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September 22 2004

Traversing the Toronto Film Fest. Scott Heim, the author of 'Mysterious Skin' weighs in on the movie version of his novel. He also describes what Gregg Araki, Michelle Trachtenberg, and the rest of the cast, were up to during the film festival.

The link above sends you to Scott's blog that he links to through his official site. At the time I'm posting this story, the entry I'm referring to is the one that's most recent. In the future, though, you may have to scroll down and look for the journal entry made on September 18th, 2004.

There's a link to the premiere photos. Michelle looks amazing! She's simply gorgeous. I wish I could view the larger pictures though.
There were indeed some nice photos taken during the various events :)

A couple of sites showcase the pictures in a more readily viewable form. If you dig through the news archives of Operation Watcher there are a lot of photo galleries pertaining to Mysterious Skin. For example, this gallery showcases a nice photo-shoot of MT and her cast-mates.

And the major MT fan sites such as Delicate: seem to have quite a bit of coverage. For example, there's a heap of Mysterious Skin pictures if you scroll to the bottom of this gallery at Delicate. A lot of images from premieres/parties/sightings, etc.

So in terms of pictures those are a few places to check out :)

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Thanks, Inverse. I'll check 'em out.

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