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October 07 2004

Marsters to guest in 'The Mountain'. News from James' official site about a guest appearance on the new WB show. According to TV Guide Online, the episode he is in will air Nov 3rd and he may be playing a recurring character.

I guess this is as good a thread as any to point out that The Mountain delivered only 65% of the audience last night that Angel delivered last year.

And I would once again like to invite The WB to eat that.
On the Mountain? The FReaking Mountain? Oh well, at least it's something. Still not gonna watch though.
Oh, I heard this show was BAAAAD. That's sad. James deserves so much better.
Has anyone posting here watched this show? I'm just curious to hear someones take on it. I know the ratings haven't been good at all yet the WB is promoting it like it's a hit. Okay, I should've learned my lesson with Charisma on Charmed where I gave in and watched but I will probably watch this just because of James. James is such a great actor and I'd like to see him in other surroundings and see how he does. I saw him on Andromeda a couple of years ago but it wasn't really a great role.

What the heck is this Mountain show about anyways?

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I'll watch. What can I say. I haven't seen an episode of this show, but was disappointed to hear nothing good about it, because I do like Barbara Hershey. I think I can stand one bad episode of this show. It's just Charmed I can't watch at all. Ever.
I love James, but this news has me a little upset. I know he needs a way to make money and I look forward to seeing him in new roles, guest or otherwise. Still, the term "Bennedict Arnold," seems to come to mind.
I know this show doesn't have anything to do with the fate of "Angel," but it hurts that he's going to be on the replacement show for their old timeslot (just being on the WB in general seems bad enough).
Even so, if I can forgive Charisma for "Charmed," I guess I can forgive him, too.
OK, I just read a synposis online because I was curious too, blwessels. The main character, I think it said he's 25, returns home, to The Mountain, after his grandfather dies and leaves him a ski resort.
"The Mountain"? Basically, Grand Daddy wins a mountain in a poker game, but then dies and leaves the mountain to the wrong brother (or the brother that doesn't want it). The other brother of course feels betrayed and the drama enfolds. Add romance in there and you've pretty much got "The Mountain"

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OK, I'm torn here. Glad to see our former buffyverse stars get some screen time. Really disappointed with the said shows. And you're correct, prufrock. I've been keeping an eye on 'Angel' former time slot as well. The Mountain is sinking faster than the Titanic. I expect they will try a 'hail mary' approach next (character's death, cliff hangers, ect) to gain ratings.
Forgive him? Benedict Arnold? Over the top much? The guy needs the visibility, for goodness sake.

Still, I guess for some people anything short of Spike Mark 2 or Macbeth just wasn't going to be good enough. Maybe it's best he "breaks his duck" with a crap show and we get all the crying over at once.
The reviews for The Mountain that I've come across have been withering. Scathing.

Yet I will probably watch this out of morbid, sordid curiousity.

Like prufrock, I am gleeful over how poorly the WB's new shows are performing. They're performing abysmally. Hee hee!
Pool Oliver Hudson though. Two shows, both of which ocupied Angel's timeslot, and generate awful ratings. I feel sorry for the bloke.
The fucking WB is only doing this to bring back some of the Angel fans into watching their new piece of shit drama, but all they are really doing is pissing us off making us decide whether or not we want to see James on tv again or want to keep boycotted them becuase they cancelled the best show they had last year and have now replaced it with their worst new show this year. Damn you WB. Damn you straight to hell.
The point is for James is to get some visibility. I hate the WB and nothing in the promos for "The Mountain" appeals to me, but I'll watch his guest appearance. He's a brilliant actor and I want to show my support for him. All he has to do is stand out in the episode and it will help him get the attention of casting directors for better shows. I have a feeling that standing out won't be a problem for James! ;-)
I would watch James read a phone book. I would watch James watch paint dry. I will watch for James--actually I will tape and watch later for James assuming the show isn’t cancelled before his episode airs. I’m happy he’s getting back out there (even though he deserves so much better), but I swear to god if the WB promotes it as “Spike’s back--again--and we’ve got him!” someone’s gonna get hurt.
"..but I swear to god if the WB promotes it as “Spike’s back--again--and we’ve got him!” someone’s gonna get hurt."

bloodflowers, I am gathering a nice pile o' rocks for a stoning should this dreadful "what if" comes to pass.
I'm not an obssessive JM fan, although I like his work, and he is clearly a man of integrity. I know nothing about "The Mountain" (other than the awful billboards of grinning jackanapes), and won't bother to investigate it.

