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September 28 2004

A Lost Message from David Fury to his Angel fans. "Hope some of you got the chance to see Part 1 of LOST (the pilot). And I hope some of those that did, liked it."

"(do I still have Angel fans?)"

Indeed you do, Uncle Fury, indeed you do!

And, no name-calling at Smileime!
He is a man I would like to meet, I must admit.
I miss you, Uncle Fury.
He is a man I would like to meet, I must admit.

Come live in LA, Simon.
"Once you've seen these episodes, I'm sure you'll agree... Steve DeKnight was carrying me all those years," he laughed."

I love this man. Fury was responsible for some of the most subtly excellent Buffy episodes around. People talk about their favourites and they think of OMWF, Hush, Restless, Superstar and the like, but having gone through the ones he penned recently there's just a whole bunch of great stuff there. Helpless, Choices, Crush, Grave, Gone. I love them all.

On top of that, although there's something of a myth that every actor in Hollywood is best friends and live in a giant house together, does anyone else get the impression that the ME writers became genuine friends? They all seem to genuinely get along.

Then, on top of that, Lost 101 was really good. They've got a good concept to get going with and they've got off to a good start. Here's hoping they can carry it forward.
does anyone else get the impression that the ME writers became genuine friends?

That would be not wrong.
Darn tootin Uncle Fury! You DO still have Angel fans =)
Just to let everyone know, there's a David Fury shoutout thread on the ABC Lost message board.
Awww, don't be a silly-head! Of course we still love you, Uncle Fury! Stop by anytime and we'll tell you in person. And you wear pants, at least, which is a lot more than I can say for that DeKnight fellow.

Honestly, DF's the primary reason I gave Lost a chance, because his name being associated with it guaranteed to me I wouldn't be wasting my time. Great to hear I've got upcoming DF-penned episodes to look forward to!
Love Fury's work. (Love you, Uncle Fury!) Love his writing and let us not forget - his fabulous acting: Mustard Man, Goat Sacrificer, Gregor Framkin. Am I leaving anything out?

Not surprised to find out that the ME writers are genuine friends. It's lovely to have that confirmed by Allyson, though.

Like Wiseblood, Fury is the only reason I've checked out Lost, which I liked very much. May Fury continue to flourish...
He's got to do a cameo in Lost!

Loved the first episode, will make sure I catch the rest!
Unless the premise changes significantly, I don't think we'll see a lot of cameos in Lost.
Well, maybe I'll give Lost a few more episodes chance. Maybe DF can hook me.
Cameos are very possible in Lost. They'll flashback on the lives of the people on the island and why they were on that plane, which is important, because a change of scenery is always nice.
From IMDB news "Disney President and COO Bob Iger, who is CEO Michael Eisner's choice to succeed him, was "furious" with former ABC Entertainment Chairman Lloyd Braun for greenlighting the pilot for Lost, which has become the biggest new hit of the season, the New York Post's "Page Six" column reported today (Tuesday), citing an unnamed source. "He hated the show -- he thought it was awful and was really angry the pilot cost $12 million. He got Michael Eisner on his side and fired Lloyd. But now the show is the biggest success ABC has had in a long time, so who's lost now?" the Post's source said. A spokesman for Disney called the report "ridiculous."

The way I read this, the guy who championed the show is out, and the guy who hates it is in charge....

Shal we start a pool now? I'll say five episodes...
It would be great if DF could cameo on Lost. I sort of thought the pilot that Jack and Kate discovered in the cockpit looked a little like him at first, but then he got eaten (or whatever), and I decided that seemed more like something Tim would do.

(Wouldn't it be funny-ironic if Fury could get TM to do a cameo on Lost as a character who ended up dying? Or is that just sick? Maybe both. Oh well. TM is responsible for whetting my TV blood-thirst, so it makes sense in my head. ;)

Hey, Allyson, do you happen to know if the guy getting sucked into the plane engine in the first episode was a nod to Whedon/Firefly fans?
Dunno. I don't know JJ at all, and he wrote it. I had to talk to his assistant a couple of years back about a project, and she mentioned that JJ and Joss were friends, but I'm all unspeculatey.
Hey If you all check out electricspacegirls link you'll see the man himself posted, or it could be an impostor, But I'm choosing to believe its him.
If I were older (onle 21), and lived anywhere near LA (hello, Ohio), I'd marry that David Fury. I love him that much.
JJ has mentioned in interviews that he and Joss are friends. I don't know that they'd have time to watch each other's shows, though.
Yes! DF responded to his shoutout. How sweet. Makes me feel all glowy inside. Really. This is not sarcasm. See? No sarcasm font. I feel special. :)
Yeah, I think we all need to drop by the ABC thread and give Uncle Fury a hug. About those ratings, they increased in the second half-hour from 17.3 million to 18.7 which means words of mouth was traveling about this show. That really impressed the ABC. Got to mark my calender in red to catch those Fury penned episodes.
I hope the flashbacks don't extend back beyond the plane and the characters' shared history. I hope it's just about what the world made the characters as seen in this situation and there's no change of scenery. It just seems that without strong ground rules the show could get unfocused and less interesting fast. I could be way wrong.
I just wanted to say that I watched the complete pilot last night and I absolutely loved it. The flashbacks were used to advance the storyline. There are more surprises and answers revealed, but there are more questions raised. I'm very impressed with the format. I don't know if they will have flashbacks to the people's lives before the plane trip, but if they do, I trust they will be used to build the story arc. I think that's a great technique.

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