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October 08 2004

(SPOILER) Tru Calling Season 2 Finale Pictures. Hollywood North Report posts pictures from the set.

can it really be a season if it's only 6 episodes?
redtenko - That was my first thought too, but that's what their tagline says, so I went with it.

And who knows if this "finale" will ever see the light of day. If they release Season 1 in DVD, would they add these 6, if it doesn't hit TV? Would they release a 6-episode second "season" set?

At the very least, I figured some of the guys here wouldn't mind more pics of ED. :)
I think that Tru Calling should at least get a 13 episode season so that they can wrap it up properly.
agreed, it'll be a victory, perhaps, if it ends with a better quality than it's beginning
Yes it can be a season with 6 episodes. Sliders Season 1, Seinfield Season 1, and Quantam Leap Season 1 all had very short seasons. Not to mention the 13 episode Buffy season 1.

There used to be a time where a 22 episode season was short for American television.

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