Still, as suggested by several of the posts above, the critical thing is to be working. I hardly see his decision to (a) continue to act; (b) get paid; and (c) maintain his visibility as a sign of betrayal of anything or anyone. Guy's an actor. It's what he does. As far as I know, jobs begat jobs. No job begats squat. (See, I can do biblical).
I'll probably watch it too out of curiosity. Unless it interferes with one of my shows...(checks TV guide)...which it doesn't.

Even though I've never seen The Mountain, I've watched enough Charmed (mostly just having it on in the background) to know that Charmed is probably one of the worst shows on TV. I don't think watching an episode of The Mountain to check out James will be quite as painful. Granted, I didn't watch Charisma's Charmed episode, but I take everyone's word for how bad it was. The Mountain strikes me as another One Tree Hill but with snow. They keep trying to create another O.C. but fail miserably.
"Over the top much?"
Quite possibly.
Visibility is important - funny thing, though. Just by the ratings, I don't see how he'll get much visibility.
Of course, just being on television at all is a good thing (since we know he'll knock the socks off that show), but I don't see how it will help to advance his career any further, since nobody is watching is it. Then again, who knows?
The fucking WB is only doing this to bring back some of the Angel fans

Uh huh, b/c the WB controls every aspect of casting on all their shows, and everything's always about the Angel fans. Way to support the concept that JM could actually win a role by his own merits. Even if it is a role in a fairly crappy show. And the notion that these actors are somehow "traitors" for choosing to take a paying job in a competitive industry when they're not particularly big names who can pick and choose whatever they want to do? Seems a bit hyperbolic to me.

As for the Mountain, I watched 1/2 of the first episode (not by choice) and was really not impressed... it's not godawful, but it's not particularly good. Very soapy, very contrived drama, and I'm not particularly happy about having to sit through an episode to watch JM. But I am going to do it, b/c I support JM and do want to see him in roles outside of Spike. As killinj says, hopefully this will help him to get more attention for better roles in the future (ex rock-'n-roller isn't exactly a departure from the "type" he says he tends to get cast in) since the audience for the Mountain is quite different than that for Angel/Buffy. And it'd tickle me immensely if JM's appearance brought a surge of ratings to the show, b/c then it'd be fairly evident *why* ratings went up and give greater credibility to his drawing power. Not sure it'd happen b/c I'm not sure JM fans comprise *that* large of a segment of the market or that enough people will find out about the appearance or get past their WB-bias to watch, but wouldn't that be funny? Mountain putters along with dismal ratings and then JM's episode rolls around and sudden surge in ratings? Maybe make them think a bit harder about a JM-centric series, Spike or otherwise =).
I have no idea what "The Mountain" is, and don't intend to find out, James or no James.

Barbara Hershey? She's older than I am!
I totally agree that James' first priority as an actor must be to maintain visibility. The vicious circle: you don't work, nobody sees you; nobody sees you, you don't work. (Nice how that flows, huh?) This new role seems to combine the charming f***-up from Amber's movie with his GotR rock star phase. James should be able to inhabit this character with no problems at all.

I'm glad he's coming back to national TV, but still...

Did it have to be The Mountain? The Show That Replaced Angel? Couldn't he have come back in something more dignified--say, as a corpse on CSI: Miami? Is his agent even trying? (Man, show biz sucks.)
I know I probably shouldn't be upset about this...but I am. I know that everyone needs to work and all that, but...I don't just feels wrong to me. I adore James, and I would watch him in just about anything, but I don't know if I could watch this. It just seems so wrong.
Wednesday night TV is a sore spot for me and this is just not helping the situation any.
However, maybe by the time it airs I will have calmed down a bit, and I will tune in after all.
Well frankly, to put James in the show that is on at the exact day of the week and exact time of the day AtS used to be on last season, seems very much an attempt to hopefully pull in some Angel viewers. That's how they see viewers. They decide somehow it's the same demographic so if they pull in a popular actor from 'that other show' people will probably start watching it.

James is an actor in a TV land of cheap, sucky reality shows, so like Charisma, if he finds work that's not too abysmal he'll probably take it, and so would I. Don't 'blame' him. Will probably watch it. Will probably never regularly watch the Mountain and I still say it's gonna sink like a stone anyway.

