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October 08 2004

Christian Kane talks about his new movies and inevitably gets asked about the possibility of an Angel movie. His answer to that is "No, I heard about that. That's bulls**t. I'm dead anyway so it doesn't matter (laughing)."

What I love about this man is that he speaks his mind, none of the usual bland Hollywood niceties.

He certainly is blunt, Simon. That's for sure.
Ok, you have to love the line, "Thatís true. I guess thatís the only place you actually have to die to become a series regular."

Christian is a character and a sweetie - you can't help but love the boy. Although I think his mama might be shaking her head at his choice of clothing to wear to a movie premiere. At least he wasn't wearing a hat. :)
The ďgood old boyĒ thing isnít my cup of tea, but I appreciate how candid he is in interviews. He also manages to make James Marsters current hairstyle and sartorial choices seem not that bad. : ) I have a feeling heís someone who could become a breakout star after plugging away in smallish supporting roles, but Iíll take his word for it that he has a bigger role in Taxi because Iíve seen the promos and a Ďbehind the scenesí and he was nowhere to be seen.

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