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November 29 2002

Willow's Problem is Not Power. This is an analysis of Willow's Season Six meltdown. Slightly dated but still worth a read.

Oh no, not that guy. Why do they even bother after they quit watching Buffy?
To play the devil's advocate here, he did represent a significant minority of fans who felt very dischanted with BtVS after Tara was killed off.

But though I enjoy his writing, I accept that killing off Tara was not done as part of some 'agenda'.

And whilst I miss her on the show, I think it was a very dramatic and very powerful way of sending Willow over the edge. If Tara wasn't around , it would have been Oz who would have got killed off.
prolific says:
> *snap*

I'm curious as to what was meant by this, um, sound.
It means the previous post said what I'd have said had I been there first.

I'm tired of disgruntled fans who stick around just to sully names and sow discontent. It's that love/hate thing that flips like a switch and it's rather scary. If the show isn't written to your liking anymore, why not bugger off and find joy elsewhere.

Just read this quote somewhere:
"Clark Gable once remarked to David Niven that, when it came to the contract between a star and his public, the public had read the small print and the star hadnít. All it took was one tiny violation and the adoring crowds turned into a baying mob."

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As someone wrote not too long ago, "You can never argue with a fan; you can only enrage him [or her]."

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