And I still don't know whether I'm angry, or happily gloating over the fact that both the mountain and Smallville are now BELOW Angel's ratings of last year....
Ok I'm going to be a bit selfish here. I am extrememly happy he got a job. However, I wonder if this may impact his appearance in London - if it is shooting later this month. Cause if he just got the role then it maybe a 2-3 weeks out from filming. Which may throw him really close to the UK convention.

Heck UPN show "Kevin Hill" is beating "The Mountain", on Wed nights.

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People in the industry will see it. His performance can be sent in as a tape for their consideration when casting parts and it gives them something else to see besides Spike. People who've only been in some independent film that nobody's seen can still use that performance to get other acting jobs. It's the way "unknowns" become "knowns" and "knowns" become "well-knowns". JM being a "known" in my opinion. I have a lot of jobs on my resume that don't look like much, but they helped me get to where I am now. It's a process.

I wouldn't worry about the UK convention, I bet he factored in the shooting schedule for the episode when he took the part so that it wouldn't conflict.

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Oh, poor, poor James. This has got to be one of the worst reviewed shows ever. Reading the TelevisionWithoutPity message board, you can see how much it's viewers hate it, too. And it even has terrible ratings. "The Mountain of Crap" is more like it. The show needs to be cancelled ASAP.

James can do SO much better than this.
I weep for JM. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be axed tomorrow.
I too, agree that he can do much much better..but i guess it is work, and work usually means money...-sigh-
Also this is one of the shows that the WB used in comercials with K-mart over the summer - trying to promote it - so someone may have won a walk on role on this show.
Good grief what a kerfuffle .. it's a job , he's an actor, It's another role for the show reel . And for all we know he might still be under contract to the WB in some way? .Or maybe the role just interested him . Either way I trust the guy to make his own choices . He was great on Andromeda ( not the greatest of shows) he was great in Strange Frequency and in Northern Exposure . He has said that it's going to take him a couple of years of doing guest spots to establish himself outside of the genre . I'm looking forward to seeing this just as I'm looking forward to hearing the Jim Butcher audiobook ( Grave Peril) that he recorded last week.

Most of all I'm looking forward to Halloween .. (so nothing new there).
Great, all we need is David Boreanaz to guest in 'Blue Collar TV' and the WB will have scored a hat trick.

But a job is a job and actors have to earn a living so if James has to do this to maintain his profile, fair enough.
A side-bar to this is all the Wednesday promos for the Mountain on TNT during the afternoon airings of ANGEL.As I stated in a previous post here, part of me is pissed, but part of me is amused at The WB tapping into its old fan base begging for viewers.This just seals the deal.
I just had the rather amusing and unfortunate thought that JM may have doomed the Mountain to cancellation before his episode airs, just based on his track record about announcing projects before they're actually completed or even started. Oops.
I'm glad James is getting more work but damn it! The Mountain?! Why?! I've been avoiding that show (along with all other WB programming) like the plague. *Sigh* Okay, I'll watch it. Only that episode though...and I'll probably change the channel often...whenever James isn't onscreen...Yup, sounds like a plan.
Great, all we need is David Boreanaz to guest in 'Blue Collar TV' and the WB will have scored a hat trick.

Well if his Southern Accent is anything like his Irish accent atleast we'd all have a good laugh.

And for all we know he might still be under contract to the WB in some way?

HUH? The actors on Angel weren't being paid by WB. They were being paid by Fox, ya know the production company.
Well, a gig is a gig.

"The only things I get called back for are vampires, drug dealers and rock stars" - James Marsters, On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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I don't understand how watching one episode of this apparently universally loathed show is "showing support for James." What it looks like to me is showing support for that show.

And you only get better roles if that is what you seek out. Nobody important in casting is going to want to see his performance if this show is as laughably bad as the buzz says.

What is UP with our wonderful actors doing these demeaning parts? Something tells me James isn't exactly desperate for the rent money (I'm sure he was getting paid handsomely on B and A, don't you think?), and the roles aren't upping their cred any!

I'm very disappointed that this is happening. And nobody better say that I'm not being supportive of James. I adore him, but just blindly cheering for everything he does is not the mark of a discriminating fan.
Hi, Everyone. This is my first comment here. I'm a big fan of Buffy and Angel (and B/A love shipper). I'm really glad that this site is going on after the end of my two beloved shows. It's good to keep track of my favorite stars.

