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September 21 2004

A delayed Wonderfalls DVD release. gives a more concrete report of the rumours about a January release date for the DVD set.

Actually, I take this as good news. Many DVDs are being released during Dec. due to Christmas. Think 'Wonderfalls' will receive much better sales with this later release date.
this was posted on the forums by Cranberry:

I just asked Bryan Fuller, who said:

"we just found out today the new official date is January 18th. we were told the competition was too heavy for the original date. whatev."
Am I the only Whedonesquer that doesn't see the biggy about this show? I didn't like it at all.
You might just be :) How many eps did you see Willowy?
I thought it was sheer genius and the best new show of last season :)
I also think the show was sheer genius, obviously. I will say, though, that the unaired episodes (especially "Crime Dog," "Cocktail Bunny" and "Caged Bird") are way better than the aired ones, and they're what made me really fall for the show. I love every episode, though.

Yeah, apparently Gilmore Girls and 24 are competition, and I think Buffy season seven comes out sometime near then, doesn't it? Poor Bryan says that now he has to figure out what to buy a bunch of his friends for Christmas, because they were all supposed to get Wonderfalls DVDs!
I watched it 3 times. In its entirety all three times. I desperately wanted it to enchant me because - hey - YOU guys all said it was great! But alas, it was not to be.

I found the lead sour, and kept wanting to shake her to get her to react more. Worse yet, I found the writing lackluster.

Probably some heretofor unknown character flaw of mine. ;)
Hehe, well I thought Caroline Dhavernas was godess-like and a brilliant lead and I found the writing to be sparkling and funnier than most sit-coms so it just goes to show how even people who both love one (or more) tv show can see another so differently :)
"Probably some heretofor unknown character flaw of mine. ;)"

There goes my entire worldview... /sigh ;P
*smiles and nods at Paul and zeitgeist*

(Hey! shouldn't there be an 'e' at the end of heretofore? Just the spelling nazi in me...)
You are absolutely correct :)
I still haven't seen a single episode (sorry Cranberry - still haven't figured out the whole downloading off the net biz) and yet I will be forking over cash for the DVD set with no qualms, based on the recommendations here. And Caroline Dhavernas is just trop chaude for me to resist . . .

Willowy: I thought you liked sour? Or is it bitter that you prefer? (And what's the difference - something about parts of the tongue isn't it?) If Jaye is as snarky as advertised, I'll be well pleased.
SNT -- I think you will be well pleased, I found it to only get better as the series went on (I have seen every ep).
Ditto on the seeing every episode and on it just getting better and better (though I must admit I didn't think Totem Mole was as good as the other episodes around it. In fact it was probably my least favourite episode - still plenty to love in it however)
Actually SNT, it's the Salty Goodness that I prefer... ;)
I loved Dhavernas and would love to see more of her, but lost interest in the story halfway through the series. Won't buy the DVDs.
Haven't seen any episodes of Wonderfalls yet although i'm sure i read somewhere that one of the digital channels planned on airing it here in the UK at some point.

I'll give it a look then but buying this DVD set is doubtful. I made an exception for Firefly but buying the DVD's of a show that only lasted a half season, no matter how much it deserved to continue, is not high on my list of priorities.
I thought it was watchable. Funny-ish in some areas. Better than most of what's out there, but I guess my high standards after Angel and Buffy and Firefly won't let me jump on the Wonderfalls bandwagon quite so easily. I liked some of the snark, the lead was decent. It just didn't grab me. Maybe a few more epis would have, because season 1 of Buffy didn't really set me on fire either.
I probably won't buy the DVD either, especially since Vision is so kind as to show all the episodes up here in Canada, starting in 2 weeks. And I was even an extra on a couple of episodes. It was quirky. Just not my kind of quirky.
I personally thought it was excellent and I'm very excited about getting to watch more than 4 episodes.
I didn't like it much until episode 4 "Pink Flamingoes". Naturally, that was the last one aired. "Lovesick Ass" is an excellent episode. I haven't seen the other unaired ones; I'm waiting for the DVD. For those two eps alone,I'd buy the DVD.
did Fox even air the 4th episode, ringworm? I thought they took it off their schedule the week they canceled it.
They aired episodes 1-3 on Friday nights, then aired episode 4 on a Thursday. When it failed to get a good number of viewers (because no one knew it was moved to Thursday, not to mention it was up against The Apprentice and CSI and had no chance anyway), they cancelled it.
"Am I the only Whedonesquer that doesn't see the biggy about this show? I didn't like it at all."

I'm sorta in the middle myself. (Get yer mind outta the gutter!) I too expected to be blown away by the show after reading everyone on the net, only to find myself little more than slightly amused. I did watch it and I felt it was getting better, finding it's stride, but I had it as well, that feeling of "Not *that* big a deal...".

And I love snark and sarcasm and cynical characters but even I had it in the beginning that I felt the lead character was a bit of a cranky whiner. To an extent I didn't empathize with her much. I think it got a little better and funnier as the show progressed and I wondered where it was going. I do think it did not get a fair chance.

But no I wasn't as in love with it as many people were.
I wonder if I love Wonderfalls and Jay/Caroline so much because I'm so snarky and sarcastic? I actually prefer Wonderfalls to Dead Like Me. Whatever the reason it resonates with me in a way that few non-Joss shows do, in fact I can probably count them on the fingers of my two hands.

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