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"They're a little bit Bison."
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October 04 2004

Kristine Sutherland Interview Part Two. where you can find out which were Kristine's favourite scenes to film, and most importantly, her favourite flavour of Gummibears. And this time you don't need PDF as Slayerverse have kindly written it out!

I agree with her on the humour bit. I watched Underworld last night and it would have been a vastly better movie if someone like Joss had spent even ten minutes adding a bit of humour.

I hope Christine does some more projects, last I heard was she'd gone to live in Italy.
Agree also about the humor...I have often said one of the amazing things about Buffy is that it can be scary, gripping, heartrending *and* funny all at the same time. Uncanny.

Weird about the Gummi Bears--Sandra Bullock is not from Munich (maybe she used to live there), she's from Arlington, Virginia, which where I live (and weirder still, I lived for 8 years in Munich a looooong time ago--I'm 49, if anybody remembers.) And, like Kristine, I love Gummi Bears!
Sandra Bullock's mother is from Germany. I guess that's where they got the Munich connection from.
But WHY did Kristine move to Germany?
Yeah, she's right about the witty humor. One perfect example would be 'Gingerbread' when Willow is arguing with her mother (I've sacrificed goats...see any goats around?). Funny to watch, but sad too because Willow is just seeking some attention from her mother. It takes wit to mix those two emotions on a scene.
How about the scene when you find out (via the goofily-clad Whistler) how Angel happened to come to Sunnydale in the first make something of himself by helping a young girl who didn't yet know she is the Slayer...and help he does...and they fall in love and, tragically, the result of that love is his loss of soul and, potentially, the destruction of the world...all that comes out (and, weren't you wondering about Angel's back story?) in that moment in that rat-infested alley...and this incredibly dramatic and poignant moment is punctuated by Angel saying "I want to learn from you...but I don't want to dress like you."

How on earth does he pull that off?
Off topic FYI

Was watching the Weather Channel this morning and saw Ms. Sutherland in an Advil advert....

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