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November 30 2002

Buffy S7 scripts on Ebay. Prices for these scripts are higher than I've seen before.

It's been a dry season for shooting scripts, due to ME's crack down on spoilers, but this last week I've seen more mention of them on the boards, so there seemed to some afloat. Lo and behold, a whole bunch of 'em appeared on Ebay this week and good old Psyche's site has one of them. The others will probably follow soon.

Up till now this season, the only script material that was available were some 'casting sides'.

Shooting scripts are interesting to read because they often contain more info than you get to see in the end product such as directional instructions from the writers, bits of dialogue that are cut or changed.

Whoever is selling them should know how to spell Gellar properly.

And expect those script prices to go up and up but its worth it just to have one. I managed to get a Nick Brendon signed 'The Zeppo' script in an Ebay auction. The script writers use these lovely little phrases to describe actions and a script does give a great insight into the show.

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