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September 25 2004

Charisma Carpenter 'Charmed' promo pics. She looks great.

Now that's the Charisma I remember! She looks hot! Just like in Angel season1. I think she'll be good on "Charmed".
She's not completly ugly....

(Sorry, how do you do the sarcasam font again?)
Time has been kind to her, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

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*drool* what a hot-mamma-yamma
I'm thinking she looks hotter here than in the Playboy pix! These pictures are more appealing when something is left to the imagination.

There's always room the world for the likes of Charisma Carpenter.

What a beautiful woman.
Now there's a rack to write home about. Too bad about the personality thou, yap yap yap.
she looks so much better with long hair
I've always thought Cordelia was the prettiest of the gang, especially on Buffy and early Angel. Glad to see her long hair is back, even though it has to be extensions, they look beautiful!
Hot Damn! That woman's gorgeous! So I hate her, naturally.

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2004-09-26 10:06 ]
She looks fabulous. Clearly, having a child and getting older does not mean the end of a woman's physical attractiveness. As much as wearing fewer clothes seems to suit her (hah!), wearing a few more years of life experience so gracefully suits her even more. She's a stunning, mature woman in her prime. Now if only she were amicable to Cordy being resurrected for an AtS project...
Yeah she looks great. Amazingly great considering it's been 8+ years since Buffy started and she had a baby recently. And yes her long hair is ravishing. (Let's all forget the hair disasters that were seasons 3 and 4 of Angel. What WAS she thinking?)

Still, it's kinda sad that her looking great (basically being another piece of sexy eyecandy on Charmed...ptui! Let us speak of it no more!) is the most positive thing there is to say about all this. Shouldn't be that way.

She's looking incredibly hot, great for a woman who had a baby recently.

Have her breasts got bigger? I'm sure they weren't that big in Playboy.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-09-26 12:00 ]
Ghost Spike, it's a WonderBra thing. She's very well-endowed indeed but that type of bra pads the underneath and pushes what's already there upwards to make excessive cleavage. Because she already has a nice, full rack, the bra makes her looks *really* big. I did a double take at first too before I realized. For a minute I was worried she'd had some work done or something...
Did anyone watch the episode? Was she any good?
I really wish I could say something good about this episode. Yes, I did see it and granted I don't like Charmed and only watched it for Charisma, but sadly it broke my heart and I found it to be a waste of time and talent. Charisma was only in maybe 2 scenes that were silly and almost unbearable. I love Charisma, I truly do and I want to support her and all the actors/actresses from the Whedonverse on their other projects, but truthfully I don't think I could watch Charisma on Charmed again. I don't see how this could have benefitted her career. Maybe she just did it for fun. I really hope she doesn't shun or devalue her time on Angel (no matter what difficulties she may or may not have had) because she honestly deserves something so much better than Charmed!! Charisma looked wonderful though!
I watched the episode and it was a little better than the previous two pieces of junk this season. Charisma was beautiful. The character? Reminded me of Cordy, but in all fairness whenever I see Charisma, I think Cordy. It could've been transferance.
Okay, I haven't watched Charmed in a couple of years but I watched because of Charisma and I wish I hadn't. I thought the show was worse than I remembered, the acting and writing were really bad all around. Charisma seemed to be playing a toned down Cordelia but came across as a very similar character. Her acting seemed really bad but it could've been the lame dialogue. I won't watch again because it was that bad. I think if ME offered her a chance to play Cordelia again she should thank them and accept it. I don't think she has tremendous acting skills to begin with but they knew how to write for her and how to direct her. This seemed like a role that any woman with a great body could've done because there didn't seem to be any uniqueness or depth to the character.
I watched this specifically to see Charisma and was disappointed that she had so little screen time. I caught Charisma on an episode of The Division (Lifetime Network) a few days ago. She was a big part of that episode (though she spent most of her time in a hospital bed). In both shows she was put in very cordy-like situations but, surprisingly, I didn't get a Cordelia vibe from either perfomance. I think the dialogue is what kept me from seeing Cordelia in either charactor. For me, her acting was solid on both shows but she is capable of so much more.
I watched too and was disappointed - seriously I didn't actually time it but if CC was onscreen for more than 5 minutes I would be surprised.

