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October 05 2004

Yahoo tv poll: which movie should Joss turn into a tv series? Choose from six titles which one you think Joss would do best.

This is only today's poll though, so i'm not sure that it will show up tomorrow. How can I make sure the link doesn't change?


Oh, it's not on there? I'll vote for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 'cause THAT would be awesome (dude) *g*
Wasn't there already a Bill & Ted TV series?

Not particularly caring, I voted for The Monster Squad.
I didn't vote.
Was it just me, or did the question sounded kinda stupid, just like they don't really get Joss Whedon, and whoever made the question was just going along the buzz.

Don't know, maybe I'm just reading to much between lines.
No, numfar, the question is extremely stupid.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? I mean come on, that movie was horrible. Why would somebody include it in even a whimsical list such as this, and what does it have to do with Joss?

That's why I didn't vote. I thought I'd try tactics similar to those taught by one's mother when dealing with bullies ...If I don't vote, maybe they'll go away.
Well, for whatever it's worth, X-Men is in the lead with 53% of the votes. Surprise.
Unfortunately, Caleb, that technique does not work with politicians.
There was a Bill & Ted cartoon series.

I voted X-Men, as long as it doesn't have "Charmed" sfx. It needs a proper budget for it to work.
I can envision a Mystery Men series. The movie was mediocre, but the premise was okay. If Joss mostly ignored the movie, as he did with Buffy, it could work.
I went with The Monster Squad as well, Invisible Green
I'd like to see Joss do some Shakespeare.

Not kidding at all.
electricspacegirl, doh! I was gonna try that this election.
I agree that this poll is silly. I also would love to see Joss do Shakespeare. That would be some interesting Shakespeare. And I'm not kidding either.
omg, joss & shakespeare? my two favorite genuises ever! that would be awesome.
I'd like to see Joss do some Shakespeare.

Verily! If Kenneth Brannaugh can do the Bard, why not our Joss? Can you imagine his 'Midsummer Night's Dream'? Or his 'Macbeth'? The mind, it doth boggle. Not that I want JW to spend all his time adapting another author's work, but if I could think of anyone in the world, dead or alive, that I'd like to see him tackle, it would be Shakespeare. And with the regular readings Joss held (or still holds, for all I know) at his house, he's already got a stable of able players who'd probably jump at the opportunity.

Maybe it's on his long-range list of things to do? ;)
I loved Bill and Ted when I was a kid. I voted for robocop. Lots of deep stuff(mostly from the first movie) Joss could do with that character.
I am saddened every time I see one of these forecasts/polls of what Joss should do next - hasn't he already made three 'buffy'-style series (whatever that means) and look at the fate of every one of them - in fact the lifetimes of each of those series seem to be getting shorter! What makes us think there is ANY room for Joss's work amongst the dreck and dross of current TV?

Rest assured there will be room! We all want and need there to be. If there is a network out there that will allow our genius to make what he needs to (hello HBO), then we will elbow the lessers out of the way and damn well MAKE room.

I do believe that the WB realized too late what they had. When the stupid reality monopoly subsides, people will want, nay, NEED true television entertainment again. And who better to bring it?

Yeah, so I'm a fangirl. Paint me with the brush and move on. I still think it will happen. :)
Joss should definitely get his next TV series on a cable network. I don't have cable and can't afford it but I'd find a way to see it anyway. A lot of shows that have been cancelled would have been great on cable. Freaks and Geeks, Firefly, and Wonderfalls - which would have been the perfect HBO series. It's a shame really.
Why would Joss want to turn a movie (by someone else) into a tv series? Seems like a dumb thing to do for someone with as many original ideas as he has.
buffyfanatic18 congrats on posting your first link :). But regarding the poll, it does have some very odd choices.
I'm still hoping for 'Fray' on HBO.
I have tried to amend the link so it's more permanent. We'll see if it works tomorrow :)
Madhatter, so am I. I think it would be the perfect thing for Joss to do next. It would be great if it was HBO, but Joss has proven so many times that he can work around and through conventional network rules and limitations.

Any way he put Melaka up would be phenomenal.
Agree with the idea of Melaka.

I vote for X-Men. :d

But... i`m curious to see what Joss would do with Nighmare of Elm Street
If HBO or Showtime hired Whedon to produce an original tv series for them, I'd get digital cable, except if it wasn't based on an original idea outta Whedon's brain. If he did Bill & Ted the series I'd disown him.

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