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October 06 2004

Famke Janssen on the Joss X-Men 3 rumour. The actress who plays Jean Grey says she has heard about the rumour of Joss taking over but not from close reliable sources. But "I'd really have to look at his take on [it]."

My gut feeling is that Joss will not direct this movie. The other day, I ran across a 'X-Men' article in TV Guide on-line. A source told them that, while Joss was rumored to be in consideration, he/she felt the movie producers were sailing the ship in a different direction. Since they didn't name the source, you must question the reliability. But I for one will be shocked if Joss directs this movie. Not that Joss hasn't shocked me before :)
The next film has to be the Phoenix Saga. I'm kinda glad Singer's no longer in the running for it, because although I respect the work he's done on the first two films, and objectively they're two of the best done costume vigilante genre films for a mainstream audience in cinema history, I don't think Singer's touch will do the Phoenix Saga justice. Whedon could make it work. It's a dark saga with a space theme and it's all over the place. The humor must take a delicate touch to get right. It's grand scope from a very personal perspective. In many ways it's similar to what Whedon has already done in Angel season three. When you look at how Joss handled Cordy's character arc, although the Phoenix plot is different, it's the same feel of a fallible human being becoming possessed and corrupted by unfathomable cosmic power.

Is there anyone else in Hollywood today who has the unique experience Whedon has to tackle this? I'm not saying Joss will direct it - I don't have enough faith in this rumor to believe that - but if they don't get Whedon to direct X-Men 3, it's probably gonna suck. I also hope they get someone other than Famke Jansen to play the part, because as pretty as she is I don't think she's much of an actress. They need someone who can play multiple personalities and simultaneously look tortured and in control. Jansen's been a little unbelievable as a telekinetic, so playing a cosmic god would be a little bit of a stretch. You know who I think could pull it off? Emma Caulfield. ISYN.

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Joss said it would be an interesting challenge for him to direct something he did not write, so he wouldn't do it. So since they have already announced the writer for the next movie. I don't think we'll see Joss directing it.

If you don't want to take my word for it how about Joss's this past August in Chicago. Talking about an interesting challenge, (wmv format).
I don't know how old it is and if it's been linked here before, but did anyone else notice the "Joss Whedon denies rumors" link below the article that said that he'd heard the rumors but hadn't actually been approached by anyone connected to the movie and, while he'd love to do it, he wasn't counting on it at all?
Well, I don't think Joss will be the one to direct it, but I have to say: When has Joss ever turned down a 'challenge'? I mean, he wrote Hush just to challenge himself.

I'd really like to see how he would do the X-Men movies, given the chance, but I'll take what I can get. And a full Joss creation, as opposed to a partial, sounds much more promising.
I really want Joss to direct X3. But if he won`t write it....

They must go with the Dark Phoenix storyline, the evolution of the mutants. A perfect ending for a trilogy.

Please, no re-cast.
I think it would be impossible and unrealistic to expect Joss to write X3 during Serenity's post-production...I would imagine Kinberg will be giving them something to work with (a basic foundation from a story standpoint) just in case Whedon negotiations fall through, and if Joss comes on, he'll rewrite most, if not all, of the dialogue (maybe not the structure). This seems like the only possible way for things to work for Fox, Whedon or not. So I'm not gettin' pessimistic yet!!
What I think is unrealistic is X-fans expecting the third film to actually follow the comic book Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga. I don't doubt that they'll feature some version of it eventually (I don't think it necessarily has to be done in X3, though I'd worry about it never getting done if they waited too long). But if you think any writer/director can fit all the space/Shi'ar Empire stuff into a 2 hour (or even 3 hour) film, resurrect (or "resurrect") Jean Grey, juggle the main cast and give proper service to the unresolved plot threads they already have, and still pull off a sequel that's as balanced and satisfying as're dreaming. What I've heard proposed is that they'll cut out the space aspect and handle it in such a way that the Phoenix has more to do with Jean reaching her full potential. Something like that. It sounds more doable than aliens. You'd lose a lot of the audience with aliens, critics would be harsh, and the movie franchise just doesn't need a bigger scope than it already has. It would be an unnecessary complication. A world with mutants--that's a large enough playground for the writers. They've only just got a strong foothold on what the X-Men's world looks and feels like on film (I thought X2 built on and dramatically improved what was laid down in the first film), I think they should stick with that and tell a few more stories within those boundries.
Some more news about X-Men movie stuff on Dark Horizons. No mention of Joss though.

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