I really don't like Charmed; however this is the first time I have ever seen Nick Lacky (I may have spelled his name wrong) and I have to admit he is very sexy and hot. Kind of reminded me of a young Harrison Ford.
I watched half of it (the second half)and thought it was an incredibly boring episode. I can't believe the WB prefers this garbage over Buffy and Angel...
I agree that CC looks great, but regarding all the comments about being a new mother, I have to say that you either lose the 'baby weight' during the baby's first year or not at all. As her son's almost two, I think, it's not really a factor any more.
Well, I watched Charmed. Unfortunately. Am I the only one that thought it looked like a very poorly acted/written attempt at a 'Spin the Bottle' or 'Band Candy'? The girls couldn't decide if they were teenagers or 5 years old. One minute their talking about boys very excitedly, and the next minute they're clinging to their mom's leg....And their voices...sounded like they were trying to be 5, but the content was teenagery....

And Charisma...well, she hasn't moved up. But she did look gorgeous. And I'm beginning to think that's the point of Charmed. So I guess, job well done for her.

And yes, throughout, Ed and I were going... "And Angel gets cancelled..."
Oh man that was baaad! And yes, 'Band Candy', 'Spin the Bottle' that type of thing. And with that Leo guy, they're trying to do a 'Dark Wesley' but the writing and the acting were grating. I had hoped it wouldn't be that bad but, pfffff. The writers clearly had no idea what to do with the concept. The characters were supposed to be regressed to childhood, but it was so inconsistent. Sometimes they seemed to be the worst behaving 4 year-olds in the world, and then sometimes they'd be acting like horny teenagers. And the bad. So over the top. They had no more clue than the writers and they mostly came across as the meanest retarded girls in the world instead of being childlike. Embarrassingly bad. WWBD said it best; garbage.

As for Cordy, her scenes were indeed a waste. She got to wear the outfit, stand around a cauldron, make Cordelia-esque remarks and sneer a lot. Wasn't even really a part.

And good grief, every single time I watch an ep I see at least 6 ways they're ripping off the Buffyverse. Brrrr, need a shower now.
One could teach a tv writing class on "how to" (Buffy) vs. "how not to" (Charmed). To the uninitiated the two shows seem to belong to the same universe but oh, boy are they creatures of wildly differing species. I didn't watch the Charisma episode because the few times I've watched Charmed I get annoyed at how bad it is. The writing, the structure, the concepts, the camera work - it's all so gratingly paint-by-numbers and shoddy. And yet it sells. Why? Why oh why? Could it really just be all the bosoms? Or the fluffy cotton candyness of it? Does cotton candy calm people or make them feel better after a long day? Me, I take a "bite" of cotton candy and realize a second later it's just air and sugar. Buffy, Angel, Firefly - they're like a six course gourmet meal, running the gamut from savory to sweet and filled with complex layers of spice and flavor in every morsel.

I'm glad Charisma is "out there" in the public eye but she deserves better than Charmed. May she find it soon.
For those of you who think this episode was horrible, I was serious when I said it was better then the previous 2 episodes. I don't know why I watch the show. It's like watching a trainwreck... I know I should look away and shield myself, but I just can't seem to make my eyes avert.
I watched it for first time since they killed off Prue in S1, just for Charisma. Never again. It was abysmal (terrible isn't even a strong enough word for it), for all the reasons everyone else has listed above. Enough said. Now, can I have that 45 minutes of my life back?
Rogue S and Ed, those were my impressions too - that it was trying to copy BtVS and AtS episodes where they revert to their younger days. They were supposed to be teenagers yet they acted like they were five. I also thought the grandmother acted the Endora from Bewitched. The whole show was horrible all around and definitely should've been cancelled. It made me sick watching it knowing that Angel is gone and that crap was allowed to have another season.

And I can't understand Charisma's comments that she'd love to do more on that show and have her role extended. I know she may need the work but they could've put any chick with big knockers in that outfit and told her to read the lines and it would've been exactly what we got from Charisma. There wasn't any substance or uniquenss to that role at all.

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