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September 21 2004

Common Rotation Visit the UK. Contains all the dates and venues for Adam Bucsh's band who are playing in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You must be over 18 to visit the Glasgow and Manchester sets.

Bah, I can't go to the Manchester date as I'm already going to a gig that day (as I stated in the previous thread on this topic) but sadly none of the new dates are close enough for me to go to :( I hope they go down really well and so come back again asap.
Oops, just got my Internet back on and didn't see the other thread

Sorry RavenU!
Hehe, I nearly pointed out that RavenU had already posted this but there has been some new dates added since then so figured it was ok to post it again. It is a different site as well.
Dangit... I'm in the UK the 9th through 15th... hmm...
The Troubadour is an interesting venue to play at. Waaay smaller than CR's last London gig at The Scala, though. The Troubadour is a tiny upstairs cafe (steet level) and downstairs club (basement level). I don't think the capacity could be much over 150. Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones used to play there back in the 60's. I haven't been there in YEARS. I think it's been refurbished since I was last there, in fact.

Should be a good gig, though...
Yeah, the Life Cafe is a similar size. I figured it's cause they're not really gonna be known over here other than with us Buffy fans. Four Star Mary usually only play slightly bigger venues when they tour, ditto Nerf Herder so apparently association with Buffy isn't enough to garner a huge UK audience sadly.

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