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October 01 2004

Common crew for the Whedonverse and Veronica Mars... Since there is a connection, does this mean that we can officially discuss Veronica Mars on the site?

From IMDB:

Kurt Kassulke - Sound re-recording mixer for Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, Firefly

Justin M. Lubin - Still photographer for Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel

Scott Remick - second assistant director for Veronica Mars and Buffy

Man, I've really enjoyed the first two episodes. With those ratings, it's probably wrecked, though.

If we can't discuss Lost with godlike scribe/producer/actor David Fury's strong connection to that show, I'm thinking that chances aren't good for Veronica Mars. Fun about the crew connections, though.

Man, another Veronica Mars fan. Must check this show out. When's it on?
Wow. Those are pretty weak connections.

Phlebotinin: UPN airs new eps Tuesdays at 9 PM EST.
MTV shows the previous week's episode Tuesdays at 7 PM EST
Cool. Thanks Invisible Green. I'll check it out, I swear I will.
Just go to TWoP. They've got forums for both Lost and Veronica Mars. I kinda understand the mods point, even though we all feel so comfortable here and want to chat with each other about these shows, they really aren't very Whedon-y.

I appreciate you mods setting up the flickr for us to chat on, that was really cool of you, but I find that format foreign and awkward for some reason. Also, nobody really goes there. It's more fun here.

Geez, set in my ways, much?
The author of the Veronica Mars recaps at TWOP actually likes the show. That's got to count for something.
The TWoP recapper, Couch Baron, also recapped "classic" Buffy episodes (episodes from Seasons 1-4 recapped after they originally aired) so he's got some high school heroine chops. And you're right electricspacegirl, he's giving much love to Veronica Mars.
In my opinion, Veronica Mars is the best new show this season (even better than Lost). Although there are no major Whedonverse connections, the show's ability to mix crisp dialogue, teenage angst, humor, suspense, dark drama, and female power into an hour of solid entertainment can only be described as Buffyesque. Since this may be the last time this show is discussed on this blog, I urge everyone to watch Veronica Mars. It may help you cope with Whedon withdrawal.
To those who have watched it, is this a show that you don't have to see the first couple of episodes to know what's going on? And is it on the verge of being cancelled already? If it is, I don't know if I want to start watching yet another great show that gets cancelled after four episodes.
Well bl, she pretty much recapped all we learned in the first ep - in the second ep. Does that make sense? It looks kind of funny the way I typed it. So maybe she'll do it again. I know they are just starting out, but I kept saying "Yeah? We know this! Move on..."

So I guess if you already know the gist of the story, you haven't missed too much yet.

(sorry to keep with the posting about VM, mods! I'm stopping now. Love ya! :D)
There is nothing to stop people from discussing Veronica Mars at WhedonesqueChat. I'd rather we didn't discuss here thats all.

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