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September 25 2004

David and James to appear on MTV UK when they're over for the Halloween convention in London. And in related news, there's a bit of blurb about James doing a new photo shoot for the event here.

I wish I could go to this. It sounds like it will be great - if it was in the US I could maybe swing it but in England it becomes unaffordable for me. Bummer.

Well I will have to rely on the Whedonesquers for details - oh and pictures too - oh and how about some wonderful clips like RavenU did for the last convention??
I am as "green as Lorne" with envy...
I don't know of any Whedonesque posters going to this event so we may have to rely on other sites for info.
Hopefully someone can tape this and put it on a website.
How can you get a video recording onto the internet?
I'll be there Simon and babbling away at length when I return
Great stuff, then I shall post a thread sometime that Sunday night for people to post their reports :).
Simon - I will also be at the event - I may even try to sneak over to White Room as well - I have tickets to both.

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