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October 08 2004

Buffy Post Mortem - week 1. An interview with Fabian Nicieza and Scott Allie about their experiences of writing and editing the Dark Horse Buffy comic book. Perfect reading material for the weekend.

And if you're curious about this Buffy Post Mortem concept, go here to find out more. Looks like it's going to be a real labour of love.

So does this mean that new 'Buffy' comics are in the works? I can't wait til they decide to make 'Fray 2'.
I never enjoyed the "regular" Buffy comics. I loved the ones that Doug Petrie and JAne Espenson wrote, but the regular non-staff issues always seemed to have bad characterisation and plots which were nowhere near the quality of a mediocre episode of the TV show.

Has anyone read the one with Dawn's giant teddy bear protector.


Well I'll read them, but please, let's have some better stories now that the show is gone.
So does this mean that new 'Buffy' comics are in the works?

No not Buffy, try the most recent Mutant Enemy show that was on the WB ;).
I prefer official stuff, not fanfics.

In Spain, we just started with comics. Last month we have miniseries Origin, and the first 3 numbers of the regular series (in 6 numbers comic book format).

This month a Giles one-shot, and the next five numbers.

I like Origin, but the regular series... :s

In this year, we will get Tales of The Vampires, in one comic book (i think i`ll like it) and Fray in a single comic book. I can`t wait for Fray :D

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