Now talking about James. If I could see this show (I'm brazilian, so the broadcasting here is a little late than in USA), I would. I'd be really glad to see him again. See what he could do in other character skin. Ok! Probably I would watch only this episode, but...
“And it'd tickle me immensely if JM's appearance brought a surge of ratings to the show, b/c then it'd be fairly evident *why* ratings went up and give greater credibility to his drawing power.”--teenes

To imagine another positive scenario:
Oliver Hudson (lead actor, The Mountain): Hey, Mom, I just worked with the coolest actor. He was so professional and enthusiastic. The whole cast loved him. The whole crew loved him, too.
Goldie Hawn (his mom): That’s nice, sweetheart. I’ve been meaning to check out your series, but it’s like, you know, on the WB. Ohhh. He *is* a charismatic cutie. And he sure can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear of a script!
Oliver: Mom! The show may suck, but it’s still my bread and butter.
Goldie: What’s the actor’s name?
Oliver: James Marsters. He rocks.
Goldie: Wow, he’s really something special. When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, and you executive produce your films,you get to know just about everybody. I’ve gotta hang up now, Ollie. I have a few calls to make.

Hey, it could happen.
I don't understand how watching one episode of this apparently universally loathed show is "showing support for James." What it looks like to me is showing support for that show.

Well, if that one episode gets noticeably higher ratings than the other episodes, it might make people sit up and take notice. And the guest star would be a logical place to look as to the reason why this one episode among the others got higher ratings.

I somehow doubt that this role on the "Mountain" would be looked upon with as much disdain in the industry as fans are employing. It's not like it's a B-movie or a soap opera or something. And a lot of stars actually went through the route of B-movies/soap operas. I don't know that we can call this role a "demeaning" role based on the evidence we have so far. The show gets bad reviews, yeah, and has been getting bad ratings, but it's not like it was launched as this crappy low-quality product that somehow lives on a lower level than the other WB shows (some of which get quite a bit of critical acclaim - Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Angel itself). There have been other TV shows that got bad reviews and bad ratings before with some fairly major stars. I agree that blindly cheering everything James does is pretty indiscriminate, but absolutely writing off this role and declaring it "demeaning" seems a bit excessive when we haven't even seen it.

And quite frankly, much as I love James and think he's a terrific actor, he doesn't exactly have roles falling at his feet. It can't be easy to make it as a 42-year old actor without significant credentials outside of one (two) well-regarded genre cult show who isn't of the typical physical type of your Hollywood star. I personally think James could probably play any role, but I don't know that casting directors could picture him in a lot of roles (which could be why he keeps getting cast as rock stars, drug addicts, vampires...). I doubt he's in the position to pick and choose the perfect role at this point. And a good performance in a crappy show can be noticed. It's certainly more useful for his acting career than touring with his band or not appearing in *anything*, which is where he seemed to be for a while. At Oakland, he said he had a bunch of lines in the water that all snapped and he was back to taking auditions. And that that's the way things work in Hollywood. He found a line that didn't snap, can't blame him for going with it.

ETA: And while I'm not sure that exact scenario between Oliver Hudson and his mother will take place, it doesn't hurt to work with more people - actors, directors, writers, crew - who might form a favorable impression of you that may come in useful later. Networking can't hurt...

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Willowy"What is UP with our wonderful actors doing these demeaning parts? Something tells me James isn't exactly desperate for the rent money (I'm sure he was getting paid handsomely on B and A, don't you think?), and the roles aren't upping their cred any!"

Well, maybe in the current landscape of Reality TV work is hard to come by, even for people that have been working for years and are relatively well known. I get the impression it's a 'take what you can get' attitude out there right now.

Hey as long as none of them show up on the 'Surreal Life', they're still okay....I think.
Ok, if we gotta have James on a WB show, why not make him the new guy who will come between Luke and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls? Of course, it wouldn't work and Luke would kick his tail, cuz Lukelai is meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ok, sorry for the over the top moment, but I got no one to ship anymore....gotta find it where I can. But really, I'll watch James wherever he goes. I like him more than I hate the WB.
Yeah no offense to James, love the guy, but Luke would kick his ass all over the place....
I agree with teenes - if the ratings spike (pun intended) on the one episode that JM guest stars in, the connection would seem fairly obvious.

I am far from "in the know" when talking about how the Hollywood scene works, but it seems that in one way, it may be similar to the rest of the job market - working is better than not working. I've heard plenty of celebrities talk about how nice it is to have worked their way up to being able to be discriminating, i.e. Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks. I love me my JM, but he certainly hasn't made it to that level yet, though he deserves to. At a time when he is trying to separate himself from the, largely, only character he is know for, I don't think "holding out" is the answer. Get out there. Do guest spots. Each one puts a little more distance (that I may not necessarily want, but I'm talking about his career here) between JM and Spike.

