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September 24 2004

As bad as Moonies, these people. "Something called the Whedonverse Multimedia Project issued a press release, outlining their plan to get the works of Joss Whedon creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly into public libraries all over the U.S. and Canada."

Snarky columnist for free daily paper disses Buffy fans. He does it quite often.

This tickled my funny bone even though I suffer from "this terrible affliction." I can see where the stated goal of the Whedonverse Multimedia Project might come off as looney to the unitiated. Having experienced more than once a "deer caught in the headlights" look from people I've enthused to about BtVS, Ats and Firefly, I can relate to the larger struggle of the Whedonverse "Moonies." May they prevail in their mission!

I wonder if dissing Buffy quite often in his paper means that this columnist secretly loves BtVS but hates himself for his secret passion. It is, for him, the Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name. Yup, that's my interpretation and I'm sticking with it.
Question: What are moonies??
nychick, this page ought to help anser your questions Moonies

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LOL! Yes, I've a terrible affliction to the Whedonverse and, what's worse, I'm spreading it to others! Oh, the horror!

(Breath...breath) That's too funny. Should we invite Mr. Rick McGinnis for a discussion? I'll give him two minutes before he folds and runs.

What's really funny? The more these people wave their arms and scream "Buffy bad", the more people check it out for themselves. Keep screaming.
Please remember that if you are quoting something, use the double speech marks. I have edited your post to do just that.

Regarding the Whedonverse project, well I think it's a great idea.
Sorry, Simon. Thanks for the edit.
I think the project is great too. In our library system we have the first 3 seasons of Buffy but that is all. We need them to come here.
I've really got to hand it to these guys. They've got so much gusto when it comes to the 'verse! What a great idea to put B/A/F in libraries! Just that many more people that will discover the shows.
That's too funny.

If the donations to the libraries actually cause people to USE the dictionaries in the library, to cause them to look up literary and cultural references in books or on the Internet, or through Joss's Firefly commentaries look up something about existentialism or, egads, even read Sartre's Nausea, then the real benefits of having the DVDs in the libraries will have been achieved.
Forgive me. That was directed towards the article, not the cause. I'll support this project because it's a good thing to do.
I must admit to being annoyed at the line "...which obviously need Buffy more than, say, new dictionaries or actual printed books." I know this was probably a throwaway line, but a couple of things pop to mind:

1. So anything on paper is inherently superior to nonpaper? Nonpaper things should be dismissed out of hand? That's the kind of old thinking that's getting more and more media companies in trouble. Plus this reminds me of the same lines about comics not being a valid artform. As you here well know, Buffy is more involving and evolved than a majority of the hidebound products in the library. Are they saying a season of Buffy is less valuable than a good bodice-ripper or say Sweet Valley High books? I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but :)

2. I've never seen anyone go for a dictionary in my library and have there not be one. Its not like a new dictionary is needed EVERY year. The reference section of my library tends to be a lot better stocked than say the Scifi rack. Single side of one bookcase... vs. the reference STACKS. AN entire section.

3. This assumes that people who donate to the 'verse mm project don't otherwise contribute nonspecifically at their local library. Just because I shell out for a set of discs doesn't mean I don't also donate actual books and money to purchase books; besides which its my money to spend. We don't all like mysteries, we don't all like sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction about cowboys, etc... I have also donated time to help out at my local library on occasion.

Anyway perhaps I should stop ranting now.

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that columnist is obviously concealing a secret identity as a small warty toad.
That's a nice little chuckle.

That project sounds good. Is anyone here affiliated?
Funny, if the columnist had looked at the website that was provided in the press release he'd know we're encouraging the donation of printed material too - Buffy and Angel novels! What self-respecting cult wouldn't try to proliferate all the merchandise related to their exalted one? *grin*

I'm an organizer of the project. I try not to post very often since I tend to suffer from foot in mouth disease with regards to stating my opinions on things.

You are a Warrior for The Good. No, a Warrior for the Magnificent! More power to you.

And zeitgeist, good rant. I agree with all your points wholeheartedly.
Buffy fans. I swear, one day, medical science will find a cure for this terrible affliction.

Not in this lifetime, or any other. :)
Even if a supposed "cure" were to be discovered, I think I much prefer having this so called affliction. And, well, I plan to continue having it and spreading it. Does that make me a public nuisance?
I am like patient zero with the addiction spreadage over here. I'm the monkey from Outbreak on amphetamines (metaphorically natch) with the speed and severity with which I cause Whedonworship outbreaks :)

-Zeitgeist, Whedon-vangelist - Proudly Contaminating the Normals Since... er I forget

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Having experienced more than once a "deer caught in the headlights" look from people I've enthused to about BtVS, Ats and Firefly
hahaha! yeh, my mum was like 'maybe you should stop watching for a little while...' after i holed myself in my living room for 3 weeks to watch the first 5 seasons, and i'm like 'noooo...i havn't watched the last 2.' and she was like 'creepy obsession much?" then i introduced it too her and the other night ( a week after we finished season 7) she's like 'i think we should start over again, i feel kind of empty not watching it.' hehehe! proud spreader of buffyverse terminal afflictions

Plus this reminds me of the same lines about comics not being a valid artform.
don't get me started on those people, they're sooo stupid! i knows its art because i do it as part of my ART subjects, morons
It's a wonderful project. If anyone is intersted in checking out the project, you can find more infomation here:

By the way, Joss' hometown library is first on the hit list.
I work at the Circulation Desk at Harvard's Widener Library and I'm proud to say that we have all the way up to Season 5 of Buffy on DVD in our collection, with lots of other Whedonesque goodness on order! The DVDs are always circulating, by the way, so the Buffy love is alive and well here at Harvard University.
Lioness, outstanding post for a good cause. Mod, would you please send my e-mail address to Lioness? I'll complete that library with Buffy and Angel DVDs.
Amusingly enough, my hometown (wellington, new zealand - home of the hobbit), has a buffy section in the library. They also have cerebus the aardvark graphic novels. how cool is that?
giles (yes...) that is one of the coolest things I've heard all week :)
Madhatter, That would be mighty kind of you! You'd be sending them a long way though - unless you bought them through a local online store.
The first 3 seasons, like the 2 Buffy CDs, are never in -which is a good sign
Lioness, let me worry about that. This is just one Whedonesque member doing the right thing for another. Why don't you include your library's e-mail address in this thread. I'll contact and take care of the rest.
I posted this some time ago on and it stopped the discussion dead. But oh well. I worked for the St. Louis County Library for 9 years. And there, at least, all you have to do is ASK the library to buy something and they will. (Documentations, reviews etc. help). All the Blake'7, all the Dr. Who, all the I Spy show videos they bought because I (or usually a hapless minion patron at my behest) asked them too. Ditto "Firefly" and ditto---finally!---Angel Season 3 and Buffy Season 6.
Most libraries are busy building UP their DVD collections. They bring in new patrons who also may read---ta da!---books.
I agree with you but there is just so much money and MANY DVDs. I work for our library and it just isn't that easy. There are many requests, for books, DVDs, CDs, databases, etc.
Madhatter, I've emailed the moderator to send each other's addresses, so we can take this offline.

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