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September 26 2004

Mostly Positive Review of X Men #5 from MediaSharx, but not as praising as some of the other reviews. "Joss Whedonís run on Astonishing X Men is far from revolutionary and thatís o.k. Heís not out to reinvent the X-Men or revitalize them".

Personally, I think writing good, engaging characters and good, moving stories qualifies as reinvention and revitalisation of the X-Men... if not superhero comics in general. I think Scott [the review at MediasharX] misses just how significant the return of good storytelling to the X-Men is. Why do you think Astonishing X-Men is busting records?

Thats what I love about Joss - he's an amazing storyteller in the traditional mould. What made buffy amazing wasn't the "innovation" of using horror as a metaphor of fears (hello, its what really good horror does! e.g. alien), it was the innovation of telling sophisticated, intelligent, evovling stories featuring sophisticated, intelligent, evolving characters... and doing it on TV. Wow. The same is true of Firefly. A Western in Space ain't that new, a good Western in Space is new.
So this reviewer admits that the storytelling, dialog, characterisation etc. are good.

But because it isn't REVOLUTIONAIRY it doesn't deserve a 4/5.

Well personaly, I find that this is Joss Whedon's love letter to the Chris Claremont days which he read as a kid, and that while the stories might not be revolutionairy, the characterisation is at it's best it's ever been.
What really gets my goat is that nothing has been revolutionary about the X-Men in 10 years. They've been done to death by the best and by now even the best rerun old ideas. Just do it in a good and engaging way and have a fresh style is all I ask. And Joss does that in spades.

Morrisson did practically nothing but rerun old plots too and he admitted as much. Just do it right. Nail the characterization. Give it a good spin. Make me laugh, make me care. Great art helps too.

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