I don't find this demeaning at all. However, though much of the same applies - CH on Charmed felt different. I understood the whole paycheck, working thing there, but my dislike of that show is, well, a whole different ballgame. That felt demeaning, but I still understood it. I just didn't have to like it.

If I have seen JM in anything other than B & A, I didn't know it at the time. I will watch this to get a sense of his performance when he's not Spike.
Yes I see your point teenes, and yours too Ed. However, its the quality of the project that is so disturbing to me. LOOK what they came from. Now look what they are doing. I'd rather see them doing something small and good, than putting themselves out there in this way.

I know it isn't for me to say. And sitting here in my living room knowing next to nothing of their lives, I realize it can sound opinionated and snobbish. Given their situations, maybe I would make similar choices.

It just seems like such a come-down. Both for them as professionals, and for me, a lowly fan.
From the futon critic regarding the shows ratings last night ...

"And in the biggest shocker of the night, new episodes of "America's Next Top Model" and "Kevin Hill" on UPN combined to beat "Smallville" and "The Mountain" on The WB. With that atrocious rating in adults 18-49, don't expect "The Mountain" to be around much longer."

Anyone else find it funny that Angel was one of their highest rated shows in that demo and it replaced it with what is turning out to be their lowest rated show ever in that demo. :)

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Willowy - I totally understand your emotional reaction - especially the LOOK what they came from part. I was thinking about that earlier. In much the way that we say that Joss has ruined TV for us, because now we just see a wasteland (or some variation of same), I wonder if the cast doesn't feel the same way sometimes. I can see JM sitting on his couch, flipping through a stack of scripts, etc., and thinking "Damn you Joss - all this other stuff is just junk."

'Course, I don't know JM, and I could be totally wrong. Maybe he loves that stack of scripts he's flipping through. But, as hard as it is for us fans to accept that quality like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly doesn't come around often enough, it must be a whole special kind of hard for the cast.
I hear that Angela. Can you just imagine being one of them and feeling that? How hard that must be.

And RavenU! Yes!

*edited to add an enthusiastic reply to RavenU's question*

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James is on it. I'll watch.
Anyone else find it funny that Angel was one of their highest rated shows in that demo and it replaced it with what is turning out to be their lowest rated show ever in that demo.

Yeah I kind of find it funny, but not funny ha-ha, more like I-want-to-go-jump-off-a-bridge funny.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see JM pop up in an episode of Lost as one of the random 48 survivors on the island that we haven't seen yet. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

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"LOOK what they came from. Now look what they are doing."

Yeah, but there isn't that much good out there to even try for. But I know what you mean. I remember watching Tru Calling and thinking that Eliza MUST see the difference in quality of writing you know? Or Charisma on Charmed's gotta be a bit of a transition. James would always say he'd worked with people on the stage who won Tony Awards but that Buffy and Angel had better writing. I sincerely doubt he'll ever say that about the Mountain.

"Anyone else find it funny that Angel was one of their highest rated shows in that demo and it replaced it with what is turning out to be their lowest rated show ever in that demo. :)"

I still don't know if that makes me wanna laugh or cry....
It makes me wanna cry but I also feel vindicated. Stupid, dumbass WB executives.

The way I see it, James may be guesting on a show with lackluster writing and acting but it should make him standout and if the right someone sees it, it could open doors somewhere else. If he agreed to do it, he must of wanted to so I'm happy for him.
If James were to compete with Scott Patterson ("Luke" on Gilmores), it would be "Battle Of The Cute Guys Who Are Way Older Than You Think" and I would pay to see that.

My 13-yo daughter, who thinks Scott Patterson is an earth-bound god, winces when she realizes he's nearly 10 years older than her own dad. She also thinks JM is grrrrowlf: behold the power of make-up, and crunches.
I find it funny that the WB is relly trying to kiss Angel fans asses. Charisma and now James? WHo next? Pregnant Amy on 7th Heaven. Ooh crap. Don't give the WB any ideas.
esg, I just got a visual of Spike striding across the sand when he went to go get his soul...heh.

I would LOVE to see him on Lost. Its the only show I'm excited about that isn't on HBO.

