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October 04 2004

Jonathan M. Woodward recalls filming last FF ep. Also notes Fillion, a natural leader on- and off-camera, didn't know he was to film entire scene nekkid in Trash. Nice Firefly-centric report from Sunnydale Central 3 in Toronto.

that was a great read, thanks for the post!
Love him. Wasn't he referring to his own nude scene in "The Message"? I couldn't quite tell...
Yes, that was a good read. I also got the impression he was referring to his scene in 'The Message'.
Man, now I'm remembering the end of The Message and have become sad. It's easier to not think about Firefly sometimes...
That was great! I love these behind the scenes articles because they are always so enlightening and so well done! I also agree that he was referring to his own nude scene and not Nathan's.
Was Jonathan a poster her once? Or was that anothe ME actor?
Re question of nekkid filming . . . you are *all* probably right JMW was the "he" reference in the new paragraph, even though there was a long Nathan (as subject) description before that. Oh, well. Sorry.
Well, it is hard to tell because the subject was Nathan just before that. That's why I was asking...

He did post here once. I think he offered tickets to his play. I never found out if anyone got to go.
No need to be sorry, Drifter. The first time I read the post, I also thought he was referring to Nathan Fillion's 'Trash' scene. I couldn't remember JMW being nude in 'The Message' so I had to watch it again. The point is, you shared a great story with us and we did what we always do. We talked it out and shared our knowledge to find the truth of the matter. This is what sets Whedonesque apart from others.
Apocalypse - yup - to promote the play he was doing
Now I'm not a big FF fan, having only seen a couple of episodes (and planning someday to get the DVDs so I can watch them in the right order) but I saw a clip of a scene with someone in a coffin and the cast standing around as they listened to a recording, don't know if it was JMW. But this was a take with Nathan goofing around, as the camera moved around from one person to the next he managed to be standing next to every one. Towards the end they were all starting to crack up. Looked like a happy set.
Agree with Madhatter, no need to apologize Drifter. Thanks for the great link. I honestly didn't remember his character being nude either right away and I also would've thought it referred to Nathan's character if I hadn't remembered.
Jonathan was a sweetie. He had some stories of silliness on the set that were great to hear - puppet Angel biting J's head for instance.
When was Jonathan Woodward on "Buffy"?
He was in 707 - Conversations with Dead People. Holden the vamp Buffy talks to in the graveyard.
Which is one of my favorite scenes in BtVS. I read some place where Drew Goddard said that Joss wrote the Buffy/Holden scene.
Hehe, no real suprise if he did. Not that Drew Goddard isn't very good, but most of the writers say that anything great in an episode they wrote was probably actually written by Joss :)
Loved Conversations with Dead people because of his conversations with Buffy - I remember watching that episode and just laughing and loving it.

Woodward has been wonderful in every part he had that I have seen him play (Angel, Buffy, Firefly)- he seems to be able to play very likable characters and creeps too. He has a great look, style and voice. I hope to see him working all over, I think he has a big future as a "character actor" (someone who isn't the lead but plays supporting roles)
Passion, he kind of has that Tom Hanks vibe, I think. I hope he has as much success as Tom has. :)
That's right, I think I remember Drew Goddard stating in the DVD commentary that the three conversations were written by him, Jane Espenson, and an uncredited Joss respectively and that Joss' one was the Buffy / Holden scene.
I'm just so happy that more and more of you are discovering the wonderfulness that is Jonathan M. Woodward! Check out several of the films he's been in, too: "Wit", a great-but-hard-to-watch movie in which he is just terrific at being horrible, and then there's "The Year That Trembled", an awful indie flick about Vietnam and the Draft Lottery, in which JMW plays a *good* guy - his performance is the only thing in the film worth seeing.

And later this year, look for him in "The Ballad of Bettie Page".
A little late, perhaps, but lemme encourage all of you who enjoy Jonathan M. Woodward in any capacity to join us at our Yahoo!group for him.

He has won me over with every 'verse role I've seen him in.

BTW - has anyone noticed how much he sounds like Tim Minear? Scary!

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