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September 21 2004

You're my Angel: A look at the Angel PALz exclusive. A first look at the figure that will be available exclusively through Diamond Comic Distribution.

LOL! Oh my gawd what a cute thing! And they even got his tattoo? Oh, no, this just slays me! The cross burn? LOL! *wipes eyes*
Something about these are scary and, well....scary.
Words fail me.
"Scary" just doesn't say it adequately...

But bizarrely cute.
So bizarre it's uber-fabulous.

I wonder how much these things are. And could I really go to a comics store and ask for this "Angel" with a straight face?
Soooo cute! Faith, you're going to get me started on another collection yet. Must resist....
lol, that's utter madness. I am now afraid, of both the people who would make such a thing and the people who would buy it.

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