Can you imagine how great he'd look all scruffy and torn shirt-y? And some of those people, actually MOST of those people can act, so he'd be in good company.

Now that would be something worthy of his talent.
I agree, Willowy. And with David Fury working on the show, you never know. Oh, I know, let's start a campaign! Just kidding. I think.
First off I believe James said he wanted to start doing guest appearences on TV shows, i think this is just the start of that. You do one and more may come, thats how it happens. It also shows the WB may have an interest in James, so maybe this may lead to getting his own series, maybe not a Spike series but hey a series of his own. I may not know or like this Mountain series but c'mon no ones interested in seing James acting without the accent or blonde hair? I've never seen it and look forward to it. I only seen him as Spike.

As for the arti9ngs the Mountain is just getting killed, but to be fair the WB as a whole is way down. I actaully am loving that although i am really digging Smallville with the addition of Lois. I just miss the smallville Angel wed. line up.
esg, you never know! And hey, we'd get to see how he tolerates the sun! Heh.
I do not care for the series the Mountain. I haven't been interested because I am boycotting the WB. I will watch it that one night and that one night only. I support the jossverse actors. I believe that that one night The Mountain will be worth watching. James is too good to miss.
I wish I felt genuinely good about James being on The Mountain. I mean, I'm glad it's work. Work pays the bills, and I respect his need/desire to keep himself out there where he can potentially catch some other producer's eye (Hello, J.J.? David Fury? The Lost idea is awesome and would, I think, send that show's ratings into the stratosphere). But I can't and won't watch that stupid, stupid WB show. At nine o'clock on Wednesday night? Sacrilege. I just can't.

Besides, I'm already digging Kevin Hill in that timeslot, which makes for a very pleasant transitional bridge between the more substantial Lost and CSI:NY. The idea of spoiling a good TV-night sandwich with unadulteratedly crappy filling (in spite of James) gives me mental indigestion. I wish him well, but I value my blood pressure and my brain cells too much to suffer the soapy contortions of a series that's sinking faster than the Titanic.
Looks like the numbers for last have been revised down a bit for "The Mountain" - from rueters "Meanwhile, UPN got some good news with another uptick in Week 3 for 8 p.m. reality competition series "America's Next Top Model" (5.2 million, 2.4/7), which beat WB Network's "Smallville" (4.9 million, 2.2/6) and also gave a slight lift to UPN's 9 p.m. freshman drama "Kevin Hill" (4.3 million, 2.0/5). WB's 9 p.m. newcomer "The Mountain" (2.2 million, 0.9/2) continued to fade fast in its third airing."

And with shows like "Supernatural" and a show by JJ Abrahms (ie Lost creator) called "Six Degrees" - I see the WB doing a quick cut and run on the Mountain before JM even appears on it. I can see them looking at ABC and salivating that they could be riding the coat tails of Lost at 8pm - if they go ahead and green light 6 degrees and slip it into the 9pm slot. So people could watch 2 hours of JJ in one night. Or they may choose to bring Global Frquency to air earlier than expected. Or play the Hawii theme night out - since NBC is airing Hawii at 8pm, they could throw Rocky Point also set in Hawaii on at 9pm. They have some options to play with that does not bode well for the Mountain.

Not to beat a dead horse with a snowboard or anything if I must, I must - from mediaweek; "... and WB clinker The Mountain (series-low 2.4/ 3)(1.0/ 2). The good news for UPN was growth for week two of Kevin Hill of 330,000 viewers and 18 percent among adults 18-49." It seems pretty much unanimous that the Mountain is turning into something less than a mole hill. Why is it that out side of the Whedonverse, James finds parts on shows that are about to be canceled (ie Millenium, Moloney, Medicine Ball, Strange Frequency, Spiderman, Sharon Osbourne, and now the Mountain).

Someone get this man on CSI or L&O - I would love to see him against Gary Sinese on CSI:NY or pitted against Vincent D'Onofrio on L&O:CI. Heck I'd take Crossing Jordon or even Without a Trace at this point, maybe even Boston Legal going against Shatner and Spader.

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Oh yes please - Boston Legal with Shatner and Spader - I just watched last Saturday for the first time and enjoyed it - I have always loved Spader - put James Marsters with James Spader and I will be in heaven.

BTW - Enjoyed Shatner in it too.

