoration he or she gets. Especially one such as Marc who has always been treated very unfairly by a small but vocal minority of Riley haters.

Never had a problem with the character myself but then i was able to accept that Buffy and Angel weren't neccessarily destined to be together, unlike some of the shipper fandom. You have no idea how much those shipper words like Bangel and Spuffy wind me up, grrr!

I'll be checking this movie out but i have to admit it's more due to my Katie Holmes adoration than loyalty to Marc, but that as well though! :)
I admit that I want to see this movie too, although I don't know if I'll see it in the theater. I think Blucas is an amazing actor and I also like Katie Holmes for her interesting roles in independent films.
He did nail the description of Buffy fans. Everyone I know was well not, unless someone is on fire, call me during Buffy. My work is such that I get calls in the evening, and everyone at work knew that as well.

Like I said, he nailed it.
Has he ever done a con? I don't think I've ever seen him advertised for one of them. Just wondering.

Funny how he doesn't really come to mind when I think of Buffyverse actors. He was integral for a couple of seasons! I guess I must just be underwhelmed by him and Riley. Never really booed or yayed either way with him.
I'm not sure about him ever having done a convention. I personally can't remember him ever being involved with any.

I've always appreciated Marc and his abilities and I feel like the ME staff had a little trouble figuring out just how to best utalize him. There's so much more that they could have done with him, they wasted a lot of potential there (But I'm glad they finally cut his hair).

I'm really glad to see him going on and finding success after Buffy, I think he defintiely deserves it. Even though the fans didn't seem to fully take advantage of it, he was always so willing to be involved with the Buffy fandom, always humble and appreciative of thoes of us who love him.

shut up self.....No, they'll know what you mean.... No they won't, they think you're a loon.... Aren't I though?....

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