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September 21 2004

Charmed trailer - featuring Charisma Carpenter. She'll be appearing on the WB show this Sunday.

Nice to see Charisma getting work, and she does look hot, but what she's wearing is just displaying the reason why Charmed is still on the air despite being rubbish.
She does look hot though! Angel season 1 hot!

Must ... resist ... temptation ... to ... watch ... Charmed!

Damn Charisma and her hotness! ;)
I can't get over how great she looks. Its like she went back in time!
She does look good, still no chance in hell I'm gonna watch Charmed though :)
Charisma....smoking hot! BTW, what's charmed? ;)
I guess it's good the WB still wants Charisma around and it's great she's getting work...she does look good too.

On a side note I went to the WB's site, read the blurb and happened to see this on the Feedback thread below...
"i love the show but i think that the girls have had too many long term tasks lately... what happened to the different deamons each episode? the different threats? all there has been lately is pretecting wyatt and chris, and its getting old."

hmmm...Wasn't Angel's task last year to REDUCE the # of long story arcs and make it more "demon of the week?" Yet here it looks like Charmed is trying the format that worked for Angel so well...Call me CONFUSED.

Edited to add: I tried watching Charmed ONCE, you can't make me do it again...

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It's going to take a lot of willpower to overcome my instincts and press the record button when Charmed comes on this Sunday. My thumb might rebel against me. I'll probably program the VCR ahead of time in order to fool it.
Just some more evidence that Charmed is a rip-off of the Whedonverse...

"8/7 c charmed
Paige and Phoebe piss off Piper by summoning Grams. Also, Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") makes a special appearance on Charmed as a demonic-seer" - taken directly from the WB site...

Doesn't "demonic-seer" sound all too familiar to anyone? Talk about being type cast.
She does look better with a long long hair ala Angel S1, rather that the really short (and blond) that she had at the end of Season 3.
Doesn't "demonic-seer" sound all too familiar to anyone? Talk about being type cast.

True, though the seer on Charmed (not a new character on Charmed btw, there was a previous seer who was killed) is always inherently evil, unlike Cordy.
I'm trying to ween myself off Charmed. This ain't helping. At this moment, I'll only return to supporting Charmed if 1) news arrives that some BtVS/AtS writers are also joining the Charmed crew or 2) news arrives that the character Charisma's playing is actually Cordy (authorized by Whedon).

I ain't holding my breath. but I'm also a sucker for Rose McGowan, so...
This is truly depressing...she looks great, and there is not a snowball's chance in the Hellmouth that I will watch.
I'm glad Charisma is still getting work, even if the role seems kind of Angel-derivative. She looks fabulous, and, hey, if she doesn't mind showing skin, why should I?

Not that I'll be watching... Even the hotness of a former AtS alumni isn't sufficiently alluring to make me want to waste an hour of my life that way.
I plan to download it and "watch" it while trying to get some work done, and only stop to check on the scenes where she appears.
Happy for Charisma she has work. As for Charmed....I gave it several chances. My brain is still bleeding from it. I wrote a poem about it.

Ahem....'Charmed....Let me count the ways that I loathe thee and shall watch thee naught. Let me not count the ways thou rippest off the Joss...for they are too many and..." Uhm, wait that doesn't rhyme....I'll get it right...what rhymes with 'naught'?
fraught? despot?
Let me not count the ways thou rippest off the Joss...

Hee! I like your little poem, Dantes. Very catchy.
Phleagh. Hated this idea when it was just a rumor. Hate it worse now. She's lost some cred with me as a fan.

(Not that she gives a shite, but it still makes me seethe that our Cordy is on that cheapo-rip-off-wanna-be excuse for a tv show). *Actually frowning while writing this*...

taught? sought?

teapot? forgot? a lot? a jot? (you can always fudge it with two syllables...)

Charisma looks great. Love her. Despise Charmed. But wasn't Charisma on some Spelling show before AtS? Maybe it feels like coming home to her.
Well you guys just inspired me....I could not resist. Crappy poem alert!


'How I loathe thee and shall watch thee naught
I'll not count the ways thou rippest off the Joss
for they are too many and my brain may rot
As to thy appeal I am ever at a loss

As for thy vaunted outfits and boobies,
Thy posing, pouting and lip gloss
Try and fail; thou cannot beat the Scoobies
Get thee hence, I don't give a toss.'

Man, I have too much free time........
lol, very nicely done Ed :)
Bravo, bravo, EdDantes! Ought to post that on the WB 'Charmed' site.
Thank you, EdDantes. Well done.
You just became my new favorite poet! Kudos, kudos!
Hehe, thankyew, thankyewverymuch. Hey, as a bloody awful poet William got nothing on me....;-)

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