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October 05 2004

Why Smart Won't Stick at Fox TV Network. Here's producer/director Todd Holland's thoughts on that subject: - "Fox's development is more courageous than their broadcasting," he says.

There's more commentary from TH in an article discussing the show's debut in Canada, which is linked to at the bottom of this one.

Heh, I read that article in The Toronto Sun this morning and wondered if it was post-worthy.

There was a companion article to go with it talking about Wonderfalls airing in its entirety on Vision (here: The most amusing thing about that article is the columnist, Bill Brioux, naming Firefly in his list of sadly cancelled Fox shows that were smart and original...only I clearly remember that during both the pilot stage and at the time Firefly premiered, the columnist hated Firefly. Said "Serenity" was boring (seemed to be in agreement with Fox's decision to shelf it) and that Firefly was a dud. Maybe the DVDs helped him see otherwise.
Good article, Wiseblood. Remember the statement Joss made after 'Firefly' was cancelled? "FOX is a bad network making bad decisions." And the sad truth is it doesn't appear this will change anytime soon. This reminds me of an article I read shortly after the Emmys. Questioning why HBO once again walked away with most of the awards, it stated "Because HBO listens to its subscribers. Fans want programs that are thought provoking as well as entertaining. HBO listens to these fans and they stay the course. Other networks would do very well by following HBO's example." Sadly, I guess FOX didn't get that memo.
I have mixed feelings about the last couple of years of television. On the one hand, I've found a lot of shows that I absolutely love with a passion. Firefly, Wonderfalls, came late to Family Guy and Angel... problem is they all got freaking cancelled. I'm torn between loving what we have of these shows and being bitter and annoyed that they all ended too soon. I'm glad we're getting Serenity of course, I'm glad Family Guy is coming back, I can make my peace with Angel since it ran for 5 seasons and the Buffyverse will live on, but it seems decidedly unlikely we'll ever get anything more relating to Wonderfalls. Roll on the DVDs.

Only new show that seems worth watching so far this season is Lost. Hopefully it fulfills its potential, unlike Tru Calling, and hopefully it doesn't get cancelled like every other show.
I'm with you, Gonnas.

Absolutely EVERYTHING I like gets cancelled. I'm not just talking tv here either. My favorite lipstick color? Cancelled. My favorite skin lotion? Cancelled. My favorite Lean Cuisine? You guessed it. They don't even make my favorite Nike shoe any more! I'm positively amazed Buffy lasted seven seasons.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd be ranting on a street corner by now...
Only new show that seems worth watching so far this season is Lost.

I am unashamed to admit that I also thoroughly enjoyed Desperate Housewives.
I must add Veronica Mars to the list of the year's good shows. However, I'm afraid that it will also be added to the list of cancelled shows before very long. I know what you mean, Willowy, about all your favorite things being cancelled. Every show I've really loved in the past few years has been jerked around. I'm trying not to feel persecuted.
It's funny you mentioned that, Willowy. The slogan on my murphy's laws calender today was "Buy vast amounts of any item you really like because it will soon be discontinued." Too bad that isn't possible with TV shows (sigh).
I just love that you have a Murphy's Law calendar!
Prufrock - I really enjoyed Desperate Housewives too. Also, Boston Legal. James Spader is just awesome. I'm happy with my Sundays until something gets canceled.
I haven't seen Veronica Mars or any of these other shows. I'm in the UK, and you know... well, you know. We only get shows if they last a while and seem like a good investment.

Willowy, blame Tim Minear. He has a lot to answer for. Firefly, Wonderfalls, Angel... I'm not sure whether to love him for helping to make great shows or hate him for being a jinx. Someone must be to blame, and I'm sure the guy has a hand in lipstick production.

Oh yeah, the networks...
Desperate Housewives is my top pick of the new season (and I also just discovered Nip/Tuck on DVD, but that's from last season). Wasn't expecting it to be nearly that good. Unfortunately the title alone is gonna scare off a lot of potential audience. It sounds like both porn and a reality TV series (of course, that may've drawn in a good number of people to the premiere as well. I sure as hell doubt my Dad asked me to tape it for the humor and the stories. Which is fine. It's got a pretty hot cast).

Watched the 2-hour Lost premiere on Saturday. Loving the cast and the concept...very worried about how long they'll be able to keep the ball in the air though. I know we've got JJ Abrams on this as well as a bunch of other talented writers, but it just doesn't seem like a great idea for anything that might end up being longer than one season.

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