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October 01 2004

Joss Whedon's X-Men is still Marvel 's biggest selling title. Which will no doubt play a major factor in them trying to keep him on after issue 12.

Those overall numbers made me smile. Remember the critic that pounded on Joss due to the low sale numbers of issue #2? Who's laughing now. I'm sure Marvel will bar and lock the doors to keep our talented Joss Whedon from escaping after issue 12 is completed.
It's kinda off topic, but also related.

I was talking with a friend the other day about this whole Joss and X-men thing. All this buzz about AXM, it's mostly WHedon fans, X-Fan and COmic Fans related, but it's already great marketing and promotion for Joss.

Nevertheless, all the buzz concerning Joss and the X_Men Movie francise it's even wider, less niche located, which is even greater promotion. Have you guys thought about the commercial effect that might happen if Joss is actually confirmed as the handler of X-3.

I know, I know, it'll force him to push back some Buffyverse or Firefly-verse project, and a lot of us doens't wish that. But even then WHedon wasn't always a guy who only dedicated himself to only one thing, and he could always delegate to one of the other former ME alums. If Joss and X-3 is confirmed, it will cause interesting ramifications on the X-men movie francise, but I think mostly it will be even better, commercially wise for Serenity.

How come? People who din't know about Joss' shows or other projects (WHERE WERE YOU IN THE LAST 10 YEARS???), will start wondering who is this dude. And with the a balanced marketing and PR from Universal, we'll have a lot of people going to watch Serenity, just to get their share of a little bit of Joss Whedon.

Well, just some musings that wanted to share with you guys...

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On Numfar's OT (he started it ;-p) - My hopes for Joss and the X3 have fallen a little, since another writer has been announced (Simon Kinberg - the story is here: Of course, Joss may still direct, but it just seems less likely - and I'll sure miss his writing if he does.
Continuing the OT, why isn't David Hayter the writer on X3? I mean, really. I need my Solid Snake to be doing things other than... Solid Snaking.
And this OT thread can be continued in the thread Faith has posted.

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