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October 06 2004

Buffy vs. Syd -- who'll kick butt? A reader asks a DenverPost columnist that all important question about who would win in a fight between Buffy Summers and Sydney Bristow.

I think it would be a very good fight, but I think Buffy would win hand to hand combat anyway.
Slayer powers x Spy training. I think "B" would get the better hand of it. Personally I'd be more interested in a confrontation against Irina Derevko.

In some related comments, there's been a few rumors around boards that Gina Torres may reprise her role as Anna Espinoza in Alias' new season, since they've finished Serenity.
Hehe nice question, though clearly since Buffy is a superhero it's an obvious answer? :)
This is like "Who's fastest the Flash or Superman?" You'd think on the surface that Buffy would win hands down, but Syd's plucky and resourceful and would give B a run for her money. The thing is though, why would these two ever fight? Sydney's not a vampire and Buffy's not a spy. They're both on the same side but they're not playing quite the same game. So I think initially they'd meet and have some kinda misunderstanding where they think they're enemies, then as they circle around one another about to come to blows, they'd quip to each other about how they admire one another's fashion sense.

"Nice blouse."

"Gee, thanks! I got it on sale."

"No kidding? Where?"

"Here in town. I'd show you but I have to kick your ass first."

"I'll let you show me after I kick yours."

"Is that leather?"

"No but it looks it don't it?"

"Yeah and not in that imitation leather kinda way which is nice! Do they chafe?"

"Not at all! You must get a pair of these..."

Before you know it they'd just be standing there talking about how to remain trendy on a budget and how to get blood stains out of rayon. They'd compare notes and go beat up on the vampire spy bad guy that secretly brought them together hoping they'd take one another out. Then they'd go shopping. Maybe stop by Starbuck's for a cup of joe. Rather boring fight actually.
Thanks ZachsMind. I needed a good laugh.
Even though I'm an ALIAS fan, when I saw this I immediately thought of the dummy from The Puppet Show. Mwah-ha-hah - BtVS still reigns in my heart.

Buffy could totally kick SYd's ass any day of the week, but Syd could use her trademark I'm-not-a-spy-I'm-a-sorority-girl trick to cleverly escape.

And yes, reliable spoiler sources say that
Okay, if they had to fight, Buffy would kick her butt. Buffy also is plucky and resourseful but has the slayer power and super slayer healing. And besides, Sydney was getting her butt kicked by Lauren (who was smaller and not as well trained) and would've died if Vaughn hadn't stepped in to save her. Buffy would play with her a little and then snap her in two.

A more likely scenerio, though, would be that Buffy quickly realizes that they have been set up and there is no reason to fight. She realizes that Sydney may be an unknown potential slayer that hasn't been activated and she calls on Willow to remedy that. She then puts Sydney in charge of kicking Kennedy's butt, who Willow has gotten sick of but can't seem to get rid of the super stalker slayer. Because of Buffy's moral integrity, she couldn't bring herself to take out Kennedy but Syd is a hired assasin and she wouldn't have any qualms in taking out Kennedy, who really wasn't some rich heiress but the daughter of a Columbian drug lord and heir to his throne.
Yeah, me too at first glance I thought of Syd the Dummy.... hahaha. Silly Us.

Zach: That sounded like another of those bizarre crossover scenarios. Really funny. I wouldn't be surprised to find something like it in the form of a fanfic lying around the net.
The dummy's surname was Bristow? - good grief, I have got to get into the 'real' world. Hang on....
I am somewhat reminded of the Swordsman vs Indy scene in 'Radiers of the Lost Arc'...

Buffy: "Hiiiiii-yaa!!"
Sydney: *BANG*

LOL, ZachsMind! Of course Buffy would win....unless she was distracted by those incredible outfits Sydney tends to wear. Oh gosh....our slayer could be in trouble here. Joss!
blwessels... and Giles *is* that Columbian drug lord *gasp*, who is the father of Buffy and is otherwise involved in ways we don't give a crap about with opening the Hellmouth.

Does Sydney have guns?

So long as the fight isn't with guns, on a tall building, or near a pool of water, I think Buffy would win.

This is kinda similar to Spike and Angel's caveman vs astronauts argument.
Caveman has sharpened rock. Astronaut has Tang. I'm with Spike on that argument. Illyria would agree with me and Spike, cuz she was caveman to Fred's astronaut.

