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September 20 2004

TV Gal reviews the Emmy Show. Zap2It's Amy Amatangelo runs down her own Emmy awards, starting with "Biggest Disappointment" -- no recognition of ANGEL.

It just occured to me that despite all our disappointment regarding Angel being snubbed it must be all the more hurtful to Joss, David, James, Alexis and the rest of the cast and crew.

Joss may laugh it off and joke about not caring but at the end of the day he must care. He is doing some outstanding work and getting absolutely no recognition for it. David, James, Alexis, Amy, J. August, Charisma, in fact all of the cast have put some incredible performances into the last five years but not so much as a mention.

I know that they know that we appreciate everything they have done but once, just once in over eight years, it would have been nice for somebody at the Emmys to say "Joss Whedon, we salute you!".

Or would that really be asking too much?

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Eh, I stopped caring what the Emmys thought about my favorite shows a long time ago; I don't really need them to validate my tastes. I mean, if a deserving show gets nominated (or even wins), great, if not, well...I'm used to that.

I liked SMG's take on it from the EW interview: "This is the cool show, the show the voters don't get." Yeah, preach it, SMG.

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Yeah, I'm bummed about Angel not getting any respect, but as areacode212 said, I'm used to it. The Emmys get very little of my attention anymore.
I think the Emmys lost all their credibility when they gave 958762945876 awards to Everybody Loves Raymond. :D
I agree that the Emmys are becoming meaningless and are far from a true representation of television quality these days but it is a different thing for us to not care about them and for the likes of Joss who, despite our feelings, knows that the Emmys are still considered to be a benchmark of good television.

Surely he must feel deep down that he is being treated incredibly unfairly by the current system. That has to hurt.

The Whedon fanbase should create their own award ceremony, the Jossys. It probably would be a little biased but at least then we know Joss would walk away with a cartload of awards, exactly what he deserves after all. :)
While I think it's safe to say that we're all disappointed that Joss hasn't received the recognition he deserves, he is fully aware of one thing. And that is that he has the most loyal and caring fanbase of any writer/director on the planet. I'm sure that fact means more to him than any Emmy.

And the proof is out there. Remember TV Guide's 50 year anniversary a few years ago? They picked the best 50 shows of all time with BtVS placing a respectable 41st. They then opened an on-line poll and asked fans of these shows to vote for the best. They closed the poll after 100,000 votes and the results weren't even close. BtVS took number 1 with a bullet with 26% of the total vote. Even more striking was the number of votes for the "big" shows as 'X-files'/'Friends'/'ER'/ect. They were well down the list with 5-6%. Though their fanbases were 5 or 6 times our size, BtVS fans smoked them. We cared enough to vote for our favorite show where they couldn't care less for theirs.

Samething for the E-Online "Save our Show" poll that was held last year. Of the nearly 400,000 votes covering 10 shows, 'AtS' received 85% of the vote. Talking about a landslide! And let not forget the 'X-men 3' director poll where Joss received twice the numbers than second place.

Point is, Joss knows he has what an Emmy could never give. Support of his fans and I'm sure that thought gives him a smile everyday.
Great points Madhatter! I agree with you that Joss appreciates our loyalty more than any Emmy. We are his Emmy!!
Yes and because of fan support, we will have a Firefly movie so who cares about Emmys - he doing what he wanted to do.

For a guy who gets little recognition he sure is getting allot of work. Hes young and so talented - the world has time to bow to Joss along with us.
Its interesting to me the dichotomy between Joss being so well known as a great script doctor/character writer and the lack of recognition publicly from the award shows. Its definitely a good point that while shows like Friends, ER, Raymond have more fans over all they are less rabid/fanatical about it.

When you have 5 million fans who's fanatacism rates a 3 on a scale of 10 versus 2 million at an average rating of 8 out of 10 (again on my imaginary scale) there are definitely both positive and negative, but who would you rather have? I would rather have the fanatics. It guarantees you enough support/sales to continue on...

Think about it: when the creators of show x create something new you need to make commercials pointing out that its by so and so, the creators of show x; when Joss makes something we have already not only sought it out in most cases, but if we hadn't we need only hear the word Joss and we are there. We are pickier about our entertainment and we recognize the faces and the names without having to be reminded.
Buffy's TOO COOL for the Emmys. (Just keep repeating that to yourself.)

I loved this years Emmy's, though, I gotta say. I usually don't give a sh*t, but this years was cool. Yeah, okay, no 'Angel', but 'Sex & The City' and 'The Sopranos' deserved the recognition they got. (Sarah Jessica Parker thanking everyone from her lawyer to people on the street whilst wearing Chanel couture was cool. And it was nice to see that (at least on the surface) there are no hard feelings between the four women (like th tabloids would like to make out). Plus, as David Chase mentioned, it was f*ckin' trippy seeing Tony Soprano and Michael Corleone shake hands.. ;) )

And James Spader, Al Pacino and Alan Rickman were all there! Seriously doing their classic "cool-older-guy-with-a-sexy-sexy-voice" thang. C'mon! Mr Grey, Professor Snape and Michael Corleone all in one place! Those three guys in a room together being applauded and given prizes? It was frickin' NEAT.

And, as Spader observed during his speech, everybody made very good choices in clothing and footwear this year. (Which, let's face it, is what REALLY matters..) ;)
Alan Rickman was there?

/me goes to download show

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