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October 07 2004

Animated Buffy may end up on DVD. According to Moviehole "we should be seeing some inked-up Slayer action" the coming year.

Thankyou low, I've been waiting for so on for some news on Buffy Animated. As I don't live in the USA I don't know for sure, but isn't Showtime, in terms of programs similar to HBO? Cause that is only good
And just realized hat Simon posted this from the Bronze Beta earlier! Sorry Simon. Still my question answered would be good
Showtime is a premium cable station that basically wants to be HBO. They air programs like Queer as Folk, The L-Word, and Dead Like Me.
oh thanks Invisible Green
If a network does not pick this up, and the pilot is released on DVD, if it sells well there is always a chance that a network could change their minds. Just look at Family Guy. Buffy is popular enough to pull something like that.
An animated film could be interesting.
Family Guy was a proven concept...As hopeful as I am for BtAS, this concept is not proven and this DVD concept sounds like conjecture.

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