Sabrina versus Willow: now there's a bonafide catfight!
Buffy v. Sydney = Buffy wins unless Syd is revealed to be a Prophecy Girl of Superpowers, which could happen. Then the best outfit is the winner.

Um, Supes v. Flash? Don't mind if I do.

Sabrina v. Willow -- WHY does Sabrina Spellman haunt this site?

Sabrina would defeat Fluffy!Willow, but only after making a dubious magical choice that results in hugely swollen feet for the Westbridge cheerleaders, or Harvey growing a mullet and joining the Oilers.

In a tag team match, Darth Willow would clean Sabrina's clock (dirty!) while Miss Kitty Fantastico beats Salem in a frenzy of youth and cuteness.
Sabrina vs Willow? Don't make me chortle helplessly with mirthless pseudo-laughter. Sabrina would be too busy learning her life-lesson of the week to see it coming. Ms Spellman is Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered Vs Willow's Wrecked on the magical richter scale.

Though Salem vs Miss Kitty Fantastico? - I'd bet on the one with the crossbow (as in "I don't leave crossbows around all willy nilly, not since that one time with Miss Kitty Fantastico" - clearly MKF is a sharpshooter while all Salem can do is whine).
Now, that is no contest. Willow would have smoked Sabrina, no questions asked. OK, I reading too much into this and I should go to sleep. Goodnight good people.
"Sabrina would be too busy learning her life-lesson of the week to see it coming."

That's very, very funny.

Buffy would beat Sydney to a pulp. Caveman wins. Magic Girl beats Technologically-Enhanced, Government-Trained Agents. I love how both Buffy (Season Four penultimate episode) and Angel (Illyria vs. Fred) make this point.
Man I just love that scene with the Caveman vs. Astronaut discussion, it's just so anthologic.
So simple, butso deep and real.

Willow agains Sabrina. That would be funny. I just keep being reminded of Buffy's speech on Chosen. "This woman is more powerful than all of them combined". Sabrina wouldn't even see what hit her.

Miss Kitty Fantastico vs. Salem: plain and simple.
Miss Kitty with Dawn's crossbow, shoots and hits. The End...

But if we get into the discussion of Slayer sis, our very own Dawn Summers and Spy sis (Nadia Santos), that would be another intersting twist.

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When I first read this post title I thought of Syd the dummy too! Although I don't watch Alias so I guess that's why I immediately thought Syd the dummy.

Buffy wins, she is a super hero....

but...Syd doesn't get to change into Electra Nachos (the DareDevil woman) does she???
Nachos? Her last name is Nachos? Like the munchies?
Actually, it's Elektra Nachios I believe. Like munchier munchies.

Even with Elektra-power, Buffy wins. I mean, Elektra got taken out by *Bullseye* for pete's sake.

Completely OT, but maybe EdD or one of you other comic geeks can help me out here: if Elektra can take DD (which she did repeatedly), and DD has kicked Bullseyes's butt on many many occasions, how is it that B could so easily kill Elektra? (OK, (1) I don't know what's happened in the DD world since ish 181, so maybe all this has been rendered invalid; and (2) you'll probably say different strengths make for different match-ups. Maybe so, but it's a battle that has always irked me - well for 20 or so years anyhow. :))
Buffy got me into this whole ... area of the world, and I love it dearly, but.. Ok, so Buffy would win in a fight with Syd, not only because of the super stregnth, but because Syd is the worst-spy-ever. Hello, there's a CLONE living in your HOUSE and she's supposto be your best friend?! And it took you till coffee ice cream to figure it out?! Ok, ok, maybe it'd be a tie because of the whole Buffy-has-issues-with-trusting-evil-things-thing...

I love Buffy, but feel slightly betrayed by the whole... series in general. So, I'm Alias all the way. And I would also like to see the Irina Derevko vs. Buffy fight. Ooo! Better: Irina vs. Faith. I'd pay per view that.
id say this is more like superman Vs. Batman. Batman has the gadgets while Superman has superpowers. I believe that Slayer strengh in a hand to hand combat would be a no brainer, i mean she She can lift her over her head and toss Syd like 40 feet, one punch could possibly knock her out. No contest.

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