I have not been watching anything on the WB since the Angel cancelation; however I will watch James on The Mountian just to see him in a different role, hopefully they give him a great guest role and he will blow everyone away! Sure they got James to try to pull back the Angel/Buffy fans - I hope the ratings for show James guests on go significantly higher, and as soon as he's gone they drop like a stone again. The WB has a lot of nerve pissing off a big fan base like Angels..and

yes RavenU I am happy about the ratings being awful for shows replacing Angel's timeslot.
As one of the earlier posts noted, from his point of view this may not be about the money or even the exposure, this is about THE TAPE. As an actor, what you have on your reel WILL get you more work. He needs to break the mold he's in and albeit, this role doesn't seem like much of a stretch but it's a step.

Casting directors probably won't see the show, but they will see the tape and that will be five to ten minutes of shine, shine, shine the bits.

So he can do his stuff and trust the world will see it as independent from the show itself. Everyone in the industry knows you have to do crap once in a while--the question becomes: "What can you do with crap?"

If he does great with crap, which is very will help him along to do what he REALLY, REALLY should be doing and hopefully soon. The world needs his kind of energy in it.

Sure, I wish it was something better, but he must have his reasons and even if this one apearance 'spikes' the ratings, rest assured, it won't affect the death of The Mountain, if it's doomed, it's doomed and not even the second coming of Elvis himself would help it in the eyes of execs.

Yeah, sure, It's James, I'll watch.
I've updated the subject line with some new info from TV Guide Online.
OMG - his character might reoccur- rats I may have to watch more than one episode. TV Guide is right - that is scary!
Son of a b*tch! By “chance” I hope they mean as in a snowball’s prospects in hell. Now I’m thinking they either made him a monetary offer that was too good to refuse or they are blackmailing him with some deep dark secret. I am glad James is working, but I feel sick that despite all his talent, the WB is basically using him as a pawn.

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JM has an acting job! Hurrah! I don't care what it is, as long as he's back on TV. I'm sure he'll get better parts in the future.

A JM guest spot on 'Boston Legal', by the way, would be frickin' awesome. Spader and Marsters, Steff and Spike, together on one screen. I wouldn't know which way to drool. (I hear Mr Sarah Michelle Gellar (Freddie) is going to be on that show soon...)

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Does TVG seriously believe the Mountain will be around by Nov 3. Most productions run a month in advance of airing, this early in the season, if they are cutting it closer than that they must know they are not long for being on the air. Cause from his site it sounded like he had not filmed it yet.
Thanks for the update, Simon. RavenU, I was thinking the same thing whether this show will still be on the air by Nov 3. Most of the 'Angel' episode repeats fared better than 2.2 million viewers. I can't help but think Joss is having a good giggle right about now. "Told you so." I'm wondering if it's starting to dawn on the WB that turning a deaf ear towards loyal Joss Whedon fans wasn't such a good idea.
Steff & Spike, together on one screen. - Bad Kitty

Ohmigod. I love Spader. LOVE him. He's freakin fabulous in the role of Alan Shore and JM on Boston Legal is just a fabulous idea. Freddie is going on Boston Legal?!?! But...whhhyyyy?

Let's all write David E. Kelley. :)
Oh ye gods, a possible recurring role? Yay for him I guess for the paycheck, but yeesh. I was willing to watch the one episode to support JM in the hopes of getting him attention for landing other roles, not for staying on The Mountain. Not sure I could take several episodes of that show, and for all my arguments before I do hope he'll end up on something better. Hrmph.

Lost is a fantastic idea - even if he didn't end up one of the survivors of the crash, he could at least be in the backstory/flashbacks for one of the characters. The show has such a diversity of character types that he'd fit right in.

Oh well, at least we've got a date on the episode. Presuming it's still on Nov. 3, I'll check out that episode and then we'll see.
if the ratings rise in the episodes james is in maybe the network will put 2 and 2 together and realize were watching because of jm he could get more work and they may even try to get a buffyverse show together you never know lets hope so also i hate lost veronica mars is much better perhaps jm could be a cool teacher in it
Doesn't "The Mountain" film in Vancouver? If so, even if there is a repeat appearance by JM I doubt he'd accept an offer to appear on a more regular basis. Not that I think the show will last long enough for that to happen anyway.

Boston Legal would be great! I love the dynamic between Spader and Shatner. Plus, it films at a studio in Malibu so JM would be able to stay in Los Angeles, which is what I've heard he wants to do. Casting seems to be open to hiring stars from the Sci Fi genre too since it has two people from Star Trek (the other being the actor who played Odo in Deep